Huawei Ascend Y300 Smartphone Review {Giveaway}

Huawei Ascend Y300

Looking to buy your first smartphone? The Huawei Ascend Y300 Smartphone is the perfect phone for thrifty Canadian shoppers, students, teens and anybody looking for an Android smartphone for a price that won’t break the bank, and with no need to lock into a three year contract!

The Y300 truly is a bargain smartphone. For less than $100 you get a smartphone that runs Android 4.1 operating system, features a 1GHz processor, 2GB of internal storage,  a 480X800 resolution display and lets you download apps fast and surf the web easily.

I received a Huawei Ascend Y300 to try out and I must say that I am impressed with the capabilities of such an economic handset, specially when compared with devices that sell for almost seven times more than what the Y300 costs!

The Y300 is available in black and white and it features a 4.0″ touch screen, it has a screen resolution of 480X800 pixels that make text sharp and easy to read and images and colours vibrant and rich. I found it o.k. for watching YouTube videos and browsing the net.

This smartphone also runs a customized version of Android operating system, in the Y300 all the apps that you download and use are located in six screens with a main screen that shows your widgets that you can customize, featuring things like the weather, local time, music player and more.

The Y300 has a 5.0 megapixel camera, not bad for a device that’s under $100. The images are reasonable but as you can imagine they are not the best quality specially when zooming in. Low-light shots lack a lot of detail but the camera does o.k. when there’s sufficient light,  specially when shooting outside.  Note that this smartphone has a dual camera (front/back) and you can also take videos.

Huawei Ascend Y300

The call quality was fine when using it with a Virgin Mobile SIM card and I didn’t experience any drop calls when testing it.  This phone also has voice command capabilities, which allow the user to make calls and compose text messages hands-free.

In general this is a fabulous bargain smartphone that delivers and exceeds expectations. The Huawei Ascend Y300 is available on Canada’s largest 4G network from Bell Mobility retail partners Best Buy and Future Shop. Virgin Mobile retail locations will also carry the smartphone, along with retail partners Loblaws, The Source and Walmart.

Height: 124.5 mm,  Width: 63.8 mm, Depth: 11.2 mm, Weight: 130g

Win it: One lucky CAN reader will win a Huawei Smartphone  Y201. Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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275 responses to “Huawei Ascend Y300 Smartphone Review {Giveaway}”

  1. I like that it has voice command capabilities

  2. Fast downloading!

  3. I like that it’s not an iPhone!

  4. Sweet phone!

  5. I love the dimensions of it!

  6. Sounds like what I need…

  7. No dropped calls!

  8. the camera

  9. I love the price and voice commands

  10. Cheap price!

  11. I love the price ! incredible, I am sick of the 500, 600 , 700 dollar smart phones 🙂

  12. I love the size of the screen and the price!

  13. I’m impressed that the features are equal or better thank
    others four times more the ammount in price.

  14. I’m impressed that the features are equal or better thank
    others four times more the ammount in price.

  15. The look. Amazing.

  16. I love the price, everything else is perfcet and a camera with it. WOW

  17. The low price

  18. Luv the price and all the awesome features, this is a real deal 🙂

  19. I like the price and the Android operating system

  20. i like the 5.0 megapixel camera

  21. I like Android on it

  22. love the screen resolution

  23. It’s nice and cheap with a lot of features. Beats spending over half a grand on a freakin’ phone.

  24. i totally love the price too

  25. I like the low price for the technology offered, very good value!

  26. I love the price and features.

  27. looks nice, thinking of getting it

  28. I love the price!

  29. I love the price and I love that its not too complicated!

  30. cheap but great for price!

  31. I like the 5.0 megapixel on the camera.

  32. i like the affordable price

  33. I think the dual camera will be the most fun feature to explore.

  34. I want to win this phone !

  35. Nice phone would love this

  36. price and android

  37. It has a 4.0 touch screen.

  38. interested in the dual camera!

  39. I

  40. I like the voice command feature

  41. I like the price and the voice command feature.

  42. I like the price

  43. the price without a 3 yr contract. that’s great. beside that. a 5.o pix camera is pretty good.

  44. Seems pretty good for an inexpensive phone. Tired of $500+ phones that offer so little. Pretty well anyone can afford this one. Thanks…

  45. Like the tremendous value and slick design

  46. I would love to test drive this phone… looks like a decent device for the price point listed!

  47. unbeatable price

  48. I like the look. Cleaner than the S4. I hate having phones that make me look 12

  49. The price!

  50. Not even gonna lie…love the price

  51. I love the Android operating system, so that’s my favourite bit.

  52. i love that it’s not an expensive phone

  53. No dropped calls!

  54. An Awesome phone!

  55. The voice command!

  56. The low price

  57. The price

  58. The price and the camera!

  59. i like the dual camera the most. love the price too

  60. I love the Android operating sstem

  61. I love the amazing low price

  62. Like the idea of handsfree text messaging.

  63. My favorite feature is the price! Its a decent smartphone for such a low price. I think i would be a great phone for teenagers!

