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PLAYMOBIL is well known for its imaginative play toys. We have many PLAYMOBIL sets at home and we were excited to learn about the brand new line of City Cleaning themed toys. With Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in mind these fun sets aim to help little ones learn about recycling and get excited about keeping our world clean.

The City Cleaning line includes a recycling truck, landscaper with a lawn mower, a street cleaner and a sanitation team.

We received three sets from the new line to try out and the boys were super excited to build them and start playing. I love how our 5-year-old was able to build them all with only a bit of help from us. We found a few pieces required a bit of extra force to fit in, like attaching the rims to the rubber wheels but the rest was easy for him to do on his own.

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CITY ACTION RECYCLING TRUCK photo play3_zpsimjl5ksk.jpg

“Today is recycling collection day! Take a seat in the driver’s cab and prepare to make your rounds. Attach the recycling bins to the back of the truck, and use the back-side lever to tilt the door of the back container and empty the bins into the container. When it’s time to empty the truck’s contents, tilt the back container”

This set includes two figures, truck, large and small recycling bins, fire extinguisher and walkie-talkie. Our toddler LOVES the truck and he even puts small pieces of shredded paper from our recycling bin into the truck. A big, big hit around here.

AVAILABILITY: Available at most retail stores and independent toy retailers MSRP: $46.99


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“Whether it’s pruning the hedges or cutting the grass, the PLAYMOBIL Landscaper with Lawn Mower can get the job done! His car with trailer hitch connects to the trailer, which he uses to transport his landscaping equipment.”

This set includes one figure, car with trailer, lawn mower, rake, shovel, broom, and lots of other accessories. Our 5-year-old son built this one on his own and he spent the next hour playing with it. He loved all of the accessories including the little broom, shovel and rake.  Such a great size for role-playing, I just wish all of the accessories came with a place to store them or attach them when he is not playing with them, I am afraid they will go missing inside of his toy box.

AVAILABILITY: Available at most retail stores and independent toy retailers MSRP: $32.99

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“Keep the city streets in tip-top shape with the PLAYMOBIL Street Cleaner. The vehicle’s rotating brushes scrub down the pavements and ensure the city stays clean. The cab can seat one figure, while the tilting rear container can be emptied through the back door.”

This set includes one figure and street cleaner. Our toddler loves the street cleaner as well. He goes around the living room making noises and cleaning our floor with the brushes. A fun toy for sure and it encourages movement.

AVAILABILITY: Available at most retail stores and independent toy retailers MSRP: $25.99

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Both of our boys had lots of fun building the three sets and playing with all the vehicles. I appreciate that the toys are well made and that they are durable. Our toddler can also play with the vehicles and they stay together in one piece, at his age he is rough with his toys and he really tests their durability. Note that our youngest one is not allowed to play with the small pieces, he can only play with the large vehicles and the large figures without their small hats, etc, all the small parts are for our 5-year-old to play with.  All three sets are recommended for ages 4 and up.

The new PLAYMOBIL City Cleaning line is available online and at most retail stores and independent toy retailers. These sets would make wonderful presents for little ones interested in role-playing and building toys, we highly recommend them.

Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.