So you’ve booked an exciting cruise vacation with your kids, and now you’re panicking about whether or not you’ve made the right choice? We’re here to give you some top tips, in a short survival guide, that will allow you and your family to get the most out of your cruise trip. Whether you are traveling on Caribbean cruises or sailing further afield, these helpful pointers should see you through.

7 Top Tips For Taking Kids On A Cruise Vacation

7 Top Tips For Taking Kids On A Cruise Vacation

1.Don’t take too much luggage

You might think that your child needs 15 – 20 different outfits for a couple of weeks away on a ship? Alternatively you might be worrying about getting them lots of formal clothes for the evenings?

Try to strike a happy medium when you help them pack, so that you don’t end up buried in luggage. Bring some formalwear and some casual clothes. This will help you keep clutter out of the room, and you can always use the laundry service if they spill food or get messy. It’s also a myth that all cruises have a super formal dress code; most are a lot more relaxed these days. Check the guidelines for your specific cruise before you travel.

7 Top Tips For Taking Kids On A Cruise Vacation

2. Drop them off at the kids’ club. 

Most modern ships will have a kids’ club or nursery where you can leave your little ones when you want some quiet time. Entertainment can be in the evening or during the day, and generally involves activities like movie nights, arts and crafts days, discos and games.

3. Get out of the room frequently

If you’ve booked a family room then it should have a fair amount of space. However, you don’t want to be constantly clambering over each other. Take breaks from the room by heading to the pool, or trying more of the ship’s activities like crazy golf and table tennis. Most ships are pretty vast, so even a wander about is a break from your cabin.

If your children are a bit older, encourage them to play with the friends they’ve made at the kids’ club. This allows them a level of freedom that they wouldn’t normally have on vacation, since there are only so many places they can explore on a ship!

4. Stick to your own travel style

Don’t feel pressured into doing specific shore excursions or spending money on babysitters, if you don’t want to. Your child might not be able to take the pace of lots of walking about. When the ship calls into each port you will have the freedom to join an excursion or do your own thing. Remember this is YOUR vacation!

5. Choose dining options that will suit your children

Cruise ships tend to have a choice of several restaurants, meaning you can try out different types of cuisine. If your child is particularly fussy it’s probably worth opting for buffet meals. There are usually dishes that kids will like such as pasta or pizza, and ice cream for dessert, on the menu. Afternoon tea or barbecue lunches are also a firm favourite with families.

6. Remember to bring one formal outfit

A lot of providers have one formal night during the cruise where your kids can have their picture taken with the captain! This is a chance to get dressed up for a family photo that you will all treasure, so don’t forget to bring one formal outfit.

7. Check what’s included on-board the ship

Once you are on the sea you will probably have one item that you wish you had brought. Check what’s included in the price of your cruise and remember to book a cot if you have an infant or young toddler. It can also be worth bringing an inflatable baby bath tub. Don’t forger to pack plenty of diapers and baby food if travelling with a very small child too.

These are just a few tips to bear in mind before you go on your cruise vacation.  Have you been on a cruise before? Share your own tips in the comments.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation, however all views and opinions are my own.