photo xmas 2013

This year is the first year my 3-year-old seems to understand what the holidays are about. He is really excited about Christmas and he loves the decorations at the stores, the lights, trees and all the festive fun that’s everywhere already.

We put up our Christmas tree early this year because my due date is at the beginning of December and I wanted to get it ready before baby’s arrival. My son helped decorating the tree and he loved putting the star on the top once we were done, so fun seeing him so involved! We then explained that there were going to be presents under the tree and that we were also giving presents to our family and friends so they could put them under their own trees as well.

This year I am planning to take my son with me to donate some toys to underprivileged children in the city to get in the spirit of giving. I think it is important to teach him about thinking of others, specially those who need it most.  We are very lucky and privileged and I want him to know that not everyone is and we can help. After all the holidays are all about giving!

KINDER® is also providing a great opportunity to get involved in sharing the holiday joy by creating a special greeting card on their Facebook page. For each greeting card that is created KINDER® will donate $1 to the Children’s Miracle Network.  The “A Joy To Share” program is wonderful teaching opportunity about coming together to help others.

I created a fun holiday greeting card with my son and we had a nice chat about our small donation and how we were making a contribution to a fantastic program to help children and their families at Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. I like that you can download it as well and you can send it to family and friends by e-mail.

Kinder e-card

Be sure to check out the KINDER® Facebook page and share it with friends and family, you can also help KINDER® reach their goal of a $25,000 this holiday season. Plus the first 10,000 people to create a greeting will receive a coupon for a FREE pack of KINDER®Mini Eggs (they have already given all 10,000 coupons!). We tried the Mini Eggs and they are scrumptious, they have a tasty creamy hazelnut centre that’s super delicious. The little packs would make sweet stocking stuffers too.

Kinder mini eggs

Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.