The Breville All-In-One Processing Station

Breville All in One

I recently received the All-In-One Processing Station by Breville to review. Known as the Swiss army knife of the kitchen this portable device comes with all the accessories you need to help you cut down the time you spend in the kitchen.

The All-In-One is the only tool you will need to blend, mash, chop and slice during food preparation. It includes a 6 cup processing bowl,  a variable mashing leg, a quad blade with both high and low blades, a stainless steel blending leg, a reversible shredding disc, a whisk and an ice crushing blade. The variable slicing disc are adjustable so you can choose the texture of mash potatoes and how thick or thin food is cut (ranging from 0.5mm to 6.0mm).

Breville all in One

All attachments in the storage tray

This practical appliance makes preparing healthy, home made meals a lot simpler and faster. It is fantastic for slicing vegetables like carrots or zucchini, preparing garnishes and sauces and it can even be used to make baby food.  I love that all of the attachments are dishwasher safe and my counter-top is free from the clutter of having multiple separate tools for each task. You can also store all attachment in the storage tray included to keep things organized.

The motor has been designed to fit the hand in its most ergonomic position and it has one finger, trigger operation. It is light and easy to use and pretty powerful. Both my husband and I have been using it and we really like the way it feels and how easy it is to operate it.

All in One Breville

Ergonomic handle

The All-In-One food processor has 280W of power and has 15 speed settings for precise processing and blending. It has also been designed with a revolutionary bell-shaped blending base to reduces suction for greater control and more efficient blending.

Breville All in One

Breville All in One

I have been preparing all of my weekly meals using the All-In-One and I am impressed. I love how easy it is to throw in things like onions and garlic and how quickly it chops them evenly.  I really like using it to slice carrots because they are so evenly cut plus it saves me a lot of extra prepping time. So far I have used the All in One to slice vegetables for soups and other meals (like my favorite vegetarian stir-fry), to puree potatoes, to make whipped cream and to shred cheese. I am sure I will definitively continue to use it everyday during our meal preparation.

Buy it: You can purchase the Breville All-In-One online HERE ($229.99 CDN)

Win it: One very lucky Canadian reader will receive a Breville All-In-One processing appliance like the one I reviewed. Enter to win it via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck Everyone!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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379 responses to “The Breville All-In-One Processing Station”

  1. The variable slicing disk sounds like a great feature as I do a lot of chopping, slicing and mashing!

  2. I like best how everything has a home and it is contained with no loose jumble of pieces

  3. I like that it’s dish washer safe, has been made to fit in the hand and that it is light weight!

  4. I love the immersion blender the best!

  5. I like that the hand blender has an ergonomic handle and that its light weight as well.


  6. Love that it can be either a immersion blender or a food processor

  7. i like the slicing blades

  8. I like the “all-in-one” feature – convenient to have one kitchen device that blends, mashes, chops and slices!

  9. Looks better than the magic bullet

  10. the slicing and ergonomic feature!

  11. 700 w of power and 15 speeds

  12. Ergonomic feature, I love Breville products, Have the smart oven and paninipress/grill, use them all the time, no problems, the Ausies build good stuff!! i tottaly would love to add this to my Breville collection:)

  13. I love the slicing disk – that would get lots of use in my house.

  14. adjustable slicing disk.

  15. I like the 15 speeds.

  16. What a great product. It is a tough decision between the all in one ability and the fact that each component has somewhere to go.

  17. the variable mashing leg. Whipped mashed potatoes! yummy 🙂

  18. The variable slicing discs look great, the whole thing looks great I love how it all goes together so compact so it dosent take up so much room

  19. The all-in-one feature!

  20. I like that it has 15 speed settings.

  21. This Breville All-in-one sounds like is everything I will ever need to prepare everything that I am thinking of making for my family. It would be great to be the lucky winner 😉

  22. This Breville All-in-one sounds like is everything I will ever need to prepare everything that I am already thinking of making for my family. It would be great to be the lucky winner 😉

