Agendio: Unique Customizable Weekly/Monthly Planners

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At home I use a variety of tools to plan my days and help keep me organized. Monthly planners for my blog and for my personal life are a must have, I love seeing my appointments and information in real paper!

When I go shopping for new planners I often get frustrated with all of the boring one-size-fits-all layouts, often wishing to be able to personalize them. My wish was granted this year! Enter my new favourite customizable planner: Agendio.

Agendio allows you to customize all pages of your planner, change fonts, change the labels, divide your space differently, make spaces for each of your children’s names or to track your interests, add a section for “Me-Time”, modify the schedule section, add activities and so much more.

I had the chance to customize a couple of planners, a large planner for my desk and a journal for my purse, and I loved being able to create my own planner with my unique layout and preferences, including my own events, favourite fonts and colours, list of holidays, etc.

I was able to easily customize my planners and place my order all from their website. I even chose my favourite colour for the covers.

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I can’t wait to receive my order! I ordered my planner from January 2016  to December 2016 and should receive it before the start of January. If you are interested in ordering your own personalized planner from Agendio you must act fast!  Processing and shipping takes a few weeks so be sure to order yours soon if you are hoping to get it for January.

I will update this post with photos of my planners once I receive them in the next few weeks! Stay tuned friends!

To see a full list of customizable features, for more information and to place an order visit

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I received both of my personalized planners today and I am in love! These are SO amazing, seriously guys Worth the wait and processing/shipping was actually pretty fast! Can’t wait until the new year to start using these beauties!


Disclosure: I received free gift codes to order my planners, however all views and opinions on this post are 100% my own.

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9 responses to “Agendio: Unique Customizable Weekly/Monthly Planners”

  1. This sounds and looks like a really neat Planner,i love using my planner it keeps me organized…

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  2. That is so neat, because I can never find a planner that’s quite right. And then I don’t end up buying one, and walk around all disorganized. Thanks!

  3. I love planners and customized ones are the best.

  4. This is a beautiful planner. I love that you can customize it. Both functional and stylish – what more can a person want?? 🙂

  5. My daughter would love this planner,I love that you can customize it.

  6. I really need a yearly calendar sat next to me to keep track of appointments, birthdays etc. This is too big for me but I must remember to keep an eye out for a new one.

  7. I use to be so disorganized… but a few years ago i started using a planner and believe me it makes life so much easier

  8. By reading the comments above, I find that most people think a good planner keeps one organized and I cannot find fault with that. I use a monthly calendar with lots of room to write in appointments. I would really like to get a daily/weekly menu planner.

  9. This Agendio Unique Planner is certainly the best one I have seen. I am past, I hope, the need of a complicated or formal planner. Now I use a large calendar with large boxes for each day.
    However, If I were still working, or had children living at home, I would love the Agendio for sure.

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