MIO Alpha

I have tried multiple sport watches to monitor my hear rate (HR) in the past, all of them requiring a chest strap to be worn tightly around my chest during my workouts. I found that every single time the strap was uncomfortable and restrictive and many times I would simply forget to wear it and I was not able to monitor my HR at all, defeating the purpose of wearing the watch.

So I was super excited when I received an e-mail with information about the MIO Alpha Sport Watch a few weeks ago. The MIO Alpha consolidates the HR monitoring system into one wrist watch unit, that means that you don’t have to wear a strap and you can monitor your HR via an LED light that shines directly onto your skin beneath the display of the watch.

MIO Alpha

I have been looking for a watch with the ability to monitor your HR and provide precise data in a comfortable and easy to use unit for a long time and I finally found it. Enter the MIO Alpha, the first of its kind.

The MIO Alpha features a built-in motion detector and noise filtration software to ensure that intense activity does not throw off the HR reading, it means that it performs better in rough, sweaty conditions!

The Alpha is comfortable, lightweight and easy to use. I love the way it looks and the fact that I can check my HR anywhere, without having to worry about wearing an uncomfortable strap.  I also like that the watch has Bluetooth and you can sync it with your iPhone 4s and 5, perfect way to send data to fitness apps.

I also like that you can actually swim with the Alpha on. You can’t record your heart rate underwater but it’s a great feature for serious athletes running triathlons and getting in and out of the water.

MIO Alpha

I love wearing the MIO Alpha when I am working out and I really like having the ability to monitor my heart rate easily. I also like that the watch has a rechargeable battery and a regular time display and timer mode, all super easy to use.

I am a fan of the MIO Alpha and thanks to this practical watch I have been monitoring my  HR daily!


  • Continuous heart rate monitoring
  • No uncomfortable chest strap
  • Tested accurate at performance speeds
  • Bluetooth® Smart (4.0) technology connects with iPhone
  • User-settable heart rate zones
  • Data review (total exercise time, average heart rate, time “in zone”)
  • Exercise timer and Clock
  • $199.00 USD + Free Shipping

Buy it: Purchase a MIO Alpha watch online HERE.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.