Canadian Tire: The One-Stop Shop For Holiday Toys

When I was a little girl and Christmas was approaching, my sister and I used to browse the toy catalogues and we would circle our top favourite toys for our wish list for Santa. I clearly remember all of the anticipation when it was finally time to open our presents and how exciting it was when we got that special toy from our list. This year I managed to get my kid’s top picks, and I have them all wrapped and ready for Christmas.

I was at Canadian Tire the other day, looking for some Christmas decor and I spotted the Paw Patrol Ultimate Firetruck in somebody else’s cart at the store. I didn’t even realize how amazing the selection of toys was at Canadian Tire until that day. I asked the owner of the cart and she showed me where she found it in the store – along with all the hottest toys of the season. 

Our youngest loves Paw Patrol and fire trucks, and when he saw the Paw Patrol Ultimate Fire Truck, he announced that it was the one toy he really wanted Santa to bring him this year.

I was so excited that I found it for him!

Canadian Tire: The One-Stop Shop For Holiday Toys

Canadian Tire: The One-Stop Shop For Holiday Toys

The boys also love Fingerlings, so I will be putting Fingerlings in each of their stockings this year. These were the top toy last Christmas, and they continue to be a hit. They asked for the new Fingerlings Baby Sloth ones, specifically – so adorable!

Thankfully they also had them at Canadian Tire –  there is nothing like a one-stop-shop for holiday toys!

And if you don’t like shopping for presents too early because your children are professional gift snoopers I have some tips that have worked in our home to share with you. I can never leave the presents wrapped under the tree because, in the past, I have caught the boys snooping when they think we are not watching. I play tricks with them now and mislabel the gifts and even throw in some “fake” gifts, basically empty boxes that I wrap nicely! You can even use a laundry basket and fold a stack of old towels and secure them to the lid. This will give the appearance of a full basket. With plenty of room inside, this is a great option when hiding larger gifts.

It truly feels so good to be done with all the shopping and getting everything done in one spot. You can visit Canadian Tire in-store and online at for all your holiday toy needs. Plus, they have everything you need for entertaining, Christmas decor, etc. 

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Canadian Tire: The One-Stop Shop For Holiday Toys

Canadian Tire: The One-Stop Shop For Holiday Toys

Canadian Tire: The One-Stop Shop For Holiday Toys

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Canadian Tire. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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9 responses to “Canadian Tire: The One-Stop Shop For Holiday Toys”

  1. Canadian Tire has always been one of my favourite stores to shop at. That fire truck would be a quick favourite for my son!

  2. Canadian Tire has come a long way. There is such a wide array of things to choose from.

  3. I just realized i have an uneven amount of presents for my girls so definitely going to be getting that fire truck for my middle daughter 🙂

  4. With 8 grandchildren (4 in Europe) I never know what they want, like or have already got, so I often leave it up to the parents to buy their gifts for me and just hand over the money afterwards. 🙂

  5. Never expected Canadian tire to have such a wide selection of holiday toys.

  6. Shopping at Canadian Tire especially around the holidays is like a tradition for our family

  7. The only thing I dislike about Canadian Tire is that I can never find what I’m looking for – always from their advertising and I always have to have a helping hand.

  8. They do have a great selection of toys at Christmas time but I find the prices awfully high and can find cheaper elsewhere, the only time I will shop for toys there is when they are on clearance or on sale

  9. Our grandson is 7mths. We can sing to him “paw patrol, paw patrol” and he smiles. It is the one show dad & grandpa don’t mind having on for background when baby is feeding too. I think we all are addicted to Paw Patrol 🙂 Canadian Tire is also daddy’s and grandpa’s favourite store. It is never a hassle to when I say let’s go to Canadian Tire 🙂

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