AppleCheeks Gift Pack {Holiday Gift Idea – Giveaway}

applecheeks diapers

Are you loving our Holiday Gift Guide features and giveaways? We hope you are really enjoying our 2012 picks!

Today we have an amazing giveaway for you sponsored by AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers


Here at OneSmileyMonkey we love AppleCheeks diapers. Earlier in the year we had a chance to review one of their cloth diaper little bundles and we had a great experience with their super absorbent diapers. We are definitively huge fans of their Canadian made products.

Be sure to visit their store to find the perfect holiday gift for you and  your little one.

In the spirit of celebration and in preparation for the holidays, AppleCheeks is generously offering a fabulous giveaway open to both US/CAN readers.

Holiday Gift Guide

Win it: Enter to win an AppleCheeks gift pack worth $63, including a Little Bundle ($27.80), a Size 1 Storage Sac ($12.95) and a zippered sac with wipes ($21.95) via Rafflecopter below! Open to US&CAN. Good Luck everyone!

Disclosure: No compensation was provided for this post and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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177 responses to “AppleCheeks Gift Pack {Holiday Gift Idea – Giveaway}”

  1. I love raspberry sorbet 🙂

  2. I love Purple Rain in the Washable Swim Diapers

  3. I like the appletini cloth diaper envelope.

  4. I like the Delicious diaper envelope.

  5. I love WHILD CHILD!

  6. love the size 2 envelope cover

  7. My favorite is the Appletini envelope cover.

  8. I especially love the Washable Swim Diapers in Cherry Tomato.

  9. I like the appletini starter sets

  10. I like the dark chocolate

  11. I love AppleCheeks, I especially love the Rasberry Sorbet. 🙂

  12. I’ve never seen them in person but raspberry sorbet sure catches my attention

  13. I love the envelope covers in size 2 in the Cherry Tomato color!

  14. I like the Delicious one 🙂

  15. I love the Appletini Swim Diaper

  16. I like the the wild child best!

  17. raspberry sorbet

  18. My favorite cloth diaper style/colour from their selection is Washable Swim Diapers in Size 2 in Mojito

  19. Purple Rain!

  20. I visited AppleCheeks and my cloth diaper style/colour from their selection would be their “One-size Rayon from Bamboo Insert” combined with their “One-Size Stay-Dry Microterry Inserts”, all in AppleCheeks 2-Size Envelope Cover “Wild Child” design

  21. Lemon Zest is my favorite!

  22. I love cherry tomato

  23. my favorite print is Wild Child. Would get an envelope cover

  24. I love purple rain!

  25. Lemon zest envelope cover!!

  26. I like the appletini bamboo little bundle

  27. Pretty pls!

  28. Cherry Tomato size 2

  29. I love the Wild Child print diaper!

  30. I love the Wild Child and Purple Rain Covers

  31. I really like their Wild Child print.

  32. I really like the envelope cover in size 1 in Lemon Zest

  33. I like the envelope cover in purple rain

  34. I like the cherry tomato color!

  35. I like the Chery Red and Purple Rain Envelope (size 2)

  36. I love the Appletini in size 1

  37. I would love a Lemon Zest applecheeks. I would really like to try a microterry insert too!

  38. I love St. Lucia!

  39. I like the envelope diaper in delicious!

  40. The Raspberry Sorbet would look great on my niece. Thankyou, Ken

  41. it is so hard to choose 1 favorite. I LOVE wild child, St. Lucia & Purple Rain We use the all-in-2 method with their 2 layer bamboo inserts! Applecheeks are my favorite cloth diaper.

  42. the wild child pattern
    luckyseattlemom at gmail dot com

  43. I love their bamboo little bundle in Delicious.

  44. I am new to cloth diapers. I am pregnant and interested in learning more.

  45. I love the “Delicious” print- so cute!

  46. Purple Rain!

  47. My favorite Aplecheeks would be Delicious little bundle.

  48. I LOVE the Size 2 St. Lucia envelope cover <3

  49. I love Raspberry Sorbet!

  50. lemon zest cover! 🙂

  51. I love Wild Child and Cherry Tomato! So cute !

  52. Loving the Appletini!

  53. Love the Delicious style!!

  54. I love the delicious print envelope cover!

  55. I like the envelope cover in appletini.

  56. Wow that st. Lucia blue. is cool!

  57. We love every color AC in out house and would love 1 more to add to our stash! <3

  58. I like the envelope cover, size 1, in cherry tomato!

  59. Love cherry tomato or raspberry sorbet

  60. I love the lemon zest!

  61. I like delicious and appletini!

  62. Cherry Tomato

  63. I love the purple rain!

  64. I love the raspberry sorbet diaper cover.

  65. wild child is AMAZING!

  66. Lemon Zest is just stunning!

  67. I like lemon zest and wild child!

  68. I love their swim diaper in siesta

  69. Like cherry tomato

  70. Envelope cover in Lemon Zest!

  71. I love the Raspberry Sorbet (in size 2)

  72. i like the cherry tomato color and the bamboo inserts.

