I purchased my Peloton bike, their original version – not their new Bike+, back in 2020. I’ve had a small home gym in my basement for many years as I prefer working out from home, so investing in getting the popular spin bike to continue working out from home during the start of the pandemic just made sense.

My husband and I have been using the Peloton bike for over two years, and I am ready to share my official thoughts on the bike and the Peloton community.

If you are not a Peloton member already, you probably know somebody who owns the bike, or you have seen Instagram stories and social media shares of people you follow sharing their milestones and workout achievements online.

The Peloton brand is very popular!

Peloton Bike Review. Is it Worth It? (2 Year Review)

What is the Peloton bike?

The Peloton bike is an indoor spinning bike with a large touchscreen. It looks like a regular spin bike, with pedals that you clip into and an adjustable seat and handlebars. It also has a tension knob to adjust your resistance.

Like other spinning bikes, it can be uncomfortable to sit on at first, but you get used to it as you continue to use it.

You can purchase the bike directly from their website, which will be delivered to your door and set up for you at delivery. 

The classic bike is $1,495CDN right now, and their new Bike+ $2,495CDN. 

A Peloton All-Access-Membership is $55 CDN a month right now.  

Peloton Bike Review. Is it Worth It? (2 Year Review)

Peloton Bike Review. Is it Worth It? (2 Year Review)

Peloton Bike Review. Is it Worth It? (2 Year Review)


What Makes the Peloton Bike Different From a Regular Spin Bike? 

Once you purchase the bike, you sign up for the monthly membership. 

You can join their live and on-demand studio cycling classes with the membership. They have thousands of classes to choose from, and you can ride with friends from your home.

The Peloton app can be downloaded on your devices. I have it downloaded on my phone, iPad, and Smart TV.  When not using the bike, I use the app to access other workouts available to members, including strength training classes, pilates, cardio dance, yoga, meditation, and more—all available live or on-demand.

When you join a class, a leaderboard appears on your screen, and you can see other members taking the same class you are taking, both during their live or on-demand options. So every time you ride, you get to have a friendly competition with other members to see what your numbers look like at the end of the ride. 

Seeing a leaderboard usually pushes me to work harder when taking a class, so it is a plus. However, I know others don’t like the pressure, and if that is the case with you, you can easily “hide” the leaderboard and forget about it when taking the classes.  It is up to you!

I love that the Peloton Bike isn’t just a bike. It is a community. Because you can “high five” members during rides and follow each other, it feels like you are all supporting each other and are part of a bigger community without having to leave your home.

That is the magic of the Peloton community.

Peloton Bike Review. Is it Worth It? (2 Year Review)

Is it Worth the Expense? 

Purchasing a Peloton bike is expensive, and the monthly membership is pricey as well. However, since my husband and I both take advantage of the membership, it is much less money than paying for a gym outside the home. We can work out from the comfort of our home, with total freedom of when we choose to work out—a must when you are a busy parent.

It is worth it to us because taking care of our health is essential, and we prioritise that.

The Peloton classes are challenging but, at the same time, rewarding. I have a couple of favourite instructors. One of them is Camila  Ramon, their first Latin instructor doing Spanish-speaking rides.

I love all the fun Latin music and look forward to the rides every time.  The good thing is that you can find the type of music you love and get to know the instructors to find your favourites. 

You can see all the music that will be playing for a ride for all on-demand rides, so you know exactly what you’ll be listening to before you ride. Of course, you can’t do that for live rides, but getting a live shout-out from the instructor makes up for that, especially if it is your favourite instructor.

Do I Need to Pay for the Membership, or Can I Ride Without One? 

The membership allows you to be part of their live community. Without it, you can still use the bike; however, you will be limited to just a few free classes, and you won’t have access to the leaderboard or any of the live classes. So I highly recommend getting the membership if you can to get the whole experience. 

Some people who already own a spin bike pay for their Digital App only (without the Peloton bike, so not their All-Access-Membership). That membership is a lot less per month, and they can still join the live classes and access all the on-demand offerings. However, the digital app won’t give you access to the leaderboard or keep track of your stats. This is a good option if you want to check out the community before investing in the bike. 

After Two Years. Is it Really Worth it? 

Yes, for us, it has been worth it. Getting the bike has been an excellent investment in our health. Having a paid membership also pushes us to use it more and continue using it since you know you are paying, and not using it would feel like a waste of money. I love that I can also take all of the other classes, not limiting it just to the bike.

We have used the bike or tried the other Peloton classes almost daily since we got it. We have a nice routine, and I love that we both know what I will do for exercise every day.

Because there are so many new classes added all the time I have never been bored with the classes or had to redo a class so far. There is always an excellent selection of new classes to choose from when I log into my account. I also love seeing all my stats and progress throughout the years.

Want to try the bike before buying it? Find your local showroom and try it in-store before you commit. They also have a 30-in-home trial; you can return it if you hate it. Read the small print for details when purchasing.

Ultimately, you know if you are the type to stick to a home workout routine. However, I find it much easier to work out from home when the live instructors or on-demand push me, and the leaderboard keeps me trying to improve. 

Have any specific questions about the bike? Pop them in the comments, and I’ll be happy to reply. 

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored review. I purchased the bike and paid for the membership myself.