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Quality of indoor air at home is very important to us because my husband and my eldest son both suffer from asthma. We use our Dyson Animal daily to get rid of dust and allergens and it is crazy to see how much dust we collect every day, even when the floors look clean.


Here are some interesting allergy and asthma facts from Dyson, plus a good reminder to  vacuum mattresses and other furniture, such as couches, regularly to pick up skin cells and dust mite feces, that sounds gross eh?


In the home:

  • An estimated 2.7 million Canadians over the age of four have asthma and more than 80 per cent of people with asthma suffer from allergic rhinitis (also known as “hay fever”) or sinusitis. And with Canadians spending over 90 per cent of their time indoors (between home, school, work, etc.), quality of indoor air should be a concern for all.
  • House dust is made of organic compounds such as skin cells, hair and dirt, as well as allergens like pollen, mold spores and dust mite feces. Many of these are just 0.5 microns in size – 200 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. Left unchecked, each can trigger sneezing and wheezing.
  • It only takes a microscopic amount of dust, or 0.000001 g, to trigger an allergic reaction or asthmatic episode; making the need for asthma and allergy sufferers to remove microscopic dust in the home of utmost importance.
  • Only Dyson removes the microscopic dust conventional vacuums leave behind –  so more microscopic dust ends up in the bin and less left behind in your home.

In your furniture:

  • Dust mites thrive in warm humid conditions. An average bed can have 3,000,000 dust mites living in it. Mites live for approximately 3-4 months (egg to adult takes about one month). During its lifetime a dust mite can produce approximately 2,000 droppings.
  • What triggers allergic reactions are dust mite feces, which contain highly allergenic proteins that trigger asthma or other allergic conditions.
  • Therefore, it’s important to vacuum mattresses and other furniture, such as couches, regularly to pick up skin cells and dust mite feces. Dyson recommends vacuuming your mattress monthly.

Dyson microbiology lab:

  • Dyson has a fully functional microbiology lab that offers support to the engineering project teams. The lab enables engineers and scientists to develop healthier and more hygienic machines.

Do you vacuum your mattress and furniture regularly?

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