  64. The size and the price is a huge bonus!

  65. I love that it runs the Android operating system.

  66. The Price and the Camera.

  67. No dropped calls

  68. I like that it has a camera!

  69. Price

  70. I like that it’s considered a “bargain” smartphone. 🙂

  71. l love the size of the screen and of course the cost.

  72. The low price!

  73. I love the hands free voice control.

  74. The price is awesome and having front and back cameras is very cool also.

  75. I like the price. It is a pretty good phone for that price!

  76. It looks sturdy, like the old school Nokia phones that can withstand (multiple) drops.

  77. I like the features for dollar value – great phone for a not too great price!

  78. I find it amazing that this phone is so much lower in price compared to other similar phones.

  79. I love that it is affordable!

  80. Screen resolution.

  81. I love the screen size and affordable price.

  82. The low price makes this a winner!

  83. I like that the phone is under $100

  84. I take a lot of photos and I need a large music selection so the 2GB on internal storage is one of my favourite features!

  85. not a apple

  86. Other than the price, I like the touch screen best.

  87. I’ve been looking at getting an Android phone. I currently have a BlackBerry and I am so fed up with the operating system.

  88. I love the price and the fact it’s not an iphone.

  89. The price. I have an old phone and do not need too fancy phone, but I would like something better.

  90. Thank you for allowing me to enter into your contest.

  91. what a luxury to have a quality phone like that if I was able to obtain one!

  92. The price

  93. Cheap is good

  94. price looks good

  95. This is a good product

  96. I could use a new phone, my old nexus isn’t quite cutting it anymore

  97. Got to like the no 3-year contract.

  98. I love what you get for the price.

  99. the low price

  100. The low price and hands free text messages

  101. That should replace my dumb phone!

  102. like thats its cheap

  103. I like that it is an affordable smartphone!

  104. I like that it’s very affordable and lets you surf the web easily.

  105. I have a crappy phone and I’m impressed with the fact that its a smart phone because mine is a dumb phone. I also like the screen resolution.

  106. cmon luck!

  107. nice

  108. Quality and price

  109. Love the camera

  110. Coooool

  111. I love the voice command feature, the fact that it says fast downloads and of course price is decent .. even better if I win!

  112. Would loveeeeee to win this!

  113. I really like the screen resolution as with age I am finding it more and more difficult to read the text on small devices.

  114. Not a Samsung

  115. I love the screen resolution!

  116. I like the low price

  117. I like the 4″ touch screen! I love it all actually,since I do not own a cell phone,this would be awesome! 🙂

  118. The voice command abilities.

  119. Sounds like a good value.

  120. I like that it runs on a customized Android operating system.

  121. this phone looks good

  122. I like that you can use voice commands

  123. It has a 5.0 megapixel camera.

  124. Love the price… $100!!?

  125. Great price!

  126. I like the hands free features – they are great for when you are busy or dirving!


  127. That is a very affordable smartphone!

  128. I don’t have a smartphone!

  129. I love the price, for a smartphone, this is a great price!

  130. The value for the cost.

  131. I’ve never actually owned a smartphone before so this would be a nice! I like the price and value of it — sounds like such a good deal.

  132. I love the high resolution and the price

  133. Love the 5.0 mega pix camera! And the price!

  134. I love how thin it is! And it looks easy to use, what an awesome price too!!

  135. I like the screen !

  136. Fast downloads

  137. love the cheap price and i think its cute

  138. It’s the latest Android!

  139. I love that it has 2GB of storage

  140. I like that the price isn’t way up there. I once paid $200 for a stupid phone in 2007 and it was out of date by the end of the year. What a kick in the pants.

  141. I love that it does not drop calls… I hate that so much because I deal with quite unpleasant people who get annoyed every easily! They always think I hang up on them on purpose…

  142. The camera

  143. The price is amazing and no contract is good

  144. I like the voice command feature.

  145. What I like best is that it has a 5.0 megapixel camera. Awesome!

  146. Awesome! I love the android features. Really sets it apart from other high end smartphones.

  147. I like the value.

  148. The price is the biggest selling point for me, and I love that it has a voice command capability.

  149. screen size

  150. I like the screen resolution and voice command.

  151. Voice commands.

  152. Its an amazing little phone with amazing features

  153. I’m ready to give voice commands a go.

  154. I like that it has hands free capability

  155. love the price. thanks

  156. I like that it is a bargain smartphone.

  157. the 480X800 resolution display…

  158. I like the voice command feature !

  159. I love the voice command.

  160. I love the voice command feature

  161. runs Android 4.1 operating system…

  162. i like that it is affordable!

  163. I really like the idea of hands free texting which I have never used before. Of course then I cannot blame auto correct for the things that come out of my mouth- Thanks!

  164. I love the dual camera, the price… <3

  165. i do not own a smartphone and this one seems to have many capabilities for such a great price that I can afford. Right up my alley!!

  166. the voice command and the price!

  167. I love that for less than $100 you get a smartphone that runs Android 4.1 operating system.

  168. The 4G network.

  169. the price

  170. I love the 5.0 megapixel on the camera

  171. cause its awesome!!