  23. I like 15 speeds!!

  24. My favorite feature is that it can slice vegetables.

  25. I appreciate that there are 13 different speed settings depending on your recipe.

  26. Love that it will go in the dishwasher and it doesn’t look like it takes up a ton of counter space

  27. I love the storage tray – so nice to be able to keep everything together neatly!

  28. I like it is all in one

  29. I want one!!!!

  30. I like the 700W of power.

  31. I like that it is all in one!

  32. I love that it is very light weight AND it’s dishwasher safe !!!

  33. I like that the Breville All In One is a compact unit that won’t take up a lot of cupboard space in my small kitchen

  34. My favourite feature would have to be that it is an all in one device. Great idea for a product!

  35. I like that there is a storage tray provided for all of the attachments – the last thing I need is more clutter! 😉

  36. I like the all-in-one feature!! I would use each and every one of them 🙂

  37. i like the immersion part – great for soups

  38. I like the all in one feature .

  39. The one finger trigger operation

  40. I like the slicing blade is adjustable.

  41. I like the fact that it is dishwasher safe and the wisk attachment. It would make my children be able to help in making food easier since their arms get tired so quickly.

  42. I like the slicing blades.

  43. I like the adjustable slicing disc.

  44. I like the immersion blender and that it is all in one and the storage tray. So many things you can do with this for meal preparation.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  45. I like the one finger motion on the immersion blender and that they all stack in their own try

  46. If I never had to slice another veggie by hand I would be in heaven….so that would be it!

  47. Love the slicing disc!

  48. The one finger trigger operation

    • Love to try it!

  49. I often make stews and soups and this is PERFECT for slicing, dicing, chopping and mixing.. what a great machine, Thanks for the chance!

  50. I love the way all the attachments store on the base.

  51. i luv how its all in one!!!!!

  52. The All-In-One

  53. That I would be able to slice veggies especially those like onions.

  54. That it’s dishwasher safe!

  55. i like that it has everything in one

  56. love the organized storage tray!

  57. love that you can directly blend into a pot:-)

  58. I really like the variable slicing blade, the idea that food that I put together can look as appetizing as it tastes is a bonus.

  59. It’s not really a “feature” but having everything together in one unit would be a space saving miracle for a small kitchen such as mine!

  60. I like the fact that the slicing blade is adjustable. I also like that it has lots of power.

  61. That would be awesome!

  62. I love that I can blend and whip my food right on the stove, especially when making my homemade tomato soup. It’s great that it has 15 speed settings, what can it NOT this appliance.

  63. My favorite feature is the dishwasher safe attachments. No deciding not to pull it out because I can’t stand the thought of handwashing!

  64. I love that it has 15 speed settings

  65. one finger trigger operation!

  66. I love that the food processor has 15 speed settings.

  67. I love how it has so much features, the chopping, and the food processor, and how it can easily be stored

  68. I like how Breville has put so much functionality in a compact package.

  69. The slicer!

  70. looks great!

  71. i like the slicer, different thickness…just great !

  72. I like that it has a 15 speed settings.

  73. Can be used as hand blender

  74. The all in one feature

  75. I like that there are 15 speed settings.

  76. What a fantastic product…imagine…all in one. Such a space-saver.

  77. i love the variable slicing discs, You can always change it up!

  78. I love how everything has its place and its dishwasher safe.

  79. I like all the different attachments, but my favorite feature is that they are all dishwasher safe.

  80. I like the all in one feature 🙂

  81. I like that it has a hand blender for making soups, etc.

  82. The immersion blender!

  83. I like that it has 15 speeds.

  84. I like how nicely it chops vegetables – perfect for salads

  85. I like the slicing option to evenly cut carrots, onions, etc.
    I think that would be fabulous for scalloped potatoes.

  86. I love love love hand blender . amazing tool !

  87. 15 speed settings, sweet!

  88. It would definitely be the slicer

  89. I like its 6-cup processing bowl. You’ll never run out of run with this one!

  90. the 15 speeds

  91. I love that the attachments can be stored in the storage tray.

  92. 15 speed settings should be enough!

  93. The slicing disk!

  94. like the fact it does it all and the one trigger operation

  95. I love all its features – a true “All-in-one”. One machine to replace the many machines currently cluttering my kitchen counter.

