Rockin’ Green Detergent

I have been using Rockin’ Green Detergent from the beginning of my cloth diapering experience with my son.   I purchased the unscented option to start with as I wanted to be safe with regards to any allergies and rashes and because my son has very sensitive skin. 

After using it every other day for about five months I must say it is definitely working for us because all of of my diapers are stain free and stink free so far.

I decided to review the scented option and I received three sample size bags from Rockin’ Green to try.  They sent the “Smashing Watermelons” scent.  As soon as I opened the bag I was pleasantly surprised with the scent, it is a fresh watermelon scent that reminds me of delicious candy/gum smell.  

I didn’t know that the scent was for you to enjoy when doing the laundry and it was not supposed to “stay” in the diapers. That made me feel a lot better since my son has very sensitive skin and you really should avoid scents that stay in the fabric when washing diapers to avoid build-up.


Here is a photo of my stain free diapers drying after laundry day

After using the scented version of Rockin’ Green I didn’t notice any changes in the absorbency of my diapers, indicating there were no build-up issues,  and my son didn’t have any rashes or allergies. I would recommend Rockin’ Green for sensitive skins and to make sure your diapers are properly clean and stay stink free. 

Finally, I love the fact that this detergent is eco-friendly. It is dye free, contains no fillers, no enzymes or optical brighteners and it is 100% Phosphate free!

Rockin’ Green Detergent has generously offered a 45/90 load bag of detergent in the winner’s choice of scent/formula for one lucky reader.


(Open to Canada and US ONLY)

 Good Luck Everyone!!!!