Celebrating the Holidays!

This year we are celebrating our third holiday season with our 2-year-old. He was only a few months old when we celebrated the holidays two years ago for the first time as a family of three. He was obviously too young to participate in any holiday activities but I like to think he was captivated by the beautiful lights on the Christmas tree and the cheerful holiday spirit.

To follow a tradition bestowed on us by our parents we went to the local mall to take a photo with Santa. I wouldn’t say that my son was gleeful to meet Santa but he wasn’t crying either. I guess he was too young to realize he was sitting on the lap of a strange bearded guy in a red suit! We were pleased to get a decent photo that will hold a treasured place in our family photo album and will help build a tradition as he grows older (and still believes in Santa).

By the time his second holiday season came around he was 14-months-old and on the move. By then he was walking and running all over our home, which meant that he would be much more mobile for the holiday season. It was also the first time he was able to see and play with snow and he absolutely loved it. You would be hard-pressed to find a child who was not totally enchanted by the magic of snow!

At this time our toddler was also more involved in our home decoration process and he actually helped us hang some ornaments and stars when we put up the Christmas tree. He was also able to colour and “write” on his own Christmas cards for family and friends. And when it came time to open presents he was able to rip the wrapping paper and open his own presents (with some help, of course).

Our Santa photo session was a bit different that season as well. Our son was terrified of Santa and all the photos taken showed him screaming in terror, crying and trying to get away from him. Clearly this time the bearded guy in a red suit was not someone he wanted anything to do with. I am really hoping we can get some nicer photos this year.

Every once in a while I love looking at our old photos from past holiday seasons and noticing how many things have changed. We have all changed as individuals and as a family; our son is now a busy toddler that will be more involved in the holidays celebrations and will understand a bit more about them. What matters most is that we are together — the three of us — ready to celebrate this holiday season as a family and ready to create new memories and family traditions.

Do you have any special family traditions when celebrating the holidays with your family?

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