NEW ecco O2 Sneakers For Her and For Him {Review & Giveaway}


I find shopping for shoes frustrating at times. The shoes that look great are usually super uncomfortable and the comfortable shoes are usually NOT stylish at all. Finding shoes that are both stylish and comfortable at the same time is quite a difficult task.

Enter ecco shoes.

A few weeks ago my husband and I received the new O2 sneakers from ecco’s SS15 collection to try out. These new sneakers actually combine style with comfort beautifully. The O2 sneakers feature GORE-TEX technology to make them waterproof and allow your feet to stay dry and comfortable while wearing them.


These sneakers are made with high quality perforated Yak leather that enhances breathability, they also have PU soles and a smart air channeling system in the sole to keep feet cool and dry. Their hight density foam inlay sole also supports moisture transportation.

I love how sporty yet stylish these are, and as soon as I tried them on I knew they were going to be one of my favourite shoes to wear to go for walks and run around with the kids. I also really like how bouncy and cushiony these are and how it feels like they are protecting my feet, so comfy.


My husband has been wearing his shoes around for days and this is what he has to say about them: “The shoes have a snug fit but feel of high quality, with surprisingly bouncy soles, I found them very comfortable walking around all day and for chasing around after my two young kids”.


The new SS15 collection is now available on both the O2 sneakers for men and women are $200 CND each. Find more info online or order visiting their website HERE.


Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win a $100 gift card from ecco shoes. Enter to WIN below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck all!

Disclosure: I received free product samples to facilitate this post, however all opinions and views are 100% my own.

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189 responses to “NEW ecco O2 Sneakers For Her and For Him {Review & Giveaway}”

  1. I do shop for shoes online

  2. I have before, but i usually like to try them on

  3. Yes I do shop for shoes online

  4. I do shop for shoes on line. I tend to buy the ones that I know how their sizing is so they will fit me. and I probably do it a few times a year

  5. I occasionally shop for shoes online

  6. I have never shopped for shoes online!

  7. I never shop for shoes online

  8. I shop for shoes online when there is a good sale, usually end of season

  9. I’ve purchased my last 2 pair for myself online, as well as my little girls last 5 pair. Getting accurate measurements, and reading reviews has helped tremendously.

  10. I think i have only bought 3 pairs of shoes/boots online. I would rather try them on first.

  11. I have bought shoes one time and they were the same as a Pair I already have.

  12. I have shopped only once for shoes online, and only because I was buying the exact same shoes that I had before (and got broken).

  13. No I have not, as I like to try them on.

  14. generally, no – i like to try shoes on to be sure they fit properly

  15. I dont usually because I like to know how a shoe feels, however there are times when I find a deal that is just to good to pass up.

  16. I have shopped online twice in the last 7 years

  17. no as my feet are weird some size 10 fot some dont and my son seems to have the same issue

  18. I tried once a few years back but the sizing was all wrong. Then I just did about a month ago and they are my new fav shoes for summer.

  19. I show occasional on line if it is a very good sale

  20. Yep, I’ve shopped for shoes online one time before…to mixed results. I ordered shoes for the whole family. Mine didn’t fit, but everyone else’s did.

  21. Yes, I Shop For Shoes Online, Maybe Every 3 Months.

  22. I have shopped for shoes online

  23. Have not as yet but thinking about it

  24. I usually don’t shop for shoes online because I like to try them on. I have looked at shoes online.

  25. I do shop for shoes online, a few times a year!

  26. I have shopped for shoes online, but only for brands that I know how they fit

  27. I have touchy feet, so I’ve never dared to shop for shoes online. But I like Ecco and have several pairs, so I think I’d risk buying those. And I find Clarks are usually true to size.

  28. Usually I only shop online for shoes for my children, but I’d like to start shopping for myself as it’s hard to try on shoes with 3 mini me’s running around!

  29. I have bought shoes many times online.

  30. I have. I usually do every month. Sometimes I try them on in the store and I find a deal online

  31. I rarely shop for shoes online. It’s so hard to get a good fit!

  32. Yes, frequently

  33. I usually do, about once every two months. Online shopping is easier for me because most of the times they have my size and I get to slowly browse through all the options.

  34. yes,I do shop for shoes online sometimes,maybe once a year.

  35. Most definitely! I usually have good luck shopping online and it’s usually less expensive.

  36. Yes, I shop online for shoes a few times a years.

  37. No, I’ve never shopped on line for shoes. I feel that I have to actually try them on to see how they fit, not all the sizing is the same unfortunately.

  38. I have not shopped for shoes on line as I worry about fit. I would do it if I had tried them on in store and knew they would fit – of if I could return them instore easily.

  39. I have never shopped for shoes online before.

  40. I have not bought shoes online yet.

  41. Nope, I like to try out shoes in person before I decide to buy

  42. Yes, all the time. I try them on in store but only buy them in store if they are not cheaper online, otherwise I purchase online.