  172. price and voice commands…

  173. i would love one of these

  174. the price

  175. I like the voice command capability.

    It seems like such bargain price too.


  176. I like the price and the voice commands.

  177. The camera looked great and that it works with Bell

  178. I love the price!

  179. the price and that it is an android phone

  180. decent price – best bang for the buck
    Will it work on other carrier other than Bell/Virgin?

  181. love the 5 megapixel camera….and the price is great too.

  182. I love that you didnt experience any dropped calls and that it has voice commands to use!

  183. love the price very reasonable

  184. 2 gb of internal storage

  185. No dropped calls, and great price!

  186. Price! Amazing!

  187. Love the price, and size of the phone

  188. Have to go with the low price point as the best feature!

  189. I like the price!

  190. I like the phone period

  191. I like that it runs Android 4.1

  192. I like that it has voice command capabilities.

  193. The price for sure!

  194. I like that it has a front and rear camera and it is 5MP which is sufficient for a phone.

  195. The 4″ screen sounds like it would be good for older eyes

  196. Like that it’s android and voice commands.

  197. Interesting price point.

  198. Nice!!

  199. what do i love most??? that it isn’t broken!!! my blackberry hit the dust last october, i have not replaced it lol

  200. The Low Price would be the best part for me – thanks.

  201. I like the the fact that is android-based and also that its not massive like the samsung galaxy phones!

  202. I like how affordable it it

  203. the price is the best part – much cheaper than an iphone

  204. I like that you can buy it for less than $100!

  205. This phone also has voice command capabilities, which allow the user to make calls and compose text …

  206. oppppssss forgot (((hands free)))) to the end of my comment sorry

  207. The price is great as well as the design

  208. I think this looks awesome, would love to try it out

  209. The 5.0 megapixel camera!

  210. I love that it’s available via Virgin Mobile. That is my current provider and I am extremely happy with the service I’ve received from them for the past 2 years 🙂

  211. i like that its affordable

  212. A great design

  213. I like the dual camera

  214. I like the voice command capabilities, which allow the user to make calls and compose text messages hands-free….

  215. I would love to have the camera! Right now I don’t have one on my phone.

  216. I like the voice command feature

  217. there’s a whole lot to like in this review but I guess I was surprised to learn that it had a screen resolution of 480X800 – pretty great for a cheap phone!

  218. It seems to be on-par with pricer models with similar features, look and a much more afforadable and attractive price tag – and nobody would ever know your phone was a fraction of other brands!

  219. sounds like something less complicated that I can actually figure out 🙂

  220. I love that you can use by voice commands!

  221. I like the size of the screen.

  222. I want to win this. I don’t even have any kind of cell phone. this one would be my first.

  223. I love that it boots in 5 seconds and is not an iphone

  224. The price.

  225. the price!

  226. I like the screen size and the cheaper price

  227. The camera looks pretty good.

  228. I like that it’s under $100!

  229. I love the 5.0 megapixel camera!

  230. I definitely have to say the price is the best thing about it.

  231. the camera

  232. no dropped called would be awesome!!

  233. the 5 megapixal camera and the low cost

  234. The 4 inch screen! That’s 3.5 inches bigger than the phone I have now! (yes I have not upgraded to a smartphone yet & seem to be stuck in the early 90’s, haha)

  235. I love that this phone can do some much but yet costs so little…Love it..:)

  236. The MP3 player and the price!

  237. I want to win…….

  238. I wan it…..

  239. I love that I can dictate my text messages! Safe and so functional!

  240. Based on the review, what I like the most about the Huawei Ascend Y300 Smartphone is it’s screen resolution of 480X800 pixels.

  241. the price rings a bell:)

  242. I love the screen size.

  243. The value proposition.

  244. I most like that it has a has a 5.0 megapixel camera

  245. i like the camera 🙂

  246. I love everything but especially the price.

  247. The camera!

  248. Love the price and the camera, oh and the voice command!

  249. WOW affordable and amazing would love to try it

  250. Love that it has most of the important features in a smartphone nowadays with an affordable price

  251. Screen size, fast downloading, camera…looks awesome

  252. I like the price the best !

  253. Voice command is awesome!

  254. The Y300 has a 5.0 megapixel camera. Also its under $100!!!! wow

  255. It’s a much less expensive phone that runs on the major networks

  256. I like the price

  257. screen resolution of 480X800 pixels that make text sharp and easy to read…

  258. The camera!!

  259. The screen!

  260. The price is great!


  262. It’s a great price for a smartphone!

  263. sounds super cool, stylish too

  264. Huawei’s product is just not as known to the general public but with huge potential.

  265. I like the price and the size of the screen and that it’s not my money thats going to iphone !!!

  266. That they work with Virgin mobile.

  267. the camera

  268. It’s a great value and it looks sexy!

  269. That it works! My current smartphone just died 🙁

  270. I love the price!!!

  271. great features, thay would meet my needs. i have never owned a cell phone and certainly love to win one

  272. Everything.. way better than my brick nokia

  273. Value for the money spent

  274. cool device!

  275. Good work promoting green!

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