  96. Love the ower of this

  97. I like all the different attachments it comes with and that it has a 6 cup capacity.

  98. I love the idea of the adjustable chopping blades

  99. I like that I can adjust the size of slices

  100. I like the adjustable slicing disk.

  101. Would love this, it would clear so much off my counter and in my cupboards

  102. I love that it’s so many different appliances all in one!

  103. I love how all the part are kept together for easy finding

  104. I love all the accessories. what a great idea. sure saves time and counter-space. thanks

  105. The awesome 15 speeds!

  106. I like that the variable slicing discs are adjustable so you can choose how thick the food is cut.

  107. The slicing feature for sure!

  108. I love the slicing disc best. Also love that it’s dishwasher safe. Can’t go wrong with that.

  109. I love the variable slicing disks. They would be great for slicing my veggies!

  110. I love that it is dishwasher safe!!!

  111. I love the slicing feature.

  112. I love that it is very powerful (700w) with a great variety of speed setting

  113. It has 15 speed.

  114. love the idea of no longer slicing by hand

  115. storage tray – ingenious!

  116. I like the fact that everything is contained in one smart structure

  117. I like that is useful for slicing vegetables.

  118. variable slicing disk

  119. I like that it can slice up veggies…I hate cutting them up by hand.

  120. The slicing feature for veggies

  121. I love how compact everything all fits together in such a compact manner!!

  122. I like the all-in-one feature

  123. I love the slicing blades, home fries!!

  124. The idea of having this for a small space would be a great feature. It does so many things! I never even could have imagined that something like this exists!

  125. I love that it is dishwasher safe.

  126. The convenience of having an all in one tool so I don’t have to keep opening the kitchen drawer over and over when I cook. Or, if that’s not a feature, then I’d say I like the slicing feature best, slicing food is getting pretty slow and boring, so this could save me a lot of time and energy!

  127. That it is dishwasher safe and every piece has a place/home for it!

  128. I like that it’s powerful enough to crush ice.

  129. I love how it comes with so many attachments. I really like it comes with a blender.

  130. This site is great!

  131. I like the fact that the slicing disc has 18 thickness settings so it would be pretty easy to get exactly the size you want every time.

  132. My your favorite feature of the Breville All-In-One is the included storage tray

  133. I love that it can slice and dice and puree for my soups and stews

  134. I like how it can be used to do so many different things! Space saver!

  135. My favourite feature is the nifty storage tray which keeps the blender and attachments together in one neat footprint.

  136. the variable slicing disc is my fave – very practical and great for handling so many different types of food. also love that the attachments are dishwasher safe.

  137. I like that it has 700 watts of power.

  138. Love that it has a storage tray to keep everything for it all together

  139. The All in One… love that it is adjustable!

  140. I love the one trigger operation

  141. I think that my favorite thing about it is that you can slice vegetables with it! I could really use one of those!

  142. So many features!

  143. I like that it has 15 different speed settings.

  144. The immersion blender is my fav

  145. I like one finger operation

  146. I love the Immersion Blender!

  147. My favourite feature is the S Blade. I don’t have a food processor so this would be perfect. I also like that it is all in one.

  148. I like the hand blender I would get a lot of use out of that

  149. I love that it has 18 adjustable thickness so you can slice up produce and cheese as thick or thin as you want

  150. Would nice addition to the kitchen!

  151. My favourite feature is the space it will save me! I love that its so versatile. I love that the storage in the base and its 1 finger operation.

  152. I love the whisk for making meringue

  153. that is amazing, i would die to have one of those

  154. I’m all doing stuff by hand here. This amazing Breville would be a great best friend in the kitchen 😉

  155. I love how it has different attachments that is easily stored with the machine.

  156. I totally love how it slices up veggies. What a time-saver.

  157. The adjustable thickness slicer is so smart! Just like a mandoline (but FASTER lol). I like that it has a storage base too.

  158. I love that it has 15 speeds – powerful enough for any job!

  159. I love the slicing disc. I cook a lot and this would hep cut down my prep times, and give me some extra kid time 🙂

  160. The fact that it can slice.

  161. being able to store all the pieces in one place is fantastic

  162. I love it’s an all in one device and the storage tray is perfect for small space!

  163. Love everything about this machine including being able to blend in the pot for sauces & soup

  164. I like the 15 speed settings

  165. I love how the slicer cuts everything evenly. Thanks for hosting.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  166. The slicing blades for sure

