Here’s a fun fact about me: I have HORRIBLE vision.  Like walk-into-walls-without-my-glasses-on horrible vision.  I wear contacts when I’m out, but stick to wearing glasses when I’m home.  And because not a lot of people see me in them, I’ve had the same pair of glasses since 2006.  Yeah, they’re old enough to ride the big roller coasters at Six Flags.  So when the opportunity arose, I jumped at the chance to try a new set of frames with prescription lenses from GlassesShop.com.

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The GlassesShop.com website offers a TON of really cool frames in all shapes, colors, sizes and materials for men, women and kids at a fraction of the price of other retailers.  Are you seeing those prices in the pic above – $25-$85.  That’s craziness.  And what’s super cool is that they throw in basic prescription lenses for free!  For small upgrade fees, you can opt to add bifocal, progressive, tints, UV protection and adjust the thinness of the lenses.

Before shopping for frames and lenses through the site, I went to an optometrist and got my vision tested so I had my current prescription and all the important measurements ready to input when I placed my order.  I highly recommend doing this before ordering prescription glasses online.

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Armed with my prescription, I had fun shopping for the frames.  It’s easy to shop by style, material and size.  Since my face is small, I knew I needed to stick to the smaller frames offered so I searched for frames with the smallest PD (Pupillary Distance, which is the distance from my nose to my pupils). I played with the “Try it On” feature of the website, testing the look of various frames on a picture of myself taken with my webcam.  This feature is helpful because it gives you a general idea of how the shape will look on your face, but it’s not entirely accurate because the size of the glasses is not proportionate to your face.  You have the ability to manually expand and contract the size of the frames on your image, so it’s really a guess how big or small they will actually look on your face when you get the real set.

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I fell in love with the chunky look of the Eureka Wayfarer frames and while I know they are probably too big for my face and a fashion that may run its course quickly, I think they’re fun to wear right now.  And since the price is so reasonable, I don’t really care if they are a goofy obsession for a few months before I buy a new pair of frames with an entirely different look.

Placing the order for the frames and lenses through the GlassesShop.com website is incredibly simple if you have a current prescription handy to copy over your measurements. You have the option to get added features like UV protection or lens tint during the checkout process.  Once the order is placed, you receive order and shipping confirmation and within two weeks the glasses arrive in a plastic case with a microfiber cleaning cloth.


When my glasses arrived, I was pleasantly surprised that A) the frames are much higher quality than I expected at the price they sell for; B) they fit comfortably without needing any adjustments; and C) the lenses are my correct prescription.  I can see crazy well with these suckers!



If you, too, have been sporting glasses from the Spice Girls days and are in need of an updated look, it’s high time you treat yourself to a new pair through GlassesShop.com.  And to sweeten the deal, use this coupon code: AllisonX20 to receive an additional 20% off your purchase. DO IT! Your welcome!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.