5 Cute Easter Themed Gift Ideas + {Disney Easter Basket Giveaway}

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Easter baskets are usually filled with chocolate and all sorts of deliciously sweet candy. We obviously love chocolate but this year we are also adding some other goodies to our baskets for friends and family. We have selected some cute items for the little ones’s Easter Baskets and some lovely spring themed decorations and gifts for the adults. See all of the details for our picks below:

  1. Disney’s Easter Itty Bittys Plush and Basket ($6.95 for the basket and $6.95 for each Itty Bitty): Winnie the Pooh and his friends are ready to celebrate spring dressed as adorable Easter eggs. The cute felt basket is just right for filling with itty bittys® stuffed animals or other fun treats.
  2. Spring Decor Ornament Tree – ($19.95): A beautiful spring decoration for the home. The perfect place to hang all of your Easter decorative ornaments.
  3. Bounce the Bunny Saves Easter Book ($9.95):Bounce is not a very dependable worker: his egg-dying jobs turn out messy, the ribbons and bows he ties look like spaghetti, and he eats as many of the chocolate eggs as he packs into baskets for delivery! But when the Easter Bunny sprains his tail, it’s up to Bounce to save the day and get all the eggs delivered on time
  4. Ducks Salt And Pepper Ceramic Shaker Set ($9.95): In keeping with the season, these adorable ducklings double as salt and pepper shakers, making a colorful addition to your Easter table.
  5. Embossed 15 oz. Ceramic Mug ($12.95): Coral accents pair with a springtime scene on this seasonal mug, featuring a cheerful butterfly set among a bed of flowers.

Happy Easter!

Itty Bittys

Our toddler has been sleeping with his Itty Bittys since we got them. He LOVES them!


 photo Win_zpsuofv5oqc.png

Easter Prize Pack

Win it: We are also giving away an adorable Disney Easter Basket filled with Itty Bittys + a selection of Hallmark Easter greeting cards, just in time for Easter!! ($40 approx value) Enter to WIN them below via Rafflecopter. Good luck friends!

Disclosure: As a Hallmark ambassador I was gifted product, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. We usually have Easter Egg Hunt

  2. We like to have an Easter Egg Hunt for the grandchildren then a trip to the Zoo in the afternoon then a family Easter dinner

  3. We have an egg hunt and check out what other goodies the bunny left for the kids, then we usually spend some time outside playing with their new spring toys then have a big turkey or ham dinner.

  4. A small easter egg hunt and exchange of chocolate bunnies.

    • I forgot to mention it is also tradition to have a big turkey supper.

  5. We have an easter egg hunt then a HUGE turkey dinner!

  6. Easter bunny normally leaves the boys a small basket with a few things, and then we have a big turkey dinner.

  7. Naturally there’s an Easter Egg Hunt for the grandchildren, usually inside since normally we have a ton of snow – might be able to hide some outside this year 🙂
    The family gets together for a big Easter meal usually ham with all the trimmings, yummy.

  8. The kids get chocolate bunnies and my nephew gets a toy because hes allergic to milk products. And the whole family goes to the parents house to have easter dinner.

  9. Easter Egg Hunt along with a family supper.

  10. Easter egg hunt and family dinner 🙂

  11. We have a big dinner and easter egg hunt at my parents….good times!

  12. We have an Easter Egg hunt, then a family dinner

  13. Easter eggs for everyone and Easter dinner with the family.

  14. I celebrate Easter with easter egg hunts!

  15. An outdoor Easter Egg hunt and a family dinner.

  16. We celebrate as a family having an egg hunt and a big ham dinner!

  17. I really enjoy easter. We spend the day on Texada Island with extended family and we have a big Easter Egg hunt and a bonfire.

  18. We always have an egg hunt and then a big family dinner.

  19. We always have a big Easter Egg hunt for our kids and many others. After all that is what makes Easter special and fun!! The kids.

  20. Easter egg hunt in the morning, brunch then dinner at my parents.

  21. We do an egg hunt in the morning and a few gifts left by the Easter bunny!

  22. We usually do an Easter Egg hunt in the morning, followed by brunch and then a turkey dinner.

  23. Easter treat hunt , baking, and a dinner.

  24. I plan an indoor/outdoor egg hunt for my daughter.

  25. When we celebrate Easter we hide clues that move from one treat to the next with the clues. We don’t like to give too much sugar so we make a lot of surprises. Then we have a lovely Easter dinner with family.

