Summer Essentials for Outdoor Play {Giveaway}


I have two busy little boys, they are very active and on the go from the moment they wake up until they go to bed at night. It is rare to see my boys sitting down somewhere for more than a minute.

During the summer we spend most of our time outdoors; whether at the park, the beach or our backyard they are both usually running around everywhere. Running lots means they also trip and fall a lot, every week there are new scrapes, usually when they fall on cement, ouch!

At home I have tried telling them to run on the grass only but they always end up running around the house on the cemented area instead, boys! Knowing what happens when they fall I am now prepared and carry some products from the Nexcare Sensitive Skin Line with me.



The Nexcare™ Sensitive Skin Adhesive Pads are ideal for protecting wounds such as cuts, minor burns and abrasions. They are great for children’s sensitive skin and they are easy to remove, with minimal hair pulling. They are also hypoallergenic and latex free!

The Nexcare™ Sensitive Skin Tape is also a good product for protecting scrapes and minor wounds. This tape tears easily so you don’t need to carry scissors around and it offers paper blend backing for breathability. Safe to use on infants and very sensitive skin as well. I like that it is water resistant so it can be worn while showering or when going to a pool/the beach.

The new line of Nexcare™ Sensitive products is available online HERE, and in stores at your local Shoppers Drug Mart, Sobey’s, Jean Coutu, Overwaitea, London Drugs and Rexall. You can also get them and pack them up in your bag or leave them in the car and be prepared as well.

For more information on Nexcare products visit their website HERE.


Win it: One very lucky Canadian reader will receive a Nexcare Sensitive Skin Product Summer Play kit including the The Nexcare™ Sensitive Skin Adhesive Pads  and The Nexcare™ Sensitive Skin Tape. Enter to WIN below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Nexcare, however all opinions and views are 100% my own.

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83 responses to “Summer Essentials for Outdoor Play {Giveaway}”

  1. My daughters really enjoy going to the beach or the park. I do too as they are great family activities! Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Our kids love swimming!

  3. going to the pool

  4. The kids love swimming and bike riding. I like to go for walks and garden.

  5. My grandchildren spend a lot of time camping, swimming and riding their bikes in the summer.

  6. The kids love to play at the beach, anything and everything – frisbee, running in the waves, wave boarding…


  7. We both love camping and swimming 🙂

  8. One daughter loves swimming, the other bike riding, and all of us love going for our evening walk.

  9. We are big on biking! Lots of swimming too. We done lots of walking in and around town as well….and plenty of park visits!

  10. she loves going to the beach, playing in her water table

  11. beach volleyball is a household favourite

  12. We love to go for walks, to parks and especially to the beach with our grandchildren!

  13. Spray parks!

  14. Soccer a big hit in this family

  15. The beach is a favourite

  16. We love going hiking, biking and geocaching

  17. getting to the waterparks!

  18. we love swimming and playing in the park

  19. We all like swimming and bike riding during the summer

  20. Definitely biking and swimming!

  21. We love geocaching as a family, going to the beach & camping!

  22. My kids love to play at the park and on hot days jump through the sprinkler

  23. My grandchildren love riding their bikes, going to the splash park, swimming and sliding on a water slide 🙂

  24. Sophie loves swimming, bike riding, and soccer. Personally, I like sleeping in part 7am.

  25. My nephew loves playing in the spray parks around the city and anything ball related…soccer, basketball etc!

  26. We love swimming!

  27. Our list is biking, swimming and hking.

  28. We love camping but my kids favorite would have to be going to the spray park.

  29. we love to swim!

  30. We love swimming!

  31. we LOVE swimming! – and camping along with all the activities that go hand-in-hand with that! (hiking, kayaking, swimming, sun tanning, sand castle building….)

  32. They love swimming and playing basketball

  33. Me and my son love to go to the water park in our town. He also likes going down to the lake.

  34. We love beachcombing!

  35. My kids like to go swimming, walk to the park and go bike riding.

  36. My kids love the sprinkler and the trampoline

  37. I love swimming & going on long walks with my hubby!

  38. We love going to the beach!

  39. My kids like to ride their bikes. I like to go walking or hiking.

  40. beach days for us.

  41. We all love to swim and ride our bikes in the nice weather.

  42. My grandkids love spending the day at the beach.

  43. My kids and I love spending hot days at the beach, swimming mostly but also playing in the sand.

  44. My son loves playing in his pool!

    • And mine is swimming in the lake!

  45. My son and I love to go on nature walks together in the summer…he’s also partial to the water park.

  46. We like to have campfires a lot.

  47. swimming

  48. We love visiting water parks.

  49. My son’s favorite summer activities are playing in the water and helping me garden.

  50. They like playing soccer

  51. We both love to swim in lakes and visit splash parks.

  52. We love swimming and fishing !

  53. Swimming and biking

  54. Swimming is a favourite for all of us, except my husband. He prefers hiking in the shaded tree-lined mountains.

  55. My son loves swimming,I love walking.

  56. Biking and swimming. We are outside most of the summer days. We bike to the pool and hang out there! Got to love out door pools!

  57. We love to go fishing.

  58. water fights and picnics

  59. We spend a lot of time at the cottage, taking walks to the nearby beach!

  60. The kids love swimming. I like walking.

  61. We love to go to beaches! My kids love to build sand castle and also swimming

  62. I like going for walks and hikes and playing pickleball. My kids like swimming and biking.

  63. We all love to go swimming.

  64. baby likes the waterpark, i like cycling!

  65. exploring the neighbourhood is great fun for all here. thanks

  66. my daughter loves swimming.. I like to go for walks

  67. Swimming, biking riding and hiking. I love swimming, gardening and moonlit yoga, it isn’t warm enough around here for me to want to do it outdoors in the night, the rest of the year.

  68. We all enjoy swimming at the nearby lake, biking, hiking, and sitting by the campfire. 🙂

  69. We love going to the beach and the kids love spending hours at our local playgrounds.

  70. We love going to theme parks. Especially water parks.

  71. My son loves bicycle outings.

  72. Going to the park & cycling are our favourite warm weather outdoor activities.

  73. We love the beach and swimming! My kids are so happy when we are at the waterpark and I love watching them get wet.

  74. My kids love swimming and biking.. I love walking.

  75. We love going for walks to the local playground

  76. We both love to go for walks and swim!

  77. We love hiking, playing in water, and picking strawberries!

  78. Swimming is our favourite outdoor summer time activity.

  79. Both my child and I enjoy going to the beach.

  80. Swimming for us all!

  81. My son really likes splashing in the pool.

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