How to Avoid Getting Sick During the Flu Season

It is here again! The dreaded cold and flu season is unfortunately back, and it is time to talk about prevention and ways to avoid getting sick.

To help you and your family survive the cold and flu season this year, we are sharing some tips below.

Hope you stay healthy this season!

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How to Avoid Getting Sick During the Cold and Flu Season

1. Eat a Healthy Diet:  Healthy eating is the key to a strong immune system. Be sure to eat lots of dark leafy greens, and lots of Vitamin C filled fruits and vegetables. Healthy eating really makes a difference.

2. Wash your Hands: Frequent hand washing is super important.  Wash your hands multiple times a day with regular soap and lots of water. Teach your kids to wash their hands frequently throughout the day to limit exposure to germs, potential colds, and the flu.

3. Get Enough Sleep: Did you know that lack of sleep is known for decreasing immune function and leaving you susceptible to catching viruses? Go to bed at a reasonable time to get at least 8 hours of sleep. If your child is not sleeping through the night and you can take naps during the day, then take the extra naps when possible.  Your body needs the down-time to get ready to fight infections.

4. Exercise: Exercising helps boost your immune system. Doing just 30 minutes of physical activity per day can help. It can be as simple as putting your child in a stroller or carrier and going for a walk around the neighborhood.

5. Get the Flu Shot: Don’t forget to get vaccinated. You can get your vaccination at your local Shoppers Drug Mart. It takes you a max of  10-15 minutes, and there is no appointment required. Our family got it done last weekend and we are now ready for the season.

Do you know of any other tips to help strengthen your immune system? What do you do to fight colds and the flu during this time of year?


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210 responses to “How to Avoid Getting Sick During the Flu Season”

  1. @onesmileymonkey and #ShoppersFlu wash hands often and stay away from kisses and hugs if you can,Vitamin C will help tooo

  2. Cough into your arm/elbow, never your hand.

  3. Wash your hands after coming home from shopping in a store. @onesmileymonkey #ShoppersFlu

  4. My tip is to clean and sanitize light switches and door knobs often. Everyone touches them so much so it’s easy to spread germs if they are not clean.

  5. I’ve found that since I’ve been using an antiseptic mouthwash daily, I get fewer colds. I use Listerine. This was a tip from a friend who’s an RN.

  6. Staying well hydrated and nourished is essential!

  7. Eating veggies and washing your hands

  8. I use a nasal rinse daily during the flu/cold season

  9. It is a rule that hands must be washed immediately when entering the house.

  10. I wash my hands often, get the flu shot, drink lots of lemon water, and take my vitamins! And drink tea and eat soup if I am already sick.

  11. I need all the advvice i can take for helping with a cold lol

  12. I found taking a daily vitamin helps keep cold & flu away. Mostly washing hands is key and not spreading the virus by covering mouth & nose.

  13. take a daily vitamin to make sure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy

  14. I loved these tips. We make sure to eat and sleep enough to keep our family healthy.

  15. My tip is to take daily vitamins and use sanitizer after touching public doors, keypads, pens, etc.
    Tweeted my tips here:

  16. My family keeps healthy by getting flu shots, washing hands frequently, and trying to stay away from others that are sick if we can help it!

  17. my tip is to remind everyone to never cough into their hands always on a sleeve or pull top out and sneeze into it on the inside keep others safe from your colds

  18. My tip is to stay hydrated and take extra Vitamin C before getting a cold. All through winter.

  19. My tip is to boost your immune system with vitamins to help ward off the cold and flu.

  20. Wash your hands after coming home from school/ public area!

  21. My tip to stay healthy during the flu/cold season is drink LOTS of water to stay hydrated, flush your system, & avoid nausea & vomiting due to water loss. Honey sticks are great, it coats & soothes the throat. Popsicles provide an icy cold relief to hot temperatures but we watch the sugar. #ShoppersFlu

  22. Clean your computer mouse and keyboard and wash your hands often.

  23. Don’t let people sneeze on you. Also, always keep disinfectant wipes and tissues handy.

  24. Eating healthy, getting outside

  25. My tip to avoiding the cold/flu is eat Vitamin C. Lots of it.

  26. @onesmileymonkey #ShoppersFlu, wash my hands at least 10-12 times a day, dress warm enough, take vit D and eat 2 oranges and a mango each day during the winter months. Get plenty of rest and a good night sleep. I workout 3 times a week and go for a walk every day.