  167. Storage tray!!

  168. I like that it is a all in one and has lots of speed settings

  169. Love the slicer! its awesome!

  170. The slicing is very useful!

  171. I love that’s its all in one!

  172. My fav part is the slicing blades

  173. Ilove the whole package

  174. I’m torn between the immersion blender & the grater function. Both would be so handy. 🙂

  175. I like the multi functionality!!

  176. I like all in one feature.

  177. I like that it doesn’t just chop veggies one way. I like that you can slice, dice, chop or puree

  178. Has to be the neat and tidy storage feature!

  179. The immersion blender is the best feature!

  180. My counter space is minimum so have an appliance that is multi-purpose is very important to me.

  181. immersion blender is cool

  182. I love the 15 speeds and all the attachments

  183. slicing disc

  184. Love how it’s All-In-One 🙂

  185. I love that it is compact, organized and easy access to everything that I need.

  186. I like the stand blender. I could make lots of yummy soups right in the pot!

    • I mean the blending attachment.

  187. I like that it is safe to put in my dishwasher. Things like this are great, but when you have to always hand-wash them, it’s a pain. So yay for dishwasher safe!

  188. omg I would not be able to wait to use the shredder. it takes for ever to shred cheese or a cabbage or carrots. wow talk about time saver

  189. The blender!

  190. I love the versatility of it! It does so many things and it’s so small. Much easier to store than a massive single use food processor.

  191. wow, this is so cool!
    i like the immersion blender

  192. How convenient. Less storage on counter.

  193. I love the idea of the slicing capabilities. My old food processor simply can’t do what the Breville can!

  194. I love that it has Ice Crushing Blades.

  195. I love the slicing disc! It will help me to create healthier meals faster and save me loads of time in the kitchen

  196. Love to work in the kitchen…can see how this would help!

  197. I like the all in one feature.
    Thanks for the chance.

  198. I love how compact it is

  199. the whisk I hate hand mixing lol

  200. I love that everything is in one place

  201. I imagine this would spoil me.

  202. The food processor!

  203. the 15 speeds

  204. the 15 speed settings love this

  205. The one finger trigger operation makes it easy to use.

  206. I love how powerful it is 700W and 15 speeds means I could slice, dice and mix everything to make cooking easier.

  207. I like the adjustable slicing disc and storage tray

  208. I like that its all in one it makes things so much easier

  209. i like that you can adjust the thickness of the slicer

  210. I love that its dishwasher safe

  211. I like the slicing blades.. thanks

  212. The adjustable slicer

  213. Looks like a safe means of slicing.

  214. Love just need one machine in my limited space kitchen.

  215. slicing

  216. I like that it is all in one. So the counter is not cluttered with many appliances, and I would be more likely to usr it.

  217. It’s summer and that ice crushing blade will come in useful for making smoothies. Nice feature.

  218. I love that it is dishwasher safe!

  219. Precise processing & blending in ALL in one.. What else you can ask for?

  220. Awesome that it is an all in one.

  221. I love the 15 speed settings….so much better than the 3 mine has!

  222. I like the compact size and lots of functions

  223. the all in one feature is great

  224. the slicing disc

  225. The large processing bowl would be great!

  226. The slicing feature is nice but the best is the organized base for it.

  227. I love the 15 speeds! awesome feature!

  228. Love that it can go in the dishwasher!!!

  229. My favorite feature is the 15 speed settings!

  230. What is there not to love. I think I would love most the slicer and the masher!!!

  231. Its amazing! It would make meal prep for my family of 5 a breeze!!

  232. I like the different speeds it offers.

  233. My favorite feature is actually the stand! I love that it is so organized

  234. The slicing disk

  235. My favourite feature is the 6 cup processing bowl

  236. I like that it has 15 speeds, what versatility!

  237. The ice crusher!! That has sorbet written all over it!

  238. that you can throw in your veggies and they evenly chop!

  239. The ice crushing blade is my favourite feature – perfect for making special drinks this summer! I also love that parts are dishwasher safe.

    Thanks for this fantastic giveaway!

  240. The masher leg! And the dishwasher safe bit – this will be really handy when I actually get my dishwasher!

  241. I like the puree feature!

  242. I love that it is dishwasher safe

  243. it’s all-in-one!

