Keeping Up With Our Busy Toddler During the Heat Wave


If you come over to our house during the day you can usually find our one and a half year old running around our backyard and playing with his big brother. He is a busy little one and we can barely keep up with his energy levels.

This year the summer here in BC has been very hot, extremely dry with almost no rain! For the last few weeks there was a heat wave going on and all of B.C.’s South Coast, Vancouver Island and the Lower Fraser Valley were experiencing Level 4 drought conditions. It was so hot that staying indoors was out of the question, playing in the backyard under the shade of the trees was always a better alternative.

Because it has been so hot lately our toddler has been taking his clothes off to run around with just his diaper on. We usually use disposables only at nap time and during the night but since we are going through water restrictions and our water reservoirs are shrinking we are taking a break from using cloth during the day in an effort to save some water as we desperately need it. Every little effort counts!

Thankfully we have been using Huggies® Little Movers Plus diapers, available exclusively at Costco Canada.  These new diapers feature double grip strips that help the diaper stay on your child, even if they are active and running around for hours, like my son!

We have been testing the Huggies® Little Movers Plus diapers for day and night time use and they are a great fit for our very active little guy. He stays dry and happy and the diapers are super soft and comfortable. Huggies® Little Movers Plus are actually Huggies® most absorbent diapers* for day & night protection.  (*except for Huggies® Overnites Diaper).



We are really hoping for some more rain and meanwhile we are keeping busy with activities that don’t require water. No more splash pools or water tables for us. Right now we are focusing on playing with things like our sand table and enjoying the beach, lakes and public pools when we want to go for a swim or play in the water.

What are you doing to help save water? What fun outdoor activities do you suggest that don’t use water?

Disclosure: I am part of the #LittleMoversPlus campaign and receive perks in association with this campaign, however all views and opinions on this post are 100% my own.

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14 responses to “Keeping Up With Our Busy Toddler During the Heat Wave”

  1. These diapers sound really great! I, for one, am ready for this heat to be over. We have a 4month old son and a granddaughter on the way any day now, so it would be nice if it were a bit cooler!

  2. He is so cute,no worries here about heat,today was one of our hot days 18

  3. He’s such a cutie! At that age my son also liked wearing next to nothing and playing in the sand! Hope you get rain soon!

  4. It HAS been hot, hasn’t it? We’ve still been hiding out inside, or heading out later in the day to take advantage of the cooler evenings. The rain on the weekend was nice (did you catch that?). We use cloth diapers but disposables at night because I find they’re less likely to leak and last a bit longer than cloth (I hate nighttime diaper changes). And my two-year-old right now is obsessed with “naked” so she’d have fun with yours… 🙂 Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. A dry happy, cool baby is a good thing.

  6. awesome thanks for sharing , all babies love to be dry and on the move , what a cutie ,, great tips for my new granddaughter 🙂

  7. No worries here on the east coast it has been raining and cold most of the summer 🙁

  8. it’s been super hot here as well!

  9. My toddler won’t keep anything on either…..conserving laundry too i guess.

  10. I don’t have this problem with diapers since mine are all adults now but I do remember when it was hot how my kids ran around in the backyard, the heat didn’t seem to bother them in the slightest, whereas I’d be drooping just watching them 🙂

  11. I wish I could share some of our rain with you

  12. Look at him enjoying the freedom 🙂 It’s been quite hot around here, luckily we don’t have severe water restrictions yet.

  13. OMGoodness he’s way to adorable! I can’t believe how big he is already. Huggies are great.

  14. Heat Wave sounds nice today with all this snow and cold

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