  27. Hand wash Hand wash Hand wash! I am obsessed. I disinfect surfaces, doorknobs, keyboards!

  28. Flu shot!

  29. Add a Multivitamin and Extra Vitamin C to your daily routine to help boost your immunity and avoid the cold/flu.

  30. My tip during the cold/flu season is taking flaxseed oil(or pill form) or the omega 3,6,9 form pill also I use essential oils all year round with a nebulizer for the medical side of the essential oils and I make my own scrubs, lotions and everything with all natural and organic product and use essential oils blends to boost my body and mind in any way possible as well as my moods because being positive and feeling good goes a long way. Those are my tips. Caring for yourself and having self care is also extremely important. Being stressed among other things can lower everything in your body and take a toll causing you to feel or stay sick so take care of yourself always!

  31. A flu shot every year is very helpful in staying healthy during cold and flu season.

  32. I keep a supply of Life Brand Extra Strength Hot Lemon Relief Cold & Flu 10 Single Dose Pouches, I get the flu shot and take multi-vitamins.

  33. Beside the hand washing and taking care of myself, I try to stay away from large crowds of people, or crowded stores during the holiday season, which makes it more likely to catch something.

  34. I love shoppers drug mart. Thank you for the giveway.

  35. Love shoppers!

  36. My hubby used to get terrible ear infections every year, now I have him wear ear covers whenever he goes out – and he hasn’t gotten one since! May be a coincidence, but I swear by it. I keep my ears covered (headband or hat) when I’m walking in cool weather.

  37. I try to make sure to keep surfaces clean in our home and if someone is sick they stay home to rest so they don’t spread around their illness.

  38. I am always carefully about wiping off the handles of my shopping carts, with the wipes I carry in my purse.

  39. My best tip to stay healthy is to get the flu shot in the fall and wash your hands frequently. #ShoppersFlu

  40. My tip is to take daily vitamins

  41. Daily lemon water and vitamins.

  42. I try not to touch door handles in public places.

  43. I always make sure we keep taking our vitamins and drink plenty of fluids.

  44. Another tip for staying healthy is’ Have a tablespoon of honey daily. It’s a natural antibiotic.

  45. Getting the kids & myself to wash their hands with soap & water every time they come in from playing outside & especially after school!

  46. Sanitizing my hands very often!

  47. To buy zinc tablets and start taking them when you start to feel a cold happening.

  48. Wash your hands often and take a daily multi vitamin!

  49. Carry a hand sanitizer for when you can’t wash your hands.

  50. My tip to stay healthy during the flu/cold season is to wash the door knobs and light switches around you home daily. As well as phones and remotes.

  51. I take a daily vitamin C supplement.

  52. We take our multivitamins and keep our surfaces clean and disinfected.

  53. I don’t think I have any more tips to prevent getting sick but the one that you mentioned about washing your hands is very important especially after being out in public.

  54. Get lots of sleep and wash my hands!

  55. I wash my hands after touching public door handles and shopping carts, during flu season, as it seems like everybody is sick and transferring germs!

  56. Definitely keep your house clean!!!

  57. Staying healthy in flu season requires one to be vigilant in hand washing and proper diet and exercise.

  58. Tea with honey helps soothe a sore throat.

  59. Keep your hands away from your face and don’t forget to disinfect door handles.

  60. Get a proper nights rest on a regular sleep schedule, avoid consuming sugars & caffeine in the hours before sleep. If you or the kids are having trouble sleeping, try heating in a small pot some creamed honey in 2% or whole milk to taste. It is helpful for sleep and very comforting and really good. A touch of cinnamon is nice too.

  61. wash hands frequently and get lots of rest

  62. ALWAYS wash hands and when you are and about try to keep a little distance between yourself and others

  63. Hand washing is by far the way that we keep healthy in addition to getting flu shots. I have also taught our children to keep their hands away from their faces. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity!

  64. I take multi vitamins every day so I keep my immune system up, I always get a flu shot; eat healthy, remember to wash my hands a lot and get lots of sleep

  65. This might sound odd, but I’ve gotten sick way less often since I started doing this five or six years ago…..don’t rub your eyes when you’re out in public! A friend told me years ago that if you get cold or flu germs on your hands, one of the most common ways to transit it to yourself was to rub your eyes. He said the virus went right into your, though your eyes, when you rub them. So don’t rub those eyes when you’re out running errands.

  66. Keep Hand Sanitizer handy

  67. Lots of hand washing and vitamin C

  68. Washing hands especially after out in public

  69. Ever since I started taking a multi-vitamin, I haven’t had a cold or flu! With all of your tips, plus this, I’ve been doing very well!

