I love throwing birthday parties for my children as it is lots of fun to plan them and come up with creative ways to entertain their friends. I also enjoy putting loot bags together for the kids, and today, I am sharing 5 Birthday Party Loot Bag Items The Kids Will Love.

Even though I enjoy putting loot bags together for the kids, I often find it hard to get stuff that they can actually play with and use for a long time. Dollar store finds are tempting but often forgotten the day after the party, and they create unnecessary waste.

So below I have put together a list of fun and useful items that you can give the kids at your next birthday party. Forget the cheap dollar store plastic toys and become the coolest birthday party thrower ever.

5 Birthday Party Loot Bag Items The Kids Will Love

5 Birthday Party Loot Bag Items The Kids Will Love-2

  1. LEGO Birthday Minifigure surprise bag: The LEGO Group is celebrating the 40th Birthday of the LEGO Minifigure this year, and they just released their LEGO Minifigure Birthday Party Costume Series on April 1. These Minifigure surprise bags are not only adorable, but would make for great party favors, cake toppers and more! Besides, who doesn’t love LEGO? My kids absolutely love these.
  2. Origami papers + instructions: This is a fun kit to give little ones so they can get creative and make their own origami crafts. Step-by-step instructions and fold marks on the patterned paper sheets guide kids through the steps to make adorable origami animals.
  3. Magnifying Glass: Help introduce early scientific exploration and investigation with these extra-large magnifiers that are sized perfectly for small hands. Great for taking a closer look at plants, animals, and insects in life science lessons.
  4. Seeds for planting, TickleMe Plant: This amazing plant is the ideal way to captivate and mesmerize your children since it closes its branches and leaves once you tickle it! – That’s right! You can pet it just like a puppy, and it will react! This TickleMe plant or Mimosa pudcia, will re-open its leaves in just 5 minutes, so you can start having fun again! This fantastic party favor is everything your little child could ever ask for! 
  5. On the Go Stained Glass Colouring Pad: Kids can colour in exciting wildlife pictures, and see them come aglow when they put them in a sunny window! They can use the six included markers to add whatever colors they choose to make one-of-a-kind “stained glass” pictures of safari animals, underwater creatures, birds, reptiles, and more.

What are your favourite things your child has received in a loot bag? Share them below!

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with LEGO, and it contains affiliate links. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.