phantom glass

So you just shelled out money for a new piece of tech, now what are you going to do to protect it?

Step one is to never give said device to your husband or children and it will be fine.  If this is not feasible then you might want to consider Phantom Glass screen protectors.  Phantom Glass has screen protectors for over 50 different devices to help you protect the screen on your phone or tablet and coming soon for cameras and laptops.

We put a Phantom Glass screen protector on our iPad which gets quite a bit of use at our house.  We felt it was important to put it through real life scenarios like two kids pulling the iPad in opposite directions during a ‘My Turn’ fight.  Also we tested the ‘Husband Falling Asleep with iPad on his Chest and Rolling Over and Letting it Crash to the Ground’ maneuver.  The Phantom Glass passed our rigorous testing.

 photo P1080445_zpsedidjxjz.jpg

My screen protector was packaged so well!

So when you go to do a review like this you get sent a lot of technical info….and I am here to walk you through decoding what all that jargon means in my own words (Phantom Glass might explain it all a bit better here but I am pretty sure you will get the gist below)

Let’s start with an easy one, Tempered Glassif you drop your device in a super spectacular manner and if it happens to hit in the wrong-est way possible and if the Corning Gorilla Glass does happen to break – you are getting this is a LOT of ifs, right?  The glass protector will not break in huge, sharp, life threatening shards.  It will instead shatter into little pieces.  Your screen will be a-ok and it is just a safer way for glass to break, same as how a car window breaks to protect you in an accident.

Perfect Clarity and Case Compatible-I am going to assume you know what these mean.  I will say that the clarity is amazing, like after you clean your eye glasses and wonder how you ever saw through them before.  So clear!  And I was worried about having to get a new case but the glass is only 0.2mm thick so it popped into our existing case with no problem.

Ok here is where Phantom Glass feels they need to show off with big, fancy words, Silicone Nano-Adhesion-yeah, what the heck is that?   It is some crazy Harry Potter magic that seals the Phantom Glass down in one touch.  You line it up and it sucks itself down, with no bubbles or anything.  You can visibly see it adhering to the screen, it is wild.  I was worried it was going to be difficult or look spotty or bubbly but it could not be easier.  Must be the Silicone Nano-thingies that make the wizardry happen (I actually have no idea what those words mean but it was cool) You can check out a video showing how quick and easy it is here.

 photo P1080447_zpskbkzuib9.jpg

I could not take the picture fast enough!!! You can just see the top left corner sealing itself down. It really does take just seconds!

Best for last it is Oleophobic-this means your tablet will now be terrified of all margarine.  Like breathing into a paper bag scared of all sandwich spreads OR alternately it could mean that the oleophobic coating ensures fingerprints and oils (like margarine) wipe off with complete ease.  Because you will want to enjoy the perfect clarity! Our iPad is used by two little boys so fingerprints were always an issue before but not now.

The testing crew in action.

So, we have a well protected iPad with Gorilla Glass which was tested by my little primates and it passed the test!  Our screen is crystal clear and easy to clean and it is protected against inevitable bumps and drops.

I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.