3 Tips For Shopping Online For Prescription Eyewear

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Shopping online for eyewear can be the easiest and fastest way to get a new pair of prescriptions glasses delivered to your door. However, people are often concerned about how the glasses will fit them when they don’t get to try them on in person. I used to worry about the same thing until I order my first pair of prescription glasses online.

Below you will find some tips to help you ensure that the next pair of glasses you order online will fit you perfectly.

  •  photo IMG_9720_zpskdfa8uil.jpgGet an updated prescription. Before order a new pair of glasses be sure to book an Eye Exam to get an up-to-date prescription. Routine Eye Exams are important and necessary, especially if you wear prescription glasses as your prescription may change.
  • Select the right frame shape for your face. When you are looking for a new pair of glasses it helps to know your face shape. With so many glasses to choose from, knowing what works best can really help in bringing out your unique facial contours. If you have an oval, round, heart, triangle or square shaped face, this online guide will help in letting you know which glasses to focus on when shopping.
  • Buy the Right Size. Proper positioning of the glasses in your face is extremely important. If you already own a pair of glasses that fit you well you can check the measurements written on the inside arm of the frame. You can also measure them yourself and use a tool like MyFit to help you find a great fitting pair of glasses.

After visiting my optometrist I recently ordered a new pair of glasses from Clearly.ca. The ordering process was super easy to complete. I used their new MyFit tool to enter my personal frame measurements, picked my favourite frames from their selection and entered my prescription.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive my glasses a few days after placing my order, the order was filled so quickly! I was also extremely satisfied with the order. My glasses fit perfectly, the prescription is just what I need, I have no issues with the size and I love the way they look. I have gotten tons complements on them already!

I like that for every purchase Clearly helps fight poor vision by providing access to tailored eye health solutions on a global scale. They also offer free shipping anywhere in Canada for any glasses order.

Are you ordering glasses online soon? Hope my tips above help you pick the perfect pair for you!

Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.


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11 responses to “3 Tips For Shopping Online For Prescription Eyewear”

  1. Love these on you!

  2. Great post! I learned that the size is written on the inside of the frame arm:)

  3. Excellent tips! Hubby has ordered online a few times now, never disappointed!

  4. First off you look great in your glasses, you make it sound so easy to order online, I have a hard enough time picking out glasses in person lol, is it any cheaper to order online, mine were 425.00 in office

    • Thank you! Believe me it was very very easy! My order was around $300? I added anti-reflective lenses as well and that was extra so less than that if you get regular lenses.

      • That is a lot cheaper, I will have to check it out, thank you!

  5. I really need a new pair of glasses, so maybe I will have to try shopping online!

  6. My last Clearly order (that I picked up last week) was $87 after taxes with a 30% promo code. I also added the anti-reflective $30 lenses. Clearly regularly has promotions going on so waiting for that makes it even cheaper and they have a discount for first-time buyers.

  7. Great tips! I have never ordered prescription glasses online but I might try it because I really need a new pair.

  8. Thanks for the tips! I’ll be shopping online for glasses very soon…after getting my prescription of coarse.

  9. Sounds much more affordable than I was thinking. I’m going to have to keep this in mind. Thanks! 🙂

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