Bio Seaweed Gel Nail Polish {Review}

bio seaweed gel

Do you love doing your nails? I don’t but I love the way they look when they’re done. My big problem is that I don’t have the patience to give myself the manicure. The biggest problem I have is my total inability to sit still. If you’ve ever done your nails you know that once you have them painted you have to sit patiently for what seams like an eternity to let them dry. One false move and BAM! Smudge. All that work ruined. Then if you sit still long enough to let them dry completely you get maybe a couple good days before they start chipping. No thank seaweed gel

I love the idea of gel nails because they resolve most of these issues. They look great and last for at least a week and usually longer. They have one major downfall. They cost a ton. You have to go to a salon and have a technician do them for you. The colors are limited and they can contain harsh chemicals.

Bio Seaweed Gel is different. These gels are Big-5 Free: No Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, BHA or Solvents. Most gels and polishes contain some of these toxins. I had no idea that these were in my polishes. Bio Seaweed Gel cures to the touch with no sticky residue, no alcohol or cleansers needed. All you need is sunshine or an LED/UV light. I used sunshine. They cured really quickly and I could go about the rest of my day!bio seaweed gel

I love the choice in colors. Bio Seaweed Gel has hundreds of great colors to choose from. There is definitely something for everyone and every occasion. You can also use their top coat on your favorite polish to get all the benefits of a gel manicure. The step by step videos are fantastic for novice nail painters like myself. Removal is easy (even though you look a little silly while you’re doing it). Still, I actually enjoyed doing my nails knowing that no matter what they’d be really dry in under two minutes.

Disclosure: We received this product to facilitate a review. All views and opinions are my own.

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Kira Thompson is a working mother of two from Massachusetts. She loves spending time with her family and writes about family and finding time for herself on her blog Mommy Makes Time.

18 responses to “Bio Seaweed Gel Nail Polish {Review}”

  1. Love these don’t have bad chemicals and they can be cured under the sun!

  2. Wow this brand sounds amazing. And wow, I just checked out their shade selection and you’re right, they have so many nice and different shades to choose from. I will be trying some of their products out in the future for sure.

  3. This Seaweed Gel Nail Polish sounds very good for someone like me who, unfailingly, does not wait long enough for my nails to dry and they end up looking like someone daubed them with paint. This might be the one for me. Thank you for the information about it.

  4. I have nevver had a manicure like you I cant sit still for something like that and at home it is even worse. I like the llook of these polishes- very preetty and they sound managable to do.

  5. Love your nails! Such pretty polish!

  6. I love the look of these polishes. You’d never tell they were seaweed based!

  7. I’d heard about this polish before but didn’t really know whether it was any good or not. I do like the colour you chose for your nails, that really pops. I love the idea of it lasting longer and of having no harsh chemicals in it. So removal is easy but how do you do it, I presume it’s not normal nail polish remover which I can’t stand the smell of?

  8. Never heard of this brand before….interesting!

  9. Ive heard alot about this brand. Im not too into gel polishes, but the look of them turns out fantastic!

  10. Really neat product – I never really realized how toxic most polishes were!

  11. Bioseaweed gel looks great. So eager to try it.

  12. Sounds like these are wonderful. I’d love to try them.

  13. Wow,there sure are a lot of harsh chemicals in nail polish scary

  14. Your nails look real nice

  15. I was surprised to see all the different shades to choose from!

  16. Bioseaweed gel really looks great

  17. This Seaweed Gel Nail Polish sounds very good

  18. This product sounds like the answer for people who like their nails beautifully done with good results and a short drying period. I seldom do my nails as they are soft and break easily as I have my hands in water so much. However, my granddaughters love nail polish and I will know now what product I could buy for gifts for them. Thank you.

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