  43. I have bought online and most times they fit but prefer in store to get the right size.

  44. I shop for shoes online about 3-4 times a year.

  45. I have purchased on line for other family members from time to time but not for myself.

  46. I’ve purchased a few pairs of shoes online this year actually! So a pair every 2 months?

  47. Never bought shoes online!

  48. I have bought a couple pairs of shoes online, but I have a hard time finding comfortable shoes. The coup,e that I have bought have been pretty good though, but I may have lucked out.

  49. I browse online but buy in store as the size varies

  50. I never do shop online for shoes.

  51. I have looked at shoes on line but have never purchased any on line.

  52. No I have shopped for shoes online.

  53. I shop online all the time, but I have not bought shoes online yet. I’ll have to give it a try!

  54. I’ve never shopped for shoes online before — my feet are a bit sensitive and finicky — but it might be worth a shot! Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. I have tried purchasing shoes online before but due to wearing orthotics it is extremely difficult to ensure they will fit within the shoe without trying it first. As a result I just go into the store to buy shoes.

  56. Yes, I shop for shoes online all the time, so easy and usually free shipping.

  57. Yes, I have purchased boots and shoes online. You get better deals online than in the store as more and more companies are encouraging online shopping.

  58. I have bought shoes online only a few times.

  59. I do shop for shoes online. I’ve probably bought 10 pairs in the last two years. Not just for me. 🙂

  60. At least once a month!

  61. I have purchased few pairs over the 2 years online

  62. I have never shopped for shoes online.

  63. I usually shop for shoes online because my town does not have a very good selection. About every 2 months

  64. I look for shoes online but as I can’t workout my size from all the different size charts I don’t actually buy online.

  65. I do shop for shoes online about twice per year.

  66. I actually have never bought shoes online!

  67. No I have never shopped for shoes online. It is a bit tricky because sizes vary so much.

  68. I shop online for shoes all the time… better deals!

  69. Only once, but I’m wary to buy them online because shoes are such a specific fit!

  70. I have looked for shoes online, but haven’t yet made any shoe purchases. When I find the right deal I will buy.

  71. I never shop for shoes online

  72. I have bought shoes twice online, still tend to shop in store for them so I can try them on.

  73. I do some of the shoe shopping online. If I am unable to find something I like at a local store I will purchase online.

  74. I do, but not very often because I’m scared they won’t fit properly

  75. I shop for shoes online a few times a year

  76. I do check out shoes online. I have only order twice so far.

  77. I have every now and then but i dont usually

  78. I sometimes shop for shoes online if they are trainers, but since I have wide feet anything like sandals or high heels I have to try on.

  79. I’ve never shopped online for shoes.

  80. I sometimes buy my shoes online.

  81. I have never bought shoes online but I do get ideas on what shoes I would like to buy.

  82. I never shop for shoes online. I’m picky and like to make sure I like the fit in the store

  83. I shop online sometimes, probably about 2 or 3 times a month. Love using when I do!

  84. Tried online for the first time. Knew the size ahead of time. They offered great coupon discount and arrived quickly. Good experience.

  85. I have shopped and bought shoes online for my son a few times.

  86. I have and wont do it again

  87. don’t shop online for shoes. thanks

  88. Only if I see a REALLY cute pair that I can’t resist….maybe once a year at most 🙂

  89. shop for shoes online sometimes…

  90. yes all the time, I like the convenience and prices that sites offer

  91. I always shop for shoes online!

  92. Yes i shop online, maybe once a month

  93. not really no

  94. i rarely do but i would

  95. Shoes OMG Shoes!! I have recently started ordering online for shoes! It becomes easier once I know my exact shoe size & width so that I don’t have to worry about returns! 🙂 ty

  96. I almost never shop for shoes online because I’m worried about fit!

  97. I rarely shop for shoes online… been burned too many time by wrong sizing.

  98. Yes I have for both the kids and I when I’m confident about that certain brand’s sizing, usually 3 times a year.

  99. I have never shopped online for shoes.

  100. I never shop online.

  101. I have shopped for shoes online and I usually only do it once a year

  102. I never have – too worried about the proper fit. 🙂

  103. I have not bought shoes online…

  104. Yes, I’ve shopped for boots and sandals online.

  105. Actually yes I have! I ordered 2 sizes and returned the one that didn’t fit as well.

  106. I have never shopped for shoes online only because I want to try them on to make sure they fit properly and are comfortable

  107. I never shop online for shoes.

  108. I have bought shoes on line but I am mostly a browser for shoes

  109. I don’t because I need to try them on before I will buy them

  110. I shop online all the time for shoes

  111. I have shop for shoes online…

  112. I do shop for shoes online…

  113. I do shop for shoes online fairly often

  114. No, i have never bought shoes online because I have a wide foot and I am not sure how they would fit – thank you!

  115. I don’t generally shop for shoes online

  116. I have never shopped for shoes online, I like to try them on for the feel.

  117. I don’t usually shop for shoes online, I have wide feet and often need to try them on!

  118. With certain brands I do shop online, as I know which size will fit me best. I usually do this 2-3 times a year.

  119. I actually have never shopped online for shoes…yet

  120. I only shopped online once for shoes

  121. I’ve done it once but I was affraid it wouldn’t fit to be honest.

  122. If by shop you mean buy then no, I have never shopped nor ever purchased shoes online but if you mean look to see what’s out there then yes, I have browsed but I shouldn’t buy shoes online because my feet do not fit the typical mold.