  73. The appletini cloth diaper envelope in size 2

  74. Wild Child envelope diapers.

  75. I love both storm and cherry tomato in the size two envelope. Both great colors!

  76. Bamboo in Echo Lake

  77. I like the Purple Rain color the best!! 🙂

  78. I really want an appletini envelope

  79. I like the wild child print.

  80. I love thier wild child print
    angela_heffner at yahoo dot com

  81. The Delicious Diaper Envelope!

  82. i like the appletini!

  83. This giveaway looks awesome! We would love the cherry tomato size 2 envelope.

  84. I love appletini envelope style.

  85. I love the purple rain color! I would love some of the swim diapers for summer too.

  86. I like the envelope diaper in appletini

  87. I like the appletini color! 🙂 Here is the link to the one I like:

  88. Love appletini!

  89. I love purple rain!

  90. My favorite Applecheeks product is their bamboo insert. My favorite color/print is Delicious

  91. I like wild child!

  92. I love appletini!

  93. My favorite is the new color Orange You Glad.

  94. I like ‘Delicious’ although it’s an odd name for a diaper! 😉

  95. wild child

  96. purple rain in washable swim diapers

  97. I like the raspberry sorbet.and dark chocolate.

  98. love orange ya glad, lemon zest, st lucia, purple rain… soooo pretty

  99. I like the swim diapers – cherry red would be super cute

  100. love the envelope covers in lemon zest

  101. Love the 2-Size Envelope Cover in St.Lucia for my baby boy!

  102. I love Lemon Zest or Wild Child envelope diapers

  103. appletini

  104. I love their appletini in a size 2

  105. I love the size 2 Lemon Zest colour + One-size Rayon from Bamboo Insert

  106. I love the new Orange You Glad color!

  107. I like the Lemon Zest Envelope Cover.

  108. I love raspberry sorbet

  109. like the wild child print cloth diaper

  110. I think the starter kits are a great idea, especially with the gender neutral covers 🙂

  111. I love Appletini! 🙂

  112. Love AppleCheeks! And I <3 Wild Child!

  113. I love St Lucia

  114. I like purple rain.

  115. I love the wild child

  116. Purple rain or Raspberry sorbet love em both

  117. I like the St. Lucia envelope diaper cover..

  118. I really like the Raspberry Sorbet, St. Lucia, and Purple Rain

  119. The Wild Child print is really cute!

  120. I like the appletini color!

  121. I like the blue washable swim diaper!

  122. I like the envelope cover in Wild Child

  123. I love Forget-Me-Not!

  124. I love the Cherry Tomato, and Dark Chocolate, and Purple Rain…. and Wild Child… and Delicious! My gosh! I want them all!

  125. 2 size envelope cover in raspberry sorbert. 🙂

  126. delicious pocket diaper

  127. Raspberry sorbet!

  128. Delicious

    Is my fav

  129. St. Lucia!

  130. Their delicious print is delicious!

  131. Applecheeks are SO CUTE!

  132. I like Cherry Tomato.

  133. I think my fave diaper is the wild child. Although i do also love how vibrant the solid colors are. 🙂

  134. Cherry Tomato or Appletini envelope cover in the largest size :0)

  135. Washable swim diaper in the samoan sunset 🙂

  136. love the wild child print!

  137. I love the size 2 Envelope covers in purple and red!

  138. Apple cheeks are cute I’d love to add some AIO types to our stash my husband would greatly enjoy this and be grateful since we use pre-folds now and hes just learning to get the hang of it lol.

  139. I love the Cherry Tomato cover!

  140. i would like to try the disposable liners

  141. Favourite is size 2 in Cherry Tomato

  142. I love the cherry tomato

  143. I like cherry tomato.

  144. i love the wild child

  145. I like the starter kit since I’m just learning about all of this stuff 🙂

  146. Appletini Bamboo little bundle 🙂

  147. Cherry Tomato. I just love that shade of red.

  148. I like the purple rain color best.

  149. 2-size cover in lemon zest

  150. Delicious is beautiful.


  152. I like storm

  153. We love Delicious! It’s so great for a boy
    Or girl!

  154. My fav is the cherry tomato – so precious!

  155. i love appletini.

  156. I love the raspberry sorbet diaper cover.

  157. I love the Delicous print!

  158. I love the Wild Child or St. Lucia size 2 evelope diapers!

  159. I love the purple rain!

  160. Size 1 – wild child

  161. I actually really like storm, the green buttons on the white are too cute!

  162. I love love LOVE their new print. But my favorite color is definitely Raspberry Sorbet

  163. I love the Raspberry Sorbet color, and I would pick size 1!

  164. Applecheeks cover in St. Lucia

  165. Cherry tomato!

  166. Tomato pocket

  167. I like the appletini envelope cover

  168. I want a size 2 Cherry Tomato

  169. love this diaps

  170. I like appletini

  171. Appletini is my fav!

  172. i love these diapers! cant wait to try them!

  173. Love the cherry tomato diaper!

  174. Wild Child! Love their envelope covers.

  175. I think Wild Child is my favorite but I also really like Purple Rain and Raspberry Sorbet.

  176. I love the Wild Child cover!

  177. red cloth diapers, I think they are the cutest

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