Paci Catcher (left side) and Sophie Catcher (right side) by Chrystal Blu

We have been using a pacifier for my son since he was around 5 weeks old. He is a comfort sucker and soothing him with a pacifier has been very helpful to us. We mostly use a pacifier for naptimes and night time but we take the pacifier with us everywhere just in case. There are times when nothing else works when trying to calm him (after we know he is not hungry, sick, wet, etc.) and using the pacifier works like a charm! He also loves his teething toys and his Sophie the Giraffe. It seems like every little baby out there has one of those.

I was sent a Paci Catcher and Sophie Catcher by Chrystal Blu to review. As a mom that uses a pacifier for baby I know how important it is to have a paci catcher and I was excited to try it. I also spend a long part of my day cleaning his teething toys after they fall on the floor so the Sophie Catcher seemed like an excellent item to own.


The Paci and Sophie Catchers all wrapped in their neat packaging      

One of the main things I love about both is how cute and colorful they are. The colors are so bright and the fabric looks really nice. I was happy to see how fast the fabric dried after the initial wash before using them. A nice feature when you are a mommy on the go.


Sophie Catcher

The Sophie Catcher fits Sophie’s neck perfectly and the cute design I picked matches it very well. You can pick your own design and there are many cute ones to choose from.   My son loves his Giraffe and I was so happy that he was able to play with it for a while without me having to pick it up from the floor to clean/wash every couple of minutes. Besides it was great when going out and not having to worry about him losing it or dropping it on a dirty floor.


He loves the design as well


The Paci Catcher was also great when we were out. I went for a couple of walks with him and just knowing that the pacifier was safely attached to him and I didn’t have to worry about him dropping it anywhere was awesome.


Paci Catcher in the shortest setting


I like that the Paci Catcher has a long and a short setting and I can pick the length of the catcher. It is great when you want to make sure there is no extra fabric close to your baby’s neck during nap times.


Paci Catcher in action

We love both the  Paci Catcher and the Sophie Catcher and I would recommend them to any mom out there.  They are super easy to clean and dry very fast and you can set them to match the length you want. Great products for baby.

Chrystal Blu has generously donated a $10 gift card to their online store for one lucky reader.  You can buy your very own Paci – Sophie Catchers :


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