dogtagsBy Contributor Brittany Hamilton

Last fall we decided to add a new four legged member to our family. Due to previous work with a local rescue, I find it very important to consider rescuing a pet instead of heading off to the pet store. This had been a subject that was brought up often between my husband and I and we agreed it was time. We were going to go looking for a dog. We knew we didn’t want a young puppy; we were much open to the idea of an older dog. I wanted something either a) small or b) a lazier breed. My husband has always had his heart set on a Husky. We looked online and our local advertisements to see who was getting rid of pets, a few caught our eye but nothing really stood out to us.

So off we went to our local pound. They had one girl in there. She was a Husky. I’ll be honest she is bigger than I wanted, and a husky isn’t a ‘lazy’ breed. It took all of three seconds for her to win my husband over. We went over to the local field area they had which was all fenced in and played with her for a while. We spent some time walking her and getting to know her personality. It didn’t take long for my husband to fall in love. I was willing to compromise on this one and we decided to bring her home. The pound didn’t know how old she was but a quick visit to the vet put her in good health and estimated to be 18 months. So she wasn’t a new puppy but she still has lots of live in her to give.

I was recently introduced to Dog Tag Art. With having our newest member in the home without a personalized tag I thought this would be perfect to try. There was a huge selection of designs to choose from and you can even upload your own pictures to customize it even more. You can select the type of font for personalization and customize exactly what you want it to say. We found an adorable one we both loved and decided to personalize it with something simple. We intend to move in a year or two so we didn’t want our address on it. We put her name and our phone number on the back. Maneuvering the site was simple, and customizing our choices was also very simple! Once our order was placed it didn’t take long to arrive at all. The site warns for a slight delay as they ship from the USA and I’m in Canada, but I found the shipping time to very reasonable.

I compared the prices on the site to prices of tags we have previously purchased and found the prices were the same and the other ones we got were not as cute as these. We found that this one is made strong and we feel it will last a long time. There are no concerns with durability. We’ve got it on our girl and she loves it as much as we do! We are considering replacing our kitty’s one to be one from this site as well. My boys even like the ones you can custom with your own pictures and have asked if they can get them to put on their key chains! I see this continuing to be a big hit in our house!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

Brittany is a working mom with five children in the home.  Her family is her passion and writing is her chance to unwind. You can check out her own blog where she writes about the ins and outs of a large blended family!