Lalaloopsy Minis™ Style ‘n Swap™ Dolls {Review}

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With two girls in my house I’m familiar with Lalaloopsy, we have a few different sized ones including some of the minis. The Lalaloopsy story goes something like this, in case you didn’t know… I didn’t!,: The Lalaloopsy were once rag dolls who magically came to life when their very last stitch was sewn. Each doll has their own personality that comes from the fabrics used to make them. Therefore Lalaloopsy Minis dolls each come with fun accessory that fit their personalities.

With these cute mini Lalaoopsy dolls and their accessories you can hold the cuteness of Lalaloopsy™ in the palm of your hand. Lalaloopsy Minis™ Style ‘n Swap™ dolls come with interchangeable clothes and accessories to mix and match. Such as:

Lalaloopsy Minis™ Crumbs Sugar Cookie™  who has been baking all day and can switch up her outfit.

The Lalaloopsy Minis Style N Swap Doll – Crumbs Sugar Cookie features: a mini doll, different wigs, different dresses and shoes. The outfits are interchangeable for mixing and matching.

I’m not sure how long till we lose pieces like the shoes, but at least the little drawers in the boutique play set provides a place to store them to keep them safe a little longer. Make sure to check out just how adorable these little dolls are with their mix and match ways.

There are a number of different sets available for you to collect them all. Recommended age for these is 4 and up. Price: $14.99. Available at: Toys R Us.

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Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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7 responses to “Lalaloopsy Minis™ Style ‘n Swap™ Dolls {Review}”

  1. awww how adorable!! I love the little drawers, too. Maybe you won’t lose anything!

  2. I’ve got a Lalaloopsy fan over here…..hoping to have one of these to add to her birthday basket!

  3. These are so very cute, lalaloopsy fans would no doubt be thrilled with one of these minis. 🙂 Sure there are small bits and pieces and no doubt some will get lost in time but it’s the same with Barbie shoes and any other toy that has small pieces.

  4. My niece loves these toys! She would go wild for this… LOL!

  5. These dolls are absolutely adorable and look at the little accessories. Such a fun idea to be able to swap out the pieces

  6. These dolls are so very adorable!!!!!

  7. very reasonably priced too!

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