When you’re relaxing in the comfort of your home, the last thing you want is the unpleasant feeling of a bra digging into you, ruining your peace. That’s why it’s a great idea to get yourself super comfy chest support that isn’t going to irritate you when you’re in your living space. Here we will explore some of the best bras for you to wear at home.

The Best Types of Bras for Wearing at Home

Everyday Supportive Bras with No Underwire

Soft and stretchy fabric bras are what you need when you’re not doing much at home. There are plenty of womens bras to choose from, and what is best suited to you when relaxing may depend on how large your breasts are and what you feel good about. However, we would recommend ditching the underwire bras when you’re trying to relax. These can cause friction on the skin, pinch you, and sometimes even cause irritation, which is the last thing you want and needs.

Sports Bras

Whether you’re exercising at home or not, sports bras can be great options for you due to their material and style. Your chest will be kept securely in place with no wobbling when you jog up the stairs! Of course, these will also be ideal if you’re doing a HIIT session or online yoga tutorials in the living room. If you’re just wearing it to chill in, consider sizing up, so it’s not an overly tight fit.


The beauty of bralettes is they can also be worn as tops if you want to. Ideal for if you have a warm home, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that should a delivery come to the front door, you can still answer it in just your bralette and bottoms without the need to cover up – this would be a different story if you were wearing your day to day bra! However, bralettes aren’t always the most supportive option, so they are better suited to people with a more petite chest.


An alternative to bras could be a bodysuit, as shapewear styles don’t typically need extra support in the chest area – the bodysuit does all the work! These are stretchy and great for lounging in, adding a touch of glamour to your at-home look. You can also pop out in it without the need to put a bra on.

…No bra at all?!

Some people prefer not to wear a bra at home, and if it feels comfortable, then why not?! However, if you are busty, it’s a good idea to give yourself some form of breast support – whether it’s a tightly fitting top or something with a fitted lining, this will give you a little added comfort.