Setting up Your New Google Nest Hub Device to Play YouTube

Say you come home with your new Google Nest Hub device. You are excited to get it set up. You get it out of the box, plug it in, download the Google Home app and follow all the instructions. However, once you ask it to play a video on YouTube, it doesn’t work, it tells you it needs more information and to head to your Google Home app on your phone. You go to the app, and everything looks fine. There are no obvious errors and setting changes can’t fix it.


Setting up Your New Nest Hub Device to Play YouTube

Setting up Your New Nest Hub Device to Play YouTube

After years of using our Alexa devices, we decided to give Google a chance and got the Nest Hub. We upgraded from our Echo Plus and got the Nest Hub because we wanted a touch screen and full integration with our Nest security system. We also loved the YouTube connection and being able to play YouTube videos by using voice command.

You can imagine our frustration when upon setting up our new Nest Hub, we realized we couldn’t play Youtube videos. I looked online and couldn’t find any simple solutions; everything looked fine in the Google Home app. However, I kept getting a, “you need to tell me more information, head to your Google Home app” message. 

Setting up Your New Nest Hub Device to Play YouTube

It took me a while to figure out the problem, but I finally did. Once I rectified things, YouTube started playing, and the device works as intended. The issue? When setting up and linking the device using the Google Home app, I used my e-mail. Even though the e-mail is hosted via Gmail, it isn’t an official e-mail. 

So make sure you set the Google Home app and link your device using your Google account, preferably your account, this is really important if you want YouTube to work!

Notice that as I was setting up my account, I was never alerted to the fact that I needed to use a Google account or switch accounts, so I had no idea that was the issue, same when YouTube wasn’t working. It was never clear that the reason it wasn’t working was because of the e-mail account used to set it all up.

So, if you are here because YouTube isn’t working and you can’t figure it out why it isn’t, then go back and check to see what e-mail you used when setting up and linking your device. I deleted my account, started over again, using my e-mail and everything worked immediately. 

Hope you get it working! So far we love the switch, and the touch screen is sweet, love that we can see the name of the songs playing and watch music videos, recipes and more.

Are you interested in the Google Nest Hub? More details about the device and what it can do HERE.

Setting up Your New Nest Hub Device to Play YouTube

Setting up Your New Nest Hub Device to Play YouTube

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  1. You just saved my evening. I was trying to figure out what the issue was and why YouTube was not working. Thank you!

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  3. These are great sounding devices. I would love one in my house.

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