Do you remember the TV shows you used to watch when you were a child? Once in a while while browsing Netflix and looking for shows to play for my four-year-old I discover some good old-school classics with some of the characters I grew up watching.

I love reminiscing and watching old classics with my children. It sure is fun to introduce them to some of my favourites, like Scooby-Doo!, a classic I used to watch for sure. My son has not watched this one yet because I am waiting for him to be a bit older but I can’t wait to watch it together with him.

I never watched The Cat in The Hat when I was a child but I read the books, we have a bunch of Dr. Seuss books at home so introducing my little ones to a classic Dr. Seuss character on TV has been fun.  This show promotes children’s literacy in science and we love it.

Cat in the Hat

The Magic School Bus has been around since 1994 and I love how educational and fun this show is. My son loves it and I like that he is learning while he watches. Often he will remember things like body organs, the names of the planets and more after watching some episodes!

Magic Bus

I remember watching the classic “The Smurfs” TV series when I was a child, I even had a Smurfette doll! I was excited to see this movie streaming on Netflix and I had fun watching it with my son.


What is your number one favorite childhood tv show?


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