Healthy Sweet Kale SuperFood Salad from Eat Smart

East Smart Salad

I love making fresh salads for my family. There is nothing like eating a delicious mix of healthy, green, nutritious ingredients all in one dish.

I try to make lots of salads from scratch but I also love the convenience of purchasing ready to serve salads. I am a busy mom and often in a rush so saving time and having a delicious and healthy salad ready to serve can make lunch and dinner preparation super easy. On their own or as a side dish salads are a big part of our diet.

East Smart Salad

I recently received a selection of ready to serve Eat Smart salads to try, including the Sweet Kale Superfood Salad. The package arrived as I was preparing lunch so I decided to serve the Sweet Kale fresh salad with our brown rice mujadarra and chicken, the perfect side dish!

East Smart Salad

As soon as I opened the bag I was able to see the fresh greens and all of the other ingredients, including two small bags with the seeds and dried cranberries and a separate bag with the dressing.  All I had to do was empty the contents on a salad bowl, toss and serve. Easy!

East Smart Salad
East Smart Salad
East Smart Salad
East Smart Salad

The Sweet Kale Superfood Salad contains seven superfoods: kale, green cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, chicory, roasted pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries, plus a poppyseed dressing. A super healthy and delicious mix packed with plant-based proteins and superfoods. All gluten-free and ready to serve.

The combination of ingredients is absolutely delicious and we all enjoyed the salad very much. My boys both ate all of their salad and my husband asked for seconds. A great way to get everyone eating healthy!

East Smart Salad

Be sure to visit the Eat Smart website to check out all of their other salads and learn more about convenient ways to prepare and what your superfoods!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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18 responses to “Healthy Sweet Kale SuperFood Salad from Eat Smart”

  1. This salad looks amazingly tasty and so healthy!

  2. I’ll definitely be looking for these in store, luckily my local grocery store carries them….and Walmart!

  3. I do like a nice salad though I don’t like kale and I do much prefer making my own – then I know exactly what’s in it.

  4. I absolutely Love these Kale salads. I didn’t think I’d like them but they are my favourite “treat” food now! Really! They are the best pre-made salads in the store. Love them!

  5. I love these

  6. It’s great that there’s ready made salads handy. We love baking our kale or sauteing it

  7. Sounds great! I actually really enjoy kale.

  8. I actually have and ate that Sweet Kale salad today! It is amazing!

  9. The Sweet Kale salad is by far the best one for my family,we try to have salad everyday for lunch !

  10. I seen this go up a $ since Xmas

  11. Everyone in my family loves this sweet kale salad!

  12. I love these salads, delicious and so very easy!

  13. I was hesitant at first but after I tried Kale in a salad I loved it

  14. I buy this salad mix from Costco and I really love it.

  15. I’m always looking for new salad recipes and love Kale, so can’t wait to try it, thanks.

  16. My family loves these Sweet Kale salads and the condiments that come with them. These salads seem to keep fresher than others that are packaged, are reasonably priced and enjoyable to eat.

  17. When it looks good that’s good when its delish that’s better.

  18. We discovered Sweet Kale a year or so ago. Our family really likes them and they are a healthy alternative to other salads. I did not know about sweet kale until we found the salads in our ‘Supermarket. The package of goodies and dressing for it, that is contained in the package, is a plus.

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