The VTech InnoTab Max {Holiday Gift Idea}

innotab max

By Contributor Jen Shragge

Like most children these days, my son is in love with my iPhone and my iPad. He doesn’t get to use them very often, but we do allow certain learning games and a few fun apps that he can use now and then. We also purchased him a children’s gaming tablet a couple of years ago and he uses it a lot when we travel and sometimes when he just needs some down time.

We received the new VTech InnoTab Max recently and you would have thought that it was Christmas morning by the way he jumped around and very impatiently waited for it to charge up. The InnoTab Max is different from many children’s tablets in that you are able to connect to WiFi and with that comes a number of cool features.

Innotab MAx

A parent can download the VTech Kid Connect App, which allows them to send instant messages to their child’s device. This is less useful for us right now, but I can see the value if an older child is using the system (since they need to be able to read it of course) and gives the child the feeling that they are actually using an adult-style tablet. I downloaded the App, but have yet to get it to work unfortunately. Hopefully the folks over at VTech customer support are able to sort it out for me as I do think I would use this App in the next 6 months or so when my kid can actually read properly.

There is also access to the VTech Learning Lodge, where parents can upload various games, books, music and videos. The prices of the Apps range anywhere from $1.49 for a basic learning App to $24.99 for a Disney branded cartridge game. This saves a great deal of time and energy as you no longer have to go to the local toy store to purchase game cartridges and includes much more affordable options. Currently there are over 650 options available in the Learning Lodge to choose from.

Innotab MAx

Innotab MAx

The system comes with two free downloads which are pretty limited in my opinion, but allow your child to get started. My son selected two games that are okay as they are not branded or very challenging like the full games and cartridges are and I can see that he really wants access to more than what he currently has. He played with the video maker App and took a ton of photos on our recent vacation to Mexico. He loved carrying it around and taking photos near the beach and pool. I think for the first time since he was a toddler he spent the vast majority of the flight playing on the InnoTab rather than watching a movie. Every morning he has woken up and asked to use his “iPad”. Also, as an environmentalist, I very much appreciate that this system is rechargeable rather than requiring batteries.

If this product had been available a few years ago I think we probably would have skipped the tablet we do have and would have opted for this one. I think the WiFi capability as well as the camera and video functions make it a superior product.

Geared for ages 3-9, the VTech InnoTab Max would make a fabulous gift this holiday season. At a MSRP of $109.99 (USD  or $119.99 CDN) the InnoTab Max is an affordable alternative to a traditional tablet and is built to withstand the rugged play and accidents of children.

Disclosure:  I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post.  All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. Looks like a great tablet for children.

  2. Great tablet for the kids. I like it is WI FI has so many apps and cartridge games available for it.

  3. I think these tablets from Vtech are great for kids. You just have to limit the time the children spend on them – my grandson (4 yrs) given the chance I’m sure would spend all day on his.

  4. Vtech makes great stuff! We’ve got this product and 2 others already on the xmas list.

  5. I would love one of these for my new grandson who is on his way this spring. My daughter, who is expecting our grandson, received a VTech toy when she was tiny so I know they are excellent products!

  6. Vtech does have great products. I have given a couple to my grandkids.

  7. My one set of grandkids have this and love it, it keeps them entertained, they love taking videos with it, so watch out if you get one you might be secretly taped

  8. I am thinking about getting my nephew one of these. My brother says his son spends too much time on the ipad and iphone! This is the perfect solution!

  9. This Christmas we were looking into getting a tablet for my daughter since shes always on my iPhone and now has become her play device. Thanks for sharing the review looks like ill have to look at this one this holiday season.

  10. Sounds like a cool and entertaining tablet for kids.

  11. Great gift idea

  12. After seeing my grandkids play with this I would definitely recommend it

  13. This sounds like a great tablet for the kids,thanks

  14. This is on my grandson list

  15. Looks like a great tablet for kids

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