ALCATEL Onetouch: Idol 3 Smartphone Review

I was given the opportunity to try the new Alcatel ONETOUCH IDOL 3 smartphone, just recently available in Canada at Bell, TELUS and Videotron.

The IDOL 3 is the first smartphone in North American to feature Eye-D, a biometric technology that uses eye print verification for secure authentication to unlock a user’s device with a simple selfie. The phone is also introducing a fully reversible interface that allows you to use it upside down the same way you use it right side up. I found this feature extremely useful as I am constantly searching for my phone inside my messy purse and once I grab it, usually one handed, I can do what I have to do right away without flipping it.

ALCATEL Onetouch: Idol 3 Smartphone Review

My main smartphone is an iPhone 6 and I found the wider screen in the IDOL 3 was a very nice size for browsing the Internet. I took the photo above to give you an idea of the phone’s size but I am definitively not comparing the phone features as these two phones are not in the same price range. The IDOL 3 can be purchased for just $360 via Telus (no term).

The IDOL 3 comes loaded with Android OS. It took me a bit to get completely used to using the OS (Android Lollipop) as I rarely use Android devices but the interface makes sense and things are where they are supposed to be. Note that their version of Lollipop has been personalized and some changes have been made for the specific phone.

ALCATEL Onetouch: Idol 3 Smartphone Review
ALCATEL Onetouch: Idol 3 Smartphone Review

Some of the main features that make this phone a high-performing budget phone are the JBL audio, with dial front-facing speakers that offer high sound quality and crisp clarity; and the Technicolor screen technology that enhances colours. The 5.5-inch screen also offers full HD display from any viewing angle, including direct sunlight and it looks great indoors and outdoors.

ALCATEL Onetouch: Idol 3 Smartphone Review

ALCATEL Onetouch: Idol 3 Smartphone Review

 photo alcatel_zpsfgspcg1g.jpgThe phone has no hard angles and it feels great when you hold it. It is pretty light and thin so it’s very easy to carry. The camera in the back is flush with the back as well so there’s nothing sticking out to get caught on things on your pocket or purse.

I was very curious about the Eye-D, biometric technology this phone features. I set it up to read my eyes and unlock the phone using the camera. It took a few minutes to set it all up and I felt like I was taking a selfie. Later I tried to fool the phone into thinking a photograph of my face was the real me and I was happy to see it didn’t unlock the phone.

It takes a few extra seconds to unlock the phone using Eye-D but I think it’s a cool technology that may end up being used even more in the future. For now though I am personaly sticking to entering a text pin to unlock the phone…

ALCATEL Onetouch: Idol 3 Smartphone Review

I also had a chance to play around with the phone’s 13-megapixel camera. I am not a big fan as the camera’s low-light photography was very grainy and the colours were a bit off. But consider that I am used to using my iPhone 6’s camera and my DSLR most of the time so I may be a bit spoiled with photo quality. For most people the quality will probably be good enough for everyday use if they are not thinking about printing quality and if they use the camera in well lighted conditions.

The OneTouch IDOL 3 is a very affordable phone and you do get some pretty amazing features for the price. I really love the unique features and they make it a great entry-level priced phone, a great deal for the money you will spend.

In general the IDOL 3 gives you a good bang for your buck as you will get a smartphone with pretty decent battery life, a good camera, great sound and many more unique features. Again a pretty good entry-level priced phone.

IDOL3 SmartPhone Specs:

What comes in the box

Alcatel Idol 3, AC charger, Rechargeable battery, USB sync and charging cable
Operating System Android
Screen 5.5” FHD 1920 x 1080 pixels
Camera Rear: 13MP camera with autofocus
Front: 8MP
Network Speeds Check our map for network speeds
Processor Quad core 1.5GHz + Quad Core 1GHZ
Battery 2910 mAh
HD Voice Yes
Talk Time / Stand by Time 13 hrs / 600 hrs
Internal Memory 16 GB
Expandable Memory Up to 128GB microSD
Weight / Dimensions 141g2 / 152.7mm x 75.14mm x 7.4mm2
SIM Card NFC Micro SIM
Networks 4G LTE : (Band 2, 4, 5, 7, 12, 17)
4G (HSPA): 2100MHz (Band I) / 850MHz (Band V) / 900MHz (Band VIII)
GSM: 850MHz / 900MHz / 1800MHz / 1900MHz

I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.