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Part of being Canadian is being resigned to the fact that winter is inevitable. No matter how much I grumble and complain snow will happen. Like most Canadians I have a huge pair of warm, heavy winter boots. Really they are enormous and they weigh a ton. They are warm and they have seen me through many, many winters. I just wish there was something that was functional but lighter weight. I just want to be warm, is that too much to ask???  Thanks to Baffin Boots it is not!

My son and I both received a pair of the Ease line of winter boots. My son chose the Ease Yth in black and orange while I got the Ease Tall Womens boot in black.  They also have the Ease Chl for littler sizing.  All of them come in multiple colour choices, I just chose to be boring. I really contemplated the red for myself but ended up chickening out.

baffin boots

First thing I noticed is that they were light—like really light weight.  Instantly I figured there was no way on earth they were going to do the job.  Maybe we would be able to wear them on mild snowy days but I could not get myself to believe that they were going to stand up to a really cold day.

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Testing started with a little skiff of snow that we received at our home.  We both tried out our boots and my son kept saying he loved them because he felt like he could run in them.  Standard kids boots they are awkward and clunky so he noticed right away how he had more range of motion in the ankle area.  The drawstring and toggle at the ankle and the top meant his narrow feet and skinny legs stayed in place without the boot sliding around on his foot.  The outsole is super grip-y with ‘Polar Rubber and Hex-designed AirGrip’.  We found a bit of a slick spot on the driveway to try to walk across and the Baffin boots felt like they would help prevent slipping better than my old boots. Lastly, I was IN LOVE with the fact that I could comfortably drive with them on, which is NOT the case with my big old boots.  Hmmmm this was looking promising but this was just a really mild day.

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We had to get out into some real winter conditions to do a thorough test so I waited until we went up to our local ski hill to go tubing.  I left my old, heavy boots behind happily because a few hours of trudging around in the snow with them is tiring. I have to admit I was worried my day was going to be ruined because of cold feet even with my ski socks on, but it was the exact opposite–my feet were so toasty!  We tubed and then rode the gondola and explored the village area and then tubed some more.  I had wind burn on my face that hurt to the touch for two full days but my feet were perfect!  I could really run and play with the boys with ease (pun intended) and not have to worry that my feet or my sons were going to get chilly.

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Testing the boots out at the ski hill

The boots are rated to -30 degrees celsius which lets admit I am never going to be spending more than a fleeting moment in temperatures that cold!! Never, ever, ever will I be standing around in that kind of cold.  That is just too wintery for this girl–no matter the boots!

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Actual conditions boots were tested in!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own