How To Motivate Your Kids To Read Over the Summer

We are lucky to have children who both love to read. They read every day, and we go through books very quickly. The key is that we keep them motivated and they don’t see reading as a chore. Instead, they genuinely enjoy it and love to get new books.

How To Motivate Your Kids To Read Over the Summer

Below, I am sharing some tips to help you motivate and encourage your child to keep up their reading habits during the summer break.

  1. Let them pick: This one is essential! Let them choose what they would like to read. Whenever we go to the library, I sit back and let them pick the books they want to take home, same goes whenever we are buying new books. You can always help guide their decision and present specific options, but ultimately they should be the ones picking the book.
  2. Read to your child: We have been reading to the boys every night since they were toddlers. This is part of our bedtime routine, and we all enjoy it. Start as young as possible, and reading will just be part of their routine. They will grow up learning to love and appreciate books.
  3. Lead by example: Do you read at home? Do your children see you reading? Children learn by watching what you do, and if they see reading as part of your everyday life, it is likely that they will make it part of their own lives.
  4. Get a Library Card and take them to the Library: Both of our boys have library cards, and we go to the library weekly. They go to the kids’ section and pick up a handful of new books to read each week. We always have new books to read, and they can’t get bored of reading the same thing over and over. The library is free, and there are so many book choices!
  5. Set up reading time at home: During the summer, I usually give the boys some scheduled reading time, we all take a break from the sun and come inside to sit and read and have quiet time. It is part of our routine, and we all enjoy the opportunity to slow down and enjoy a good book.

How To Motivate Your Kids To Read Over the Summer

We are big supporters of giving books to kids, and we love that McDonald’s® Canada offers the choice of a book with every Happy Meal® purchase. Since the launch of the program in May 2017, over 4 million books have been distributed across Canada. All Happy Meal books are also written by Canadian authors too!

Every eight weeks throughout the year, new books are available in restaurant for families to enjoy (in both English and French).

How To Motivate Your Kids To Read Over the Summer

How To Motivate Your Kids To Read Over the Summer

Going for a meal out at McDonald’s® can now turn into an opportunity to get your little ones reading new books this summer. The books also have fun games and activities inside to keep them busy, and they are perfectly sized for on-the-go reading.

We got some of their new books recently, and the boys loved them! Have you chosen the books with your Happy Meal® purchase yet? How do you make sure they’re reading this summer? Tell us in the comments!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, all views and opinions are my own.

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16 responses to “How To Motivate Your Kids To Read Over the Summer”

  1. We love reading books with the kids as well. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Love the fact that you can get books! The kids love the books too, they are cute.

    • Yes, they are so cute! Love the size. Thanks for commenting! Please e-mail me at to claim a little gift to help your children keep reading all summer long!

  3. I love the option to choose a book now at McDonald’s! We also have been committed to reading over this summer as a family, so getting a new book there is easy and inexpensive.

  4. Love the books in a Mcdonalds Happy Meal. My son loved the If you give a pig a….etc. It is nice they change them up and that you can choise between toy or book. Neat.

    • Isn’t it? thanks for commenting! Please e-mail me at to claim a little gift to help keep him reading all summer long!! 🙂

  5. We’ve picked up a Happy Meal or two this summer and we loved the books we got. We also make it a point to go to the library to borrow new books in the summer!

  6. Such a great idea having the Happy Meals come with books! We don’t go to McD’s often but when we do we will choose the book option with our Happy Meals.

  7. Nice to know mcdonalds does this now! Literacy is important.

  8. These are all great tips and starting early at a young age helps!!

  9. Lucky for us, we have a newly built library across the road that we can visit often. Keeps my kiddo reading every day!

  10. We love reading! When I babysat my two granddaughter the bedtime story time was quite fun. The 3 year old would make up a story looking at the image. I would then read the book, then the 5 year old would look at the photo, try to remember what I read and create a story. Lots of fun.

  11. those look like fun books to read

  12. motivation is the key to success

  13. I’m lucky that both the kiddos love to read; never needed to motivate them, but had troubles trying to get them to go to bed and stop reading. LOL!

  14. Anything that encourages kids to like reading is a very good thing. 🙂

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