School is back in session for us. Weโ€™re all trying to figure out the getting up and out the door routine again. And trying to do it without tears, yelling, rushing and all that is about being prepared, working together and getting into a routine.

Most of these are simply things to do the evening before, just a few extra minutes in the evening couldย make your mornings run smoother, with less stress and less rushing around.

Early to bed to help with early mornings, there is nothing hard to wake than a sleepy child. Children need anywhere from 9 hours to 12 hours of sleep a night depending on their age and activity level.

Have backpacks all packed and ready to go the night before, maybe even lunch packed, or at least started and put together in the fridge so that it can all be thrown together in the morning.

Quick breakfast ideas. Toast, instant oatmeal, cereal, etc. Another option might be prepare and ready to heat breakfasts such as baked oatmeal bars, egg boats, homemade egg and English muffin sandwiches.

Have the days clothing laid out the night before, including hair accessories if needed. Maybe when getting their pajamas on one night, they also pick out their clothes in the morning.

Limiting electrics. Only being able to watch TV after they are all ready to go could get them moving faster to watch their favorite cartoon before heading out. At the same time watching TV while getting ready tends to slow them down, sometimes stopping them completely.

It may take some reminding at first to move onto the next thing that needs to be done in the morning, but after a bit theyโ€™ll get the hang of it and move from getting dressed, to eating breakfast, to brushing their teeth, and so on easily.

Hey parents! Try getting up before your children on school mornings. Get yourself ready and going before you have to get your children moving.