Flexispot Bicycle Desk Review

The Flexispot bicycle desk is one of those things where you don’t know what you are missing until you experience it yourself. At first thought, I chuckled, but then, as I started to think about it I started to realize the advantages this could have. Exercise while working. Why not give that a try?

Flexispot Bicycle Desk Review

Flexispot Bicycle Desk Review

It’s been a few weeks since my desk bike from Flexispot came in the mail. After seeing the box on arrival and thinking about what it might be like to put together, I waited for my husband to get home to help. What a pleasure it was when we opened the package and realized it really was as easy as “click, click” and done!

Just like that, we were ready to pedal.

Flexispot Bicycle Desk Review

Flexispot Bicycle Desk Review

Flexispot Bicycle Desk Review

I’ve found that reading articles, watching tutorials, responding to emails and updating my business social media have been some of my favourite tasks on the bicycle desk. Typically I put the resistance dial pretty high as I pedal a bit slower, dive into what I am working on and I’m easily able to keep a consistent pace without overthinking it.

I’m not the only one taking the bike for a spin. My son has been asking to go on it almost every day this summer. I won’t be surprised if he starts using it to do his homework after school or who knows — maybe even play video games while riding.

The desktop and bike seat have easy adjusting levels. He will hop on, adjust to his height, set the resistance, check what his RPM’s are while riding (and often shout it out to me) and then check his distance and time after exercising.

Before receiving new (to me) products I always check out the customer reviews (See here: https://flexispot.com/product-reviews/?slug=all-in-one-desk-bike). I find that I can pretty well judge if I will approve of a product based on what other people have to say. The Flexispot bicycle desk has over 100 reviews and an overall score of 5/5 stars. Amazing!

Key Features  of the Flexispot Desk Bike:

  • Easy to Assemble – Only a few clicks into place pieces and you are ready to starting work/ing out.
  • Portable- With four wheels at the base you can move around your home, office, and/or workspace with ease. But don’t worry, they have a gravity censored lock so you aren’t going anywhere once have it in place.
  • Fully Adjustable – With eight adjustable settings you can create the right height for both the desk and seat, moving up, down, forward and back.
  • Low Impact Motion – great for all exercise levels and promotes healthy blood circulation.

Flexispot Bicycle Desk Review

Flexispot Bicycle Desk Review

Flexispot Bicycle Desk Review

Flexispot Bicycle Desk Review

I’m not surprised that Flexispot won an Honoree Award at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Awards this year. The easily adjustable design and motivating workstation is a great addition to my busy work from home lifestyle.

I just spent 30 minutes editing this post and said goodbye to 75 calories. I’d call that a productive night of work.

Flexispot Bicycle Desk Review

Flexispot Bicycle Desk Review

Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own. 

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  1. What a super cool bike/desk! I NEED this in my life!

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  3. This is one of those things I didn’t know I needed until I saw it… this would be great for both myself & homeschooling my son!

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  9. I would love one of these for our home office. Both my hubby and I can sit for long periods without realizing it and this would keep us active instead of sedentary while working.

  10. This is a great idea. I definitely need something like this!

  11. This is a genius idea. The biggest selling factor of this is the fact that it promotes healthy blood circulation – my ankles swell pretty easily if I’ve been sitting for a long time so this Flexispot bicycle desk would probably help alleviate that!

  12. This would be great, getting some exercise in while working!

  13. Do I ever want one! absolutely brilliant!

  14. Now that is my idea of multi-tasking! I’d much rather be productive while exercising than just listening to music while exercising!

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  17. This looks super cool though I’m none too sure I’d find the seat comfortable for longer periods of time.

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