  26. My wonderful mother cooks a beautiful meal for my big and happy family 🙂 These celebrations have been even more enjoyable since the birth of my niece. She has lit up our lives for 3.5 years now 🙂

  27. We do a family brunch with a chocolate Easter bunny melting in a fondue pot to make a dip for our fruit.

  28. We love painting eggs.

  29. We have a family dinner.

  30. We get togerther for a big family dinner and have an egg hut for the little ones

  31. A Family meal at my mothers

  32. We hide chocolate around the house with a small easter basket

  33. We love to make a treasure hunt for the big Easter gifts , it so much fun watching them run around looking for the clues , also hide eggs all around the house , i carried on the tradition form when i was a Kid , it was so much fun 🙂

  34. we have coloured eggs for one breakfast, then we eat a lot. Church. can’t forget that.

  35. gathering with friends and family. thanks

  36. We do in this order Mass,Easter dinner,Easter Egg Hunt movies!

  37. The family gets together we have breakfast boiled eggs, ham, cottage cheese, horseradish. Paska real traditional for us. Then we go and open our Easter baskets which are full of lovely items. Then we usually go to church.

  38. My town hosts a bonnet contest and Easter egg hunt every year. We’ve gone every year since we moved out here. It’s become our tradition.

  39. We will be doing our first Easter egg hunt!

  40. We have a family dinner. We also watch the movie, the Passion of the Christ.

  41. We are having the family over for dinner

  42. we get together with the family and have an easter egg hunt for the kids and a nice dinner together, it is one of my favourite holiday’s

  43. Easter treat hunt, big family dinner and a relaxing time with the whole family.

  44. We do an Easter egg hunt and have a big family dinner.

  45. We celebrate Easter with a ham dinner with my daughters and their families, at my home, each place setting has Easter treats

  46. We celebrate by having a big dinner with family

  47. A meal with friends & family

  48. An easter egg hunt and brunch

  49. We still colour eggs every year, which we eat every year for Easter lunch, along with ham, garlic sausage, beet-horseradish sauce and Easter bread. Everyone taps the end of their coloured egg with everyone else’s, and the person with the last uncracked egg end is the winner.

  50. Easter Egg hunt then church followed by a big turkey dinner

  51. Dinner with the family and chocolate for the kids!

  52. A big Turkey Dinner.

  53. We have an Easter Egg hunt

  54. We have an egg hunt and a family dinner.

  55. I mail Easter cards to my daughter who lives out of town

  56. We usually have an Easter Egg Hunt followed by attending church services and a yummy meal with family and friends.

  57. Spending time with family and an Easter Egg hunt

  58. we have an easter egg hunt

  59. USUALLY we have a ham. but this year the inlaws have moved to the closest city and we have been invited and we’re eating turkey. (we had turkey with them at Christmas lol) HAM I can use as leftovers for breakfast but turkey I get tired of very quick plus it always seems like we just had it lol

  60. We have a dinner. We do get the kids a chocolate basket but, not heavily celebrated.

  61. I get together with my family and enjoy a turkey and chocolate bunnies,

  62. We have an easter egg hunt

  63. The little ones open their Easter Basket and than have a nice family dinner

  64. We celebrate Easter with Easter baskets, egg decorating, and an amazing ham dinner!

  65. We used to do egg hunts when i was growing up but now we just have an easter dinner and dye eggs:) its more for the kids

  66. The kids always enjoy searching for their Easter Baskets from the bunny in the morning. And we love to have family over for a traditional Easter dinner with an outdoor egg hunt!

  67. W set up an Easter egg hunt for my grandson.

  68. We go to my families house and to spend it with them.

  69. I usually go to my little sisters place for supper.

  70. We have a small Easter egg hunt and a big family dinner.

  71. we have a family meal and the kids get easter baskets

  72. We do an egg hunt and a family dinner.

  73. we celebrate eater by dying eggs, doing an egg hunt and enjoying a juicy ham for dinner.

  74. We attend church services, open gifts with our children and have a special meal together ????

  75. We have easter brunch together 🙂

  76. An Easter egg hunt, and a big family dinner together which I cook.

  77. We have dinner with the family and an egg hunt at my mother’s house

  78. A basket of goodies for the kids and ham at my parents house!

  79. I’m almost 40 but my hubby still hides Easter treats for me every year! & he knows I’m lazy & easily distracted so he doesn’t choose tricky hiding spots!

  80. I celebrate Easter by buying a bunch of Easter chocolates and sharing with family and friends.

  81. I celebrate Easter by having a big dinner with family and an egg hunt!

  82. We do have egg hunt and after is a family diner 🙂

  83. When I was growing up, my aunt would host Easter Egg colouring days were we’d all colour, eat chocolate and basically enjoy each other’s company. Since my aunt died 10 years ago, we have picked up the torch and are still doing it every year with the kids — and I know my Aunt Gwen is right there with us!

  84. We celebrate at home, egg decorating a few days before, egg hunt the morning of, nice dinner, visit family.

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