Operation+Monopoly Despicable Me 2
We recently received the Despicable Me 2 version of Monopoly and Operation Despicable Me 2 Silly Skill Game to review from Hasbro.

I grew up playing Monopoly and Operation with my family so I was excited to receive the games since my husband and I had both not played them in a long time. Once our son is older and can play more board games with us we will be having an official “family game night”. Owning some “classic” games for that is always great.

Monopoly Despicable Me 2

Monopoly Despicable Me 2 Game

The Despicable Me version of Monopoly is a lot of fun. Just like the original game, this one is all about buying and selling properties. In this version Gru is back with another evil plan and it’s up to you to collect Banana Bucks and own all of your favorite properties before he succeeds. You just spin the Minion Spinner to move your minion around the board and wheel and deal to win the most mischievious Monopoly game ever!

The game box includes: 4 minion tokens, spinner pod with Nom Nom Tom minion, game track, game tray (plus 2 clips), 16 Cupcake tokens, 8 Ice-Cream Sundae tokens, 16 Property cards, 16 Chance cards, Banana Bucks and game guide.

I like that the instructions of the game are clear for first time players and the little minions appeal to children and adults alike. Definitively a game to check out if you don’t own a Monopoly game already or if you are a fan of the Despicable Me movies.

Operation Despicable Me 2
Operation Despicable Me 2 Silly Skill Game

Operation is such a fun skill based game! In this version Stuart is having a bad day and he needs an operation to remove the unicorn fluff or fix his nutty noggin and his toxic tongue. Just like the classic game you have to collect all of the parts with the tweezers without touching the metal sides and setting off the buzzer.

The Operation game box includes the gameboard featuring Stuart the Patient and tweezers, 4 Minion Medics, 11 plastic Funatomy parts, 1 storage bag and game guide. Batteries are required and not included with the game.

My two-and-a-half  year old had a lot of fun playing this game with me. Some of the parts are easy to collect but it takes a very steady hand to get the more difficult ones. I sure had fun playing the game as well and it brought back many childhood memories.

Be sure to visit Hasbro online to find out more about the new Monopoly and Operation Despicable Me 2 Games and you can purchase your own at your local Superstore, Walmart or Toys’R’Us.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

Update: I have received multiple e-mails from people asking to see the instructions of the Monopoly Despicable Me 2 game. Please find a photo of the English instructions below. 

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