Keeping Little Faces and Hands Clean with AVEENO Baby

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As a mom of two little boys, I understand that messes happen. Messy little faces and hands are a daily occurrence in our home, usually with our youngest one.  For some reason, he is the messiest eater, and after a meal, his face and hands are often covered in food. He also loves colouring and painting, and I am constantly cleaning his face and his hands after he finishes his creations.

The mess isn’t pretty, especially when we are out in public, so I am always prepared to deal with it right away. I now carry a pack of AVEENO® Baby Hand & Face Wipes in my purse, and I use them daily at home as well.

Keeping Little Faces and Hands Clean with AVEENO Baby

Keeping Little Faces and Hands Clean with AVEENO Baby

Our son suffers from eczema, and he has extremely sensitive skin, so we have to be very careful with anything we use on his skin as it is very easy for him to develop rashes and allergies. I already use the AVEENO® BABY® Wash & Shampoo and AVEENO® BABY® Daily Lotion with him and have since he was a baby, so using the new AVEENO® BABY® wipes is a perfect fit for us.

We love AVEENO® BABY® products because they are excellent for sensitive skin. The wipes are hypoallergenic, free of fragrances, parabens, sulfates, alcohols and dyes, and they contain oat extract and aloe to soothe and protect dry skin.

Nowadays I don’t even have to get the wipes out after he is done with his meals because he runs to get them out himself. He loves using the wipes to clean his face and hands, and they leave his skin soft and clean without causing any irritation.

Keeping Little Faces and Hands Clean with AVEENO Baby

Keeping Little Faces and Hands Clean with AVEENO Baby

If you are looking for gentle wipes for your baby made with mild moisturizers and cleansers, I highly recommend you give the new AVEENO® BABY® Hand & Face Wipes a try. They are the perfect size for on-the-go, and they are hypoallergenic. You can find them at national food, drug and mass merchandisers for ($5.67-$7.99).

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  1. I love Aveeno and use it daily, I’m glad they made a line for the kids, I haven’t tried the wipes yet, but think I am going to get myself some, they come in handy when my granddaughter is over!

  2. Hypoallergenic is always good.

  3. he is too cute!! we love Aveeno products even their baby line. I have yet to try the wipes yet tho!

  4. I like aveeno, been using it since I was a baby. I think that they are consistent in their products. It helps keep the skin supple.

  5. Aveeno lotions have been great for my family. We use the lotion regularly. These look super useful!

  6. My boys have very sensitive skin and I have found Aveeno Baby products to be soothing for their skin.

  7. I have been using Aveeno for years with my kids. It is great for sensitive skin!

  8. Such fabulous photos and such a happy boy 🙂

  9. They make such quality products

  10. Aveeno has been in our family for decades now

  11. Great that Aveeno now has wipes.

  12. I am sooo grateful for the Aveeno for Eczema… it’s the best non-prescription cream we’ve found. Huge Aveeno fans here.

  13. I love Aveeno products, it’s so gentle on my skin.

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