  244. Im loving the all in one feature! I will give my other appliciances away once i get one of these!

  245. I love the fact that it comes with the storage tray, that’s so useful!

  246. i like the slicing blade and I like that it is dishwasher safe

  247. I like that it can whisk…something I don’t enjoy doing that much.

  248. I like the 15 speeds.

  249. I like the immersion blender and the storage tray where everything has a place

  250. I like it’s versatility! Thanks!!

  251. It makes slicing vegetables so simple!

  252. love the finger triggerand the great storage features

  253. this is very useful

  254. I like that this all-in-one processor can blend, mash, chop and slice.

  255. Lots of power, does everything and will fit nicely in my cupboard.

  256. Wow! This looks awesome! I could see reducing the number of appliances in my drawer by adding this one! Fingers crossed!!

    • Oops! I guess I didn’t answer quite the right way, but basically I love the all in one design if this item!!

  257. I like that it is all in one.

  258. I like that it does the job of all in one:). Thank you:)

  259. Love the top-mounted speed control.

  260. I love the hand held mixer. So easy to clean.

  261. The mashing leg would be very useful for soups

  262. My fav feature of the Breville is that it is multi-functioning that you can control – that’s so cool!


  263. I like that it has 15 speeds.

  264. I love that it does chopping, something that always takes up too much time!

  265. very very nice, I would love to have this in my kitchen

  266. Quite simplistically – Perk – Easy To Use !

  267. I like the base that holds all the pieces together — it is compact enough to keep on the counter so its handy.

  268. I love the hand mixer

  269. the hand blender

  270. The storage tray was a great idea….finally someone gets it!

  271. i like how all the attachments clip onto the base so you don’t lose them!

  272. I like that it does SO many things!! What a great addition it would be to my kitchen!

  273. I love how it packs up all compact with all the attachement attached and stored in a single place. I love that it “multi tasks” !

  274. Love that its dishwasher safe

  275. 15 speeds? That’s a pretty good reason!

  276. I love the hand mixer.

  277. I would love the veggie slicer!

  278. Right now I think my favorite feature is the immersion blender. Used to have one, miss it!

    Love the ability to slice the veggies too.

    Such a nice ALL AROUND appliance for the kitchen.

  279. I love the slicers, makes making scallop potatoes easy

  280. I like everything about it 😀

  281. carrot slicer!

  282. I like the tray, all in one place.

  283. I like the storage and how everything stays together in on place…my appliance cupboards are so disorganized because of this.

  284. It seems like a great solution to every busy mom’s problem. Breville comes up with good quality small appliances. I sure wish I can win one 🙂

  285. I like how versatile its functions are!

  286. i love the fact that everything will be together.. i hate having a huge mess of tools!

  287. I like that there are 15 speed settings.

  288. I love that you can change the size of the slicing disc!!!

  289. I like the variable slicing disc. That sounds really useful.

  290. wow .. i like how it is an all in one, i have a small counter, this would help me cut down on the number of appliances sitting on it !! fabulous !!

  291. the all in one aspect sounds great for our growing family and limited space

  292. Would love to use this to chop onion! Hate chopping them and then my eyes become disabled for a couple of minutes. 🙁

  293. 15 speeds say what!

  294. The big draw for me is to be able to chop onions without shedding a tear!

  295. would love one of these – could make fabulous healthy smoothies etc.

  296. All in one

  297. What’s NOT to like? Umm…I guess my favourite is the compactness. It would take up so much less room than a processor AND a blender AND a handheld whisk.

  298. Love that everything goes in the dishwasher

  299. Vegetable Slicer

  300. I like that it performs many different functions which allows you to save space and time when storing it and using it.

  301. The fact that I can slice my veggies with this product sounds pretty heavenly to me! I make a lot of soups in the winter…so that would cut down on chop time definately!

  302. It has 15 speed settings.

  303. Love how you can adjust the mashed potato texture! 🙂

  304. I love that that this machine has all the attachments you need for baking, cooking and prep I would love to own one.

  305. I love that it has an immersion blender and the 700 watt of power.

  306. I love how it can quickly chop up things like an garlic and onions. It would save me so much time when cooking for the little one!

  307. I love the immersion blender and also how all the attachments are easily stored in the base

  308. Wow, what a great machine. This will definately help save space on my kitchen counter during meal preparations!

  309. I love the 700W power!

  310. I love that it can slice veggies. Especially onions!

  311. I love that it is all-in-one so it’ll save on space!

  312. I love the immersion blender plus the fact that it clears up counterspace by having less appliances and using this for more tasks.

