Disney Princess: Merida’s Magical Story Skirt & Princess Kits

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My eldest daughter is a princess. And she has been since day one. As soon as she could grasp things, she was adoring herself with them. As soon as she could walk, she glided. As soon as she could make choices, it was all princess, all the way, all the time.

I don’t love princesses. But I do love Merida from Brave. Maybe because she’s courageous, headstrong and adventurous. Maybe because she’s a talented archer, horse rider and swordsmen. Maybe it’s just because she’s got crazy hair (like me).

But Merida is an easy person to look up to. She’s strong, capable, daring and passionate. She believes in taking charge of your destiny. She is truly brave. Kids learn so much through story. And there is so much to be learned from Merida’s.

Disney Princess: MeridaOur box this month came with two small Disney Princess Little Kingdom kits that travel really well. We have taken them on every long car trip since they arrived and even an airplane. For a box thats contents could fit in your pocket, they have sure provided hours of imaginative play and many new story lines.

The first kit had a Merida theme, which came with a doll, bodice, peplum and skirt so you can dress and undress her. It also comes with a bow and arrow, a little bear brother and a matching set of ears that snap onto Merida’s head. Her skirt even has holes with decorations that fit into it via a little peg on the back.

The second was a Rapunzel Royal Wedding theme kit.  Yes, a wedding theme kit. My daughter’s other obsession: fancy parties. It comes with the three characters (Rapunzel, Flynn and Pascal the frog), two chairs and a table, a bouquet that snaps into the table and two programmes.

Disney Princess: Merida

The best part about the kits is that all pieces can be interchanged between them…. which makes them the perfect go-to toy kit for airplanes, cars, restaurants, waiting rooms, or surprise occasions – and they take up such little space.

My daughters other new favourite toy is the Disney Princess Merida’s Magical try Skirt doll. The doll comes with a water wand that activates a picture on her skirt of a bow and arrow. Like magic! Again, it’s a simple enough doll that encourages children’s imaginations to weave complicated stories involving their heroes. And Merida sure makes a great hero.


Disney Princess: Merida

Disney Princess: Merida

Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.


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9 responses to “Disney Princess: Merida’s Magical Story Skirt & Princess Kits”

  1. My daughters love Merida. Thanks for sharing!

  2. hoping to pick up this doll over the weekend!

  3. These dolls are super adorable. I know some little fans.

  4. I am so excited to get to buy some toys for a little girl. And Princess’s shall be entering my home! What an adorable doll!

  5. Love Merida. She is a great role model. Wish Disney would now release a South Asian (Indian) princess.

  6. This doll is absolutely adorable. i love the little freckles. I know my oldest daughter would love her. I will have to keep this in mind for her bday which is coming up 🙂

  7. Such a great Princess Doll for my granddaughter, she would love this one very much!!

  8. I think that most little girls love Princesses and dressing up too so it’s no wonder they also love playing with Princess dolls. Love the magic skirt, reminds me of painting books when I was a kid – only outlines on the pages but with water and a brush magically colour appeared, I loved them. 🙂

  9. I do like the fact that these are kits and small enough to take with you on your travels, that’s something kids will like too. 🙂

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