This year I have been fully taking advantage of signing up for subscription services that can help me save time and money, services that help me achieve my fitness goals and those that allow me to enjoy some of my hobbies to the max.

I love being able to run my home more efficiently, and I am enjoying the extra time I get. I can then spend more time enjoying life with my boys and doing the things I love the most.

In this post, I am sharing my top 5 favourites.

5 Subscription Services I am Loving This Year


1. Instacart

I found out about Instacart from a neighbour who works as an Instacart shopper. This grocery shopping and delivery service has been a life-changer for me. I signed up for their yearly membership, and I order all my groceries from Superstore and get them to deliver them to my door weekly.  I love the convenience, you guys! No driving to the store and spending hours shopping.

More info about their services and how they work HERE

2. Fresh Prep

I absolutely love the convenience of subscribing to a meal kit delivery service. I never have to worry about what I am making for dinner, and there is no dinner prep shopping required. Forget about take-out, with Fresh Prep; each meal is home-made with fresh ingredients. All cooked at home in under 30 minutes, so easy! Ready to try Fresh Prep? Pricing starts at $12.25 per plate, and they offer FREE delivery.

Feel free to use code: INFOSM to get three meals FREE with your first order. For more information, visit their website: Fresh Prep.

3. Peloton Classes

If you’ve heard about One Peloton, then you know about their bikes and treadmills. I don’t own the official Peloton equipment, but I do have a home gym and have my own equipment. I found out about the Peloton app recently and decided to try their FREE 30-day trial, and I am hooked, friends. I love that you don’t need to buy their equipment to use their app, you can use your own equipment or the equipment at your local gym. Just go on the app and select the work out you want, with the specific duration, type of workout and even instructor. You can join their LIVE workouts or select a past workout. So many new classes are always available. I love it!

My free trial ended a few weeks ago, and I ended up signing up for their paid membership. Totally worth it! 

4. Kindle Unlimited

Book lovers, this one is for you.

I read a lot, and I spend a lot of money on books and audiobooks every month. I was recently looking for a way to continue enjoying books without spending so much money. So I signed up for a Kindle Unlimited Digital Subscription, and I love it! With a low monthly fee you get access to over 1 million titles, you can read on any device, on your phone, eReader, etc., and you can even listen to the books and switch between reading AND listening to a book. By far, my favourite feature. Want a FREE trial to Kindle Unlimited? Sign up for free: HERE

Kid’s version: The kids have been enjoying the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited for a while, the kid’s version of Kindle Unlimited, but with a lot of extras for kids. Like games, videos, and more. I highly recommend it too! Kid’s version HERE

5. Spotify

This service subscription is for pleasure only, of course. I have been a Spotify Premium member for a few years, and I renewed my subscription this year again. I love being able to play the music I love whenever I want, ad-free, always. I use Alexa and Google Home devices at home, and they are connected to my Spotify account, so I can listen to my playlist using a simple voice command. The best!

Are you a Spotify Premium member too? 

Do you subscribe to any services that help you stay organized, save money and time, or simply enjoy your life even more? Share them below!