GEOX’s Stages & Ages Collection for Kids {Review}


Did you know that GEOX is the leading brand in Canadian uniform footwear for kids. The shoes are composed of non-marking black leather with a breathable sole. Perfect for back to school!

GEOX has also introduced a brand new collection called the “Stages & Ages”.  The “stages” categories makes it easy for parents to find a shoe that fits their children’s feet through every step of development. Shoes in each stage are designed to aid the child’s development, for an example, added arch support for a baby who is learning how to walk.

We received a pair of shoes from their Stages & Ages collection and I love that they have removable insoles that are made of chrome-free leather and open-cell polyurethane, which creates a ‘memory’ effect that allows the insoles to maintain their original shape, making the shoes super comfortable. The insoles can also be replaced if they begin to wear out.


The new insoles also feature the innovative“check your feet” system, a great, new feature that makes it easy to tell if your child needs to enter the next stage of shoes. You simply remove the shoe’s insole and use it to measure your little one’s foot. If their toes and heels do not touch the blue lines, then the shoes are too big. If their toes and heels exceed the blue lines, then it’s time to move up a size. Easy!

Right now the shoes are a bit big for my son but he will be able to wear them very soon, these are going to be perfect when he starts walking! I love that these are made with high quality materials and they are durable. Great shoes to pass to a younger sibling or friend.

Learn more about Geox online and browse their amazing selection of shoes for girls and boys.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. so cute! love the shoes.

  2. Geox makes amazing adult shoes and I love that they make kids shoes too. I think they are very cute and I bet great for growing feet too.

  3. super adorable shoes, very cute.

  4. We’ve owned a pair of Geox shoes for my little one, amazing quality.

  5. GEOX makes marvellous shoes the quality is so good. I didn’t know they made them for children too.

  6. Just love them, cute and functional!

  7. Those shoes are adorable! Love GEOX

  8. I have an 8 month old granddaughter these would be perfect for

  9. I love the “rip up” shoes for little one’s

  10. Great for the little ones

  11. This sounds like a good shoe

  12. Adorable shoes and they look of great quality! Thanks for the review. My daughter is having a boy in March so we’ll be getting into the shoe buying in just a few months!

  13. I would love these shoes for my son. Geox shoes are FAB!

  14. Your feet are very important you need good foot ware like this

  15. Geox shoes are just AWESOME!

  16. I have heard so many good things about Geox shoes, I always end up buying payless shoes that fall apart with in 2 months. I will be looking at this brand next time I go shopping for my children, they look like they are very good quality.

  17. Geox shoes are good quality

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