Top Five Ways To Be Active With Your Family This Holiday Season

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Holidays in our house are all about family and fun. I thought I’d share our top five go to active holiday adventures.

1. Snowshoeing – We load the kids up on our backs, pack a thermos of homemade hot chocolate and some freshly baked healthy cookies and head out on a snowshoe hike. It doesn’t need to be far, even just heading out for a mile feels great!

2. Cross Country Skiing – We have a chariot trailer on skis that my husband and I take turns dragging… it’s a great workout but not as hard as you’d think. You can rent a ski chariot at many cross country ski parks or rental shops.

3. Skating – This one is my daughters current favourite. I’d skip buying expensive equipment and get a CSA approved bike helmet and some cheese cutters unless you have older kids.

4. Tobogganing – We have very small children so we go on a very small hill. It’s still an awesome workout though, and usually race each other to the top (sometimes with head starts for little legs).

5. Christmas Light Walks – You can drag the kids in a sleigh or put them into packs depending on their age. This is a yearly thing for us and we usually start a few kilometres from the street where all the festivities are to get in some extra mileage.

Hope this post got you dreaming up some adventures that you could have with your family, maybe one will even become a beloved tradition!

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Allison Tai is mother to two young girls, Amelita and Seren. She is also an elite obstacle course racer and fitness coach. You can find her blog at where she muses about her life as an athlete, and her life as a mom.

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26 responses to “Top Five Ways To Be Active With Your Family This Holiday Season”

  1. Great ideas. Thank you for sharing.

    • So glad to hear you liked them! I’ll be posting more seasonal ideas in the future. For now, happy adventures in the snow!

  2. We love our xmas light walks…still lots to look at out there even tho xmas has passed. Cross country skiing I haven’t done in years….THAT I must do!

    • You must! It’s like riding a bicycle… it’s hard to forget. And the trailers don’t tip easily 😉

  3. Those are great ways to stay active this holiday season.

    • Thanks so much! I hope they inspire more good ideas… feel free to share any others!

  4. Thanks again for sharing these tips. I will share these with the family. ;D

    • Great! Have fun with them!

  5. Awesome ideas! We do go tobogganing a lot with the kids and they’re a little older. Winter time is fun for these kinds of activities

    • You’ve got to get out there and enjoy the season for what it is hey?

  6. Love walking along the beach trail with the grandkids, we see the swans and ducks swimming in the canal waters

    • Beautiful. Kids have such a connection with nature and animals.

  7. Love all these ideas! We have a Chariot with skis and get out as much as we can. I love that my kids are interested in skiing. SO great!

    • SO great – and you’re likely feeding a love of activity and the outdoors that will last forever.

  8. These are great activities! We usually drive around looking at lights but I think walking around to look at them is a better idea!

    • And you get to see them in such a different sense! It’s great!

  9. These are some great ideas. We definitely had the snow over the holidays to participate in family activities outside.

    • May as well enjoy a white season… let me know if you discover more fun things to do!

  10. Skating and tobogganing are definitely a must! Would love to participate in those if it weren’t so freezing cold this week. Brrr

  11. great idea, I once saw a guy skiing down a black diamond hill in Mt. Tremblant and baby was carried on back

  12. These are great ideas!! Love skating and tobogganing myself.

  13. Winter time is just so much fun for these kinds of activities!

  14. These are great tips and the season soon be here

  15. We have so much snow it like a winter wonderland and those tips are going to come in handy for the next couple of months

  16. I have not been tobogganing in 20 years but when i coould i sure enjoyed it

  17. I enjoyed these tips. I will not be doing the kinds of exercise Allison Tai is doing; however, she reminds us that we should continue our exercise during the season so that we offset the effects of Christmas goodies. Thank you, Allison.

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