When Deciding to Have a Third Baby

Deciding to add another baby to your family is never easy. It is not easy when you are thinking about becoming a first-time parent, when you jump from one to two kids or when you are thinking about going from two to three. It is tough!

Our boys are now 7 and 4 years old, and I must admit that a few years ago, we entertained the idea of a third child. We even tried for a bit, without pushing too hard but it never actually happened. In the end, we just saw this as a sign that it wasn’t meant to be.

My husband and I spent a long time thinking about it, and we recently decided that we are officially closing the baby chapter, and we are done having more babies.

Of course, deciding to stop having children doesn’t mean you stop thinking about the what-ifs. What if we got a little girl? Would she look like me? What if we end up with three boys? Would the boys be into everything together and be inseparable? So many possibilities.

Nowadays, going on Facebook to see photos and videos of the boys back in their newborn cuteness reminds me of the sweet baby years and of what I am missing by not having a third. However, it also reminds me of the different stage we are at right now and how we are enjoying life and where things are at.

These last few weeks, we have been doing spring cleaning and selling and donating baby toys, baby gear and just moving on from everything baby as our youngest gets close to his 5th birthday. It really is another chapter in our lives, and it feels good to move on.

I am excited to keep growing older together as a family of four and all the fun things we can do now as the kids are getting older and more mature. We are planning longer trips that are much easier now; we are also sleeping so much better and just able to go out and do so many more things together, with both kids participating.

I am happy with our decision and it feels good to know that we are both on the same page.

If you are a parent, do you know if you want more children, or are you done having babies as well? Which factors influence your decisions the most? Share below!

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Angela V

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Hi, my name is Angela van Tijn and I live in Vancouver, Canada with my wonderful husband, our two boys and our puppy. I am the founder and primary contributor behind One Smiley Monkey. Welcome to my blog!

5 responses to “When Deciding to Have a Third Baby”

  1. I would love to have a third child (and maybe more) but my husband says that two is enough. I just wish I didn’t feel this longing to grow our family when my husband doesn’t feel the same.

    • I get it, it can be difficult to get to the point where you both agree 🙁 It isn’t easy making big decisions like that with your partner.

  2. I am pregnant with my third. I actually always wanted two children and tried to talk myself out of wanting a third by giving away all of my baby items last january. But i just couldn’t shake the fact that i wanted one more. Hubby and I decided (because of timing of both of our girls going to school in September) that we would try for a summer baby as that would be a perfect fit with us with getting adjusted as a family during the summer and then the girls going off to school in september. I said if it was meant to be i would get pregnant in sept or Oct and I did. I now have the feeling of completeness and I know in my heart now that this is it. finding out another girl is on the way has people asking if I am going to try for a fourth in hopes of a boy…and NO!!! maybe it would but you just no when enough is enough and when you are done…when your family is complete.

    • That’s exactly how we felt when we tried and it didn’t happen, like it just wasn’t meant to be. And I get it with people asking if you are going to be trying for the boy again. They are always asking if we are going to be trying for a girl LOL You do what’s right for your family and that’s all that matters <3 Ps. So excited for you guys and your upcoming addition!

  3. My partner and I are at a point in our lives where we are trying to decide which path to take. It’s a tough decision.

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