  313. I love its adjustable slicing disc — it would be such a time saver.

  314. I like that you can use it as a hand mixer too.

  315. I like the slicing disc feature of this appliance.

  316. Wow! All-in-one in such a compact system!

  317. The hand blender has an ergonomic handle

  318. I like the storage tray and the fact that it has so many uses!

  319. I like the ice crushing blade

  320. This can be a great addition to my kitchen

  321. 15 speeds

  322. No more slicing veggies? Okay!

  323. I like the all-in-one feature

  324. 700w of power and also a blender! What a fantastic prize.

  325. I love all my Breville appliances but the versatility of this and space it saves is super awesome for someone like me who has nerve damaged hands and needs great kitchen tools handy.

  326. I like the 700 watts of power and 15 speed settings

  327. I love that it has dual purposes.

  328. The slicing disc sounds amazing. I suck at finely slicing anything so having a Brevill All in One would be perfect for me.

  329. It’s pricey, but seems like the quality is well worth the price

  330. Having a processor and immersion blender in one kitchen gadget is fantastic! My kitchen is getting overrun with stuff! Love this idea!

  331. self contained! multi functional! perfect

  332. I like the overall size it.

  333. I love that you can do so many things with this one appliance. The adjustable slicing disc is my fav feature.

  334. It’s the versatility that is the best feature of this; one item that you can use in so many different ways. And everything fits together.

  335. I like the one finger trigger option.

  336. I love how you can adjust the speed to customize to what you are doing!

  337. I love the time saving feature of prep work with this Breville all-in-one food processor.

  338. we ooh soo need one of these!

  339. I love that all the attachments fit onto the machine to store in a compact manner.

  340. i like the 15 speed setting

  341. The variable slicing disks sound great, especially to make salads and pies.

  342. I like the slicing and shredding disc.

  343. I love the range in slicing sizes – would be perfect for making large batches of soups and stews!

  344. the adjustable slicing disc is pretty amazing! i’ve never heard of such a thing- how handy that would be!! thanks for the great giveaway!

  345. My favorite feature is the adjustable Slicing Disc that offers 18 diiferent thickness settings.

  346. I like that all of the attachments are dishwasher safe.

  347. Slicing disc is great

  348. I like that it is dishwasher safe

  349. i love everything about this product

  350. I love the storage tray! I am always losing pieces of my kitchen appliances!!

  351. I make alot of stir fry’s and baby food. This would come in handy!

  352. immersion blender!

  353. I love the fat that is all in one, compact …

  354. I like storage tray

  355. I love that it has 15 speeds!

  356. I like the ‘station’ itself (i.e. “a place for everything and everything in its place”.) Much more likely to use each of the attachments when they’re this handy!

  357. the slicing looks great!

  358. I love that it’s an ALL IN ONE! I don’t own a food processor or a hand blender!

  359. ohhh a mashing leg. I hate mashing, so that’s cool

  360. I like the fact that one appliance can take the place of many others and free up space in our small kitchen.

  361. The 15 speed feature is my favourite.

  362. I really like the idea of the slicing disk. Would save a lot of time

  363. i like that its dishwasher safe! easy cleanup:)

  364. I like the idea of the variable slicing depth option.My old food processor only has a thickness which does not work for many recipes. Thank you

  365. The storage

  366. Love how its dishwasher safe, easy cleanup!

  367. my wife would love this

  368. I love the slicing disk!

  369. I love how quick it can slice onions- that’s amazing!! I hate chopping onions up because they make me cry everytime…so this will come in handy!!

  370. I love the all-in-one feature.

  371. I was finding reviews on the all in one processor and came to this site. I see that you have mentioned the processor has 700W of power, I can only find 280W in the specification. Is there anything that I am missing? Please let me know, I m seriously considering to buy this.

    • Hi there, thanks for pointing that out. The 700W is for Australia but in Canada it should be 280W. I have changed it to the Canadian. Thanks!

  372. inspired me to make my own baby food@

  373. I’m on the hunt for a juicer and I like the fact that I can just pop it into the dishwasher and not worry about the mess!

  374. I would love to have this whole set because I only have the old style handheld beater so this would make cooking recipes much easier

  375. I tried to win one of these several times but finally I had to buy it but I really love it. The only thing I don’t like is the potato masher because it takes to long so I use my hand blender which is quick and easy but I love everything else about this blender and attachments.

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