Back in March, we helped celebrate Pharmacist Appreciation Month and shared a blog post highlighting some of the convenient and helpful services pharmacists can provide to you and your family.  Pharmacy Services

We also introduced the “Love your Pharmacist Contest” and encouraged our readers to share a recent great experience they had with a pharmacist at their local Shoppers Drug Mart or Real Canadian Superstore.

We received so many amazing entries with honest, heartfelt stories from families all over the country,  including pharmacists catching errors and things that were missed when prescriptions were written, pharmacist going above and beyond to help and to take the time to give a hand when people had to navigate a situation that required some extra help. So many inspirational stories!

Pharmacist Appreciation Month {$500 Giveaway Winner}

A very lucky winner was also selected, and you can read her full story below, shared with her permission:

“When my daughter was only one month old she had an ear infection.  I took her to a walk in because her pediatrician couldn’t see her right away and the doctor seemed very unsure of how much of the antibiotic to prescribe.  Nevertheless, I received a prescription and brought it to my Superstore pharmacy.  Feeling unsure about the doctor I decided to go to the Children’s Hospital where she had more testing and received another prescription.  I brought it to my pharmacy and was asked if it was the same dosage as the first.  The pharmacist had seen the prescription and recognized that the first doctor had prescribed the wrong dosage for my baby and made sure that the right dosage was given.  Had it not been for him she could have been seriously affected at one-month-old by antibiotics too strong for her little body.  I am forever grateful. “

Leah B.

Thanks to everyone who shared their story and for helping us celebrate and appreciate our pharmacists. They clearly help and touch many people’s lives along the way.

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Shopper’s Drug Mart. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.