Mega Bloks First Builders & Hot Wheels Review

Mega Bloks Firetruck

My almost 3-year-old son is completely obsessed with firetrucks, firefighters, robots, trucks and pirates, so you can imagine his excitement when we received a box from Mega Bloks with a cool looking Firetruck and a Hot Wheels Monster Truck to build. Happiest boy ever!

Firetruck Finn

Firetruck Finn from the Mega Bloks First Builders line is a medium size firetruck that features a steering wheel, a ladder, a fireman buddy and thirteen colorful first builders blocks that fit inside it.

I love the fact that all the builders blocks fit inside of the firetruck to make clean-up easy and my son enjoys fighting pretend fires with his firetruck and then rebuilding towers and new buildings with his blocks.

He also likes sitting on the firetruck and riding on it around the house. I don’t think this toy was built for that reason but I guess he is light enough to ride on it o.k. I am sure most children would try it as well during play since the steering wheel makes it look like a small ride-on firetruck.

In general he has really enjoyed playing with the firetruck and I appreciate that the toy is durable and lots of fun for him.


Steering wheel for easier turns
Firefighter ladder raises, swivels and pivots!
Includes a Block Buddies™ Fireman and 13 First Builders blocks
Compatible with all First Builders products
Ideal for children aged 1 to 5!

Super Blitzen Monster Truck

We also received the Super Blitzen Monster Truck set from Mega Bloks Hot Wheels. This is a toy that is ideal for kids ages 5 and up because it comes in very small parts (blocks) that need to be assembled.

My son and I have built several toys that are similar so he knows that we sit at the table, follow the instructions on the guide and build the toy step by step. I usually build and he helps passing all the parts, it is something that we enjoy doing together and he is very patient.

Mega Bloks Monster Trucks

The Super Blitzen Monster Truck set allows you to build a Super Blitzen car  that you can then customize to become a monster truck or a cool race car. We love the fact that you get three different cars with the one kit and you get your own little driver that can go behind the wheel.

Building the cars was easy thanks to the clear step by step pictures and instructions.  We had a good time building them together and my son had a lot of fun playing with the cars after they were built. I love toys that allow him to develop his imagination!


Rebuildable Super Blitzen™ car
Monster Truck base with motorized pull-and-release action
Race Car base for the iconic Super Blitzen™ build, or customize it with other parts for cool rebuilding possibilities
Collectible Team Yellow action figure

We have been fans of the Mega Bloks First Builders line for a while and we now love the new Mega Bloks Hot Wheels, such a fantastic addition to their product line, perfect for older children.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. Love the monster truck! My son woud go crazy about that!

  2. Love the firetruck with the blocks inside. Easy cleanup is always a great thing!

  3. These both look like lost of fun! I love that your son is small enough to ride on the firetruck! lol

    thanks for the review

  4. I think my son would really love the fire truck. I love that you can store blocks inside of that. We seem to always have pieces missing from certain toys if there isn’t a place where we can store all the pieces together or I forget which piece go with which toy. Love the review! Looks like I know what toy to look for when Christmas comes around this year.

  5. very nice! i think this would be a perfect gift for my nephew this christmas!

  6. Haha I could totally see my son riding the firetuck I like the blocks as well. My son loves building. I love that it builds fine motor skills so it win- win. My son is obssessed with all cars, so I know the monster truck would be a hit as well. What a great gift for Christmas or birthday!

  7. Looks like some fun toys!

  8. Would love that for my nephew!

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