  123. I don’t always buy them online, but I do research a lot of shoes online.

  124. I shop seasonally, because usually what I want sold out or too expensive.

  125. I look at shoes online, but have never bought any online.

  126. I have shopped for shoes online. I have done it 3 time before.

  127. You know, I’ve never shopped for shoes online – but I might try it now!

  128. never shopped for shoes online

  129. I do and I’d say about twice per year.

  130. Haven’t done it yet, but, I am open to it for sure.

  131. I have never ordered shoes online, my feet are difficult to fit.

  132. I haven’t ever shopped for shoes online, because it is so hard to know if they will fit! I really need to try them on. However…I have owned Ecco sandals in the past, so, if I had the chance to get some online, I’d know what would fit! 🙂

  133. Yes I have shopped for shoes online, at least 4 times a year

  134. I do shop for shoes online, but not very often.

  135. I never shop for shoes online because I am difficult to fit.

  136. no

  137. I do.. Well I try to avoid to, the last time I did it I had 3 pairs of shoes I never wear cause it’s not too comfortable. Better to try it in store

  138. we have but not that often

  139. I shop online for shoes maybe once or twice a month

  140. I have never shopped for shoes online

  141. I have shopped for shoes online a few times,mostly for my hubby who is not that picky.

  142. I have never shopped for shoes on line.

  143. I buy shoes probably once a year online.

  144. I can’t say I have but probably should. I think I would have more options online.

  145. i shop multiple time a year

  146. OMG, never have done online shopping. Can’t afford it. Wow, prize $100 gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the gc for new shoes & feel alive & inspired again. A life changing exp.

  147. I have never shopped for shoes on line as have difficulty getting shoes that fit so I must try them on

  148. Of course not-you need to try them on before you buy

  149. I shop for shoes online occasionally- usually I want to try on the shoes before purchasing.

  150. I have bought shoes online and seems to be about once a year.

  151. I rarely shop for shoes online

  152. I like shopping for shoes online, there are much better deals to be had. Just important to try on the brand in store if possible to make sure you know if their sizes run big or small! I bought some BEAUTIFUL shoes that I got dirtcheap but can barely squeeze into them 🙁 and too costly to return. D’oh!

  153. I have never shopped for shoes online. I do purchase other items online.

  154. I do not shop on-line…Need new shoes though!

  155. Too often for my own good 😛

  156. Sometimes I do. Usually if I have a gift certificate. I really like to try shoes on…

  157. So far I have not shopped for shoes online.

  158. once in a while i shop online for shoes; would love this for summer shoes!

  159. I will shop for shoes online if it’s somewhere that I’ve bought shoes from before so I know the sizing 🙂

  160. I shop for shoes online once every few months. I only shop online for shoes that I know I can return in stores with no hassle because mailing them back if they don’t fit is such a hassle that I’d rather buy shoes elsewhere.

  161. I only shop for kids shoes online, or if I’ve already tried them on instore.

  162. I never buy shoes online. I definitely need to try them on in store.

  163. I do shop for shoes online, but prefer to buy in store as I find fit is tough to gauge online.

  164. I’ve never shopped for shoes online. I want to try then on and if I buy online and they don’t fit it’s a nuisance to return them and get another size.

  165. I have before but usually prefer to try them on before I buy.

  166. I don’t shop for shoes online

  167. I’ve only ever shopped for flip flops online. My foot size recently changed so now I’m a bit (more) worried. But I’m up for the challenge.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  168. Not too often cuz I really need to see it on before purchasing

  169. haven’t so far, might try

  170. I have never shopped for shoes online but I have taken tracings of my kids feet to buy them shoes without them there. Does that count?!

  171. I love shopping for shoes online. I actually only shop online right now, rural area no vehicle ATM so its my only way to shop , but I absolutely love online shopping.

  172. I bought my first pair of shoes online a few months ago.

  173. I usually shop in store, because I need to the feel of the shoe.

  174. I do shop for shoes online every so often, I buy whenever there’s a good sale and usually when there is a free shipping offer and an easy return policy helps in case they don’t fit or I decide they don’t suit me.

  175. I only shop for shoes online, so about 4x annually.

  176. I do most of my shopping online even shoes

  177. Yes, sometimes!

  178. Yes i shop for shoes online maybe every month or so

  179. I never have …yet!

  180. i have twice

  181. For my kids, yes, but not for myself. Too scared they won’t fit and don’t want the hassle of returning.

  182. I often buy shoes online!

  183. I like to purchase my shoes online. Its always easier then hopping around malls looking for the right size.

  184. I have never shopped for shoes online before (but there’s a first for everything).

  185. I have never shopped for shoes online.

  186. I do if I have seen them in a store and they are cheaper online.

  187. I do order shoes online so long as the site has a very good return policy. I browse often, but only order shoes once a year.

  188. Shoes are one thing I’ve never bought online. Afraid of wrong sizes

  189. I buy online often , i am a online distributor and purchase my merchandise on my website often.

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