As a mother who is encouraging her daughters to be strong, smart girls, I love Mc2. These girls have got brains and fashion nailed down. With each one of their products, they encourage girls everywhere to be the same. My girly girls loved making their makeup, choosing the colors of their lipstick, the color of their eyeshadow even if it might not be what I would usually choose for colors.

Project tMc2 nails/makeup review

The Mc2  Crayon Makeup Science Kit makeup isn’t necessarily something that you can let your kids do alone. It is recommended for ages 6+; they will need a lot of help (depending on their age) because you are going to be using an oven and the materials are hot. If your child is comfortable using the oven then great! I will also say that I love that the instructions call for using an oven instead of the microwave, as a microwave isn’t the healthiest option, nor the best for even heating.

Project tMc2 nails/makeup review

The makeup is just crayon and coconut oil. Everyday items for most of us. We did need to use a small paring knife to pop the lipstick out of the mold instead of our fingers, so that we didn’t ruin the “look” of the lipstick.

Crayon Makeup Science Lab Includes:

• Lipstick/lip balm mold

• Two lipstick/lip balm cases

• One crayon disc with six colours

• Coconut oil and flavourings NOT included

MSRP: $29.99

Age: 6+

Available at: Toys“R” overUs and

Project tMc2 nails/makeup review

H2O Nail Science Lab

While I’m not usually one for letting my girls wear makeup outside of the house, they have free range over their nail polish choices. Yes, there was a lot of excitement over the Mc2 Nail Science kit. Getting to design their own look? Fantastic! And Moms can get in on the fun with this kit with some unique nail polish themselves. This one they can do all on their own, again depending on their ages, but my girls loved it! Grab your favorite colors of nail polish and create some fun designs.

This Lab kit. Includes:

• Light up station with built-in nail dryer

• Three stands with nail polish holders

• Three discs with blank acrylic nails to design

MSRP: $34.99

Age: 6+

Available at: Toys“R” Us, The Bay and

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Project Mc2. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.