It’s going on ten years since I first noticed the trend to buy special charms for a bracelet. A colleague of mine was enthusiastic to show me the charms that were on her bracelet – most of them were meaningful, special gifts from family and friends. I liked the idea of this type of bracelet because I have collected charms from around the world since I was small. I hadn’t found a proper bracelet for them, so they sit in a small jewellery bag in a drawer. It’s been many years since I’ve bought a new charm.

More recently I received a gift of a bracelet and glass bead charms as a gift. I was excited because the beads were pretty, I liked the colours and I was pleased to have this type of bracelet. Within a few weeks I noticed that the patina of the metal colouring was wearing off and I could see brass underneath. Meanwhile the flexible chain had already begun to tarnish. “So quickly”, I thought. “What is this bracelet made of.”

For this reason, I was exited to have the opportunity to put together and wear a Soufeel charm bracelet.

My first order of business was to get on the Soufeel website and choose some charms. The first thing I noticed on the website is that there are always sales. This is encouraging as it makes it easier to launch your new look. I headed on over to the charms page and set some priorities about what I wanted to order.

Here’s what I had on my wish list (written to match the order in the photograph above):

  • a charm to represent my experiences living and traveling around the world;
  • a charm to represent my love of gardens, flowers and gardening;
  • a beautiful Murano glass charm that reminds me of Venice;
  • a charm to represent my marriage; and,
  • a charm to represent my twins (using their birth stone).

With the bracelet that I received, there was also a cleaning cloth; a sturdy, handsome box perfect for gift giving; a gift bag; and four rubber stoppers that I could squeeze into a charm to keep charms in place on my bracelet. For the actual bracelet I receive a solid bangle rather than a flexible one – known as the classic style. There are four styles from which you can choose.

Based on the disappointing experience I had with my previous bracelet, I decided to wear this bracelet as much as I could before writing about it. These charms are made of 925 sterling silver. So while they will tarnish and require a bit of buffing – using the cloth provided – you won’t experience the “wearing off” effect that I encountered with my other bracelet made by another company.

When I received my bracelet, I was immediately smitten. I love all things silver and appreciate the intricate patterns and small details on the charms. It really was hard to choose the charms but having a list of priorities did help. On my wish list for future charms is a memorable charm made using a photo of my twins when they were babies. I have also added some of the silver charms that I collected over the years onto the bangle. They mix in well with the Soufeel charms.

You can also purchase rings, charm necklaces and earrings from Soufeel that will compliment your bracelet.

If you’re dashing about and feel that you don’t have time to fuss about dressing up, this type of bracelet can finish off your look nicely. You can also wear it for more formal occasions or layer the bracelet with a solid bracelet, for example.

I have enjoyed wearing my bracelet and it’s become one of my must-wear pieces. If your friends and family find it hard to think about Christmas, birthday and Mother’s Day gifts for you, a charm bracelet is a good way to get the gift that you really want. And of course you can always treat yourself whenever you want!

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Disclosure: I received a product sample however all views and opinions on this post are my own.