  70. I have always taken extra vitamin C throughout the colder months and rarely suffer from a cold.

  71. As soon as I start to feel a tingling in my throat I drink a ton of hot lemon water. Definitely helps!

  72. Make sure you eat a lot of vitamins!

  73. My tip is always wash your hands and drink orange juice

  74. I gargle with Listerine first thing in morning and last thing at night as it stops the germs from multiplying in your throat during the night where it is warm & moist.

  75. I carry wet wipes everywhere I go.

  76. gargle with salt water every night

  77. Drink lots of liquids; water, orange juice, etc.

  78. I exercise by playing hockey twice per week

  79. Avoid touching your face which spreads germs.

  80. Get lots of extra sleep and remind your kids to wash their hands at school.

  81. Sanitize commonly touched surfaces like door knobs, light switches, handles, the iPad, and everything in the bathrooms.

  82. I wash my hands often and take vitamin C.

  83. try to avoid close contact with school aged kids

  84. wash your hands alot

  85. I take a dose of vitamin C and oregano oil as soon as I feel the beginning of cold.

  86. I wash my hands as often as I can. When I come home, that is the first thing that I do. I also use hand sanitizer whenever I can’t wash my hands. I disinfect both before and after touching things like a shopping cart.

  87. Often wash hands.

  88. Make sure you vaccines are all up to date.

  89. Wash your hands to keep colds away.

  90. Hadwashing is the best defense against the flu. I teach my kids to cough into their sleeves rather than their hands.

    • I also tweeted!

  91. I like to to overload on vitamin C. It really works on colds!

  92. Do not over do it, less stress on the body

  93. A tip I learned from working on Pediatrics: keep your hands away from your face–esp. eyes, mouth, and ears!

  94. I always get the flu shot

  95. Keep your hands away from your face..eyes, nose mouth can be contageous!

  96. My tip is to drink a green smoothie every day!

  97. My tip is always handwashing. the more the better.

  98. This is a great contest!

  99. Always wash your hands, stay hydrated and always get 8 hours of sleep per night.

  100. Good gift!

  101. I take Oregano Oil.

  102. You definitely touched on the most important ones- hand hygiene being super important. My other tips to help prevent the spread of illness are to get your flu shot and to stay home if you are sick!

  103. Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin C!!

  104. Adequate sleep and exercise!

  105. Always wash or sanitize your hands after going to places like grocery stores, malls, doctor’s offices, etc! There are so many germs on public surfaces & things like grocery cart handles!

  106. I’m always stressing to my kids to wash their hands.

  107. hydration is key. thanks

  108. My daughter makes an elderberry syrup that kept all of our 3 kids, her and I cold and flu free last year. Sadly, she just had surgery 2 weeks ago and wasn’t able to get it done in time and poor soul is flat on her back from the surgery and now is loaded with cold because, I suspect, her wee boys come home from school and shower her with ‘healing’ kisses, but they are loaded with other kids’ germs too 🙁

  109. Get plenty of rest

  110. Get a lot of rest if you get a cold

  111. My tip is to make sure you wash your hands during Flu Season and try not to touch your face.

  112. During flu season, wash your hands a lot and get extra vitamin C.

  113. Wash hands regularly. Keep hands away from mouth, eyes.

  114. Not for me, but remember not to visit hospitals or nursing homes if you feel you*re becoming sick. Sicknesses we can shrug off in a couple of days can be disastrous for someone with a compromised immune system.

  115. We try to stay hydrated

  116. washing hands and covering shopping carts are two things we always do in flu season.


  118. Wash your hands as often as possible, and carry hand sanitizer with you

  119. I think ColdFX works.

  120. drinking lots of fluids

  121. Thank you for the great tips. You’ve covered everything! Staying away from others who are sick helps too:)

  122. Keep washing hands and take vitamin c

  123. I recommend lots of garlic when trying to fight off a cold or flu.

  124. Staying well hydrated and nourished is essential! Keep washing hands and take vitamin C

  125. In my house, we try to cover our mouths when we cough and try to make sure we dress warmly when outside.

  126. wiping down railings and door handles

  127. stay well hydrated ans sanitize your hands reguraly. Drink honey and lemon tea regularly

  128. Always wash your hands!

  129. Getting good rest helps keep flus and colds away. Not letting your body get run down is important.

  130. I find that taking quality supplements helps with my immune system, like zinc and selenium.

  131. I try to take vitamins daily to help keep healthy in the winter months!

  132. Try and have regular massage to help keep your body in relax and detox mode.

  133. Avoid humans and Animals!

  134. Drink lots of water and always wash your hands!

  135. Great Contest!

  136. We wash our hands a lot.

  137. Wash hands regularly and get proper amount of sleep

  138. Get enough rest

  139. Frequent hand washing.

  140. I just get the flu shot every year. Already got mine this year. I also wear gloves when on public transit and wash my hands as soon as I get home.

