Fall is a beautiful but busy season for lawn care. I love the crisp cold air and the leaves everywhere on the ground, as they make the perfect background for beautiful photos. Unfortunately, I still have to clear them out the yard to prepare for winter.

Below you’ll find some tips to help you get ready for winter, including the tools you’ll need to make sure you easily get the job done. After all, we all want to have green and healthy grass once the cold winter ends.

Tips For Fall Lawn Care In Preparation For Winter

Tips For Fall Lawn Care In Preparation For Winter

Use a Fertilizer: Use a fall lawn fertilizer to give your soil the nutrients it needs to encourage growth in the spring and to survive the cold winter season. Fall is the perfect time for grass to recover from the summer heat and drought.

Let Your Lawn Breathe: Aerate your lawn to make sure that rainfall doesn’t pool on your grass. By making perforations on the surface of your lawn, water and nutrients can better reach the roots of the grass, resulting in a greener, lusher lawn in the spring.

Remove the Leaves: Leaves should not be left on the lawn over the winter as the grass will turn grown when spring arrives. Raking can be hard work, but thanks to a blower like the lightweight STIHL BGA 56 you can get the job done fast. In addition to being lithium-ion battery powered, it is a quiet and easy-to-use blower for clearing many small outdoor areas.

Cut Hazardous Tree Branches: Fall is the perfect time to cut back shrubs and tree branches that may fall victim to a winter storm. Trust me; you don’t want to have to deal with a tree branch smashing your car or your house windows in the winter. The STIHL MSA 120 cordless chain saw is a powerful yet light-weight tool that can make it easy to trim shrubbery or branches.

Clean your gutters: Now is the time to remove any foliage in your gutters and to check for proper drainage. Power wash your gutters now to remove any dirt, mold, grime, or dust and to ensure that things will run smoothly during the winter. The STIHL RB 600 Power Washer is ergonomically designed, convenient, reliable and easy to operate.

Tips For Fall Lawn Care In Preparation For Winter

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