  141. Don’t touch your face, take some vitamin c and I like to use essential oils to help with flu season. Thanks for this chance!

  142. Get outside, and open windows when possible. Get some fresh air and don’t confine yourself to the same stale air all day.


    get great nights sleeps and drink lots of fluids to help keep the flu away

  144. I try to wash my hands often to not spread germs.

  145. I don’t have any new ones that you didn’t list. I think your point on washing hands is the most effective for me and my family.

  146. I avoid colds and flu by washing my hands often especially after being out in public.

  147. carry hand sanitizer with you and use it often when outdoors.

  148. Travel Tip-Use Salinex while flying…avoids catching any bugs while in the air.

  149. Fresh air, plenty of water and rest, and some healthy eating!

  150. Try to avoid coworkers or friends that are feeling under the weather.

  151. I use oil of oregano. It tastes awful, but help nip anything in the bud.

  152. wear socks to bed

  153. Wash your hands regularly, make sure that you avoid touching your face before washing your hands after potential germ contact, get proper sleep, exercise and nutrition and take your vitamin C.

  154. My tip is I burn Thieves oil in a defuser each day after school, and run a humidifier in our home. Lots of garlic and onions!

  155. I strongly believe in the flu shot which we’ve done and I begin taking oregano oil now daily throughout the winter.

  156. Do not touch your face especially around your nose & mouth when you are shopping and handling merchandise, holding onto escalators – shopping cart handles etc.

  157. I find that staying active is a big help. Since I started working out 6 years ago I haven’t had a cold. There was one winter I took a break and I was sick pretty soon after.

  158. I love Shoppers drug mart.Thanks for the chance to win a great prize.Joan

  159. Sleep is the best remedy. Sometimes just getting enough sleep seems to be enough to keep us healthy or get out of an emerging cold.

  160. I make sure to wash down the taps and door handles at work. So many people, so many germs!

  161. I use a lot of essential oils diffusing in the house or slathering on ourselves. And kombucha. i really feel like that helps your entire body.

  162. I keep my hands washed and drink lots and lots of water – and pop vitamin C whenever I pass the cabinet with them in it.


  163. Rest, vitamins and good hand washing saves me during cold/flu season!

  164. Proper hand washing and get the flu shot

  165. The biggest health tip I have is to ensure that everyone in the house gets a good night’s rest and if feeling under the weather a nap is highly recommended.

  166. I am very careful to get a flu shot every fall, I eat properly and take salmon oil pills every day. I exercise and do stretches. As far as possible, I avoid crowds. If I have to shake hands, especially with several or more people, I wash my hands as soon as possible. Our adult children do not visit if they have a cold.
    I try to get plenty of sleep. One of the most important things is wash,wash, wash those hands.

  167. Wash your hands frequently

  168. I take extra vitamin C when I feel a cold or flu coming on. Thanks for the contest.

  169. Avoid shaking hands or touching door handles.

  170. You can’t wash your hands enough! Take lots of vitamin C!

  171. Avoid sharing objects

  172. Avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes

  173. I always make sure to take a vitamin c supplement.

  174. Eat right and get regular exercise

  175. Cough/sneeze into the clothing on your arm.
    Takes lots of vit c and garlic

  176. Tweeted as well!
    I keep hand sanitizer available for when hand washing is not. We use it a lot when we’re playing in public spaces.. like indoor playgrounds

  177. we take vitamins and wash hands often

  178. Rest and drink lots of water

  179. Wash hands regularly

  180. Rest, wash your hands, stay hydrated.

  181. Stay hydrated and get lots of rest.

  182. I try to avoid unhealthy carbs in the winter. Keeps my immune system stronger.

  183. I take vitamine C & D and wash my hands.

  184. Take vitamins daily.

  185. Wash your hands and cough into your elbow

  186. wash your hands often and get lots of rest and healthy food

  187. I swear by daily elderberry syrup during cold & flu season! It has really boosted my children’s immunity.

  188. I rely on homemade soup

  189. It’s all about not getting run down. My kids have had some bad nights which left me super over tired and bam…I got sick!

  190. My tip is to take vitamins to help boost your immune system and stay healthy!

  191. Drink lots of water every day to avoid getting sick!

  192. I just stick with lots of rest, good food and some movement. We got our flu shots as well and wash our hands often.

  193. eat well ,get your sleep, flu shot ,wash your hand and take vitamins

  194. Good old chicken soup and lots of sleep.

  195. Humidifiers/air purifiers are great this time of year but can be dangerously full of germs! make sure you clean your machines and the filters often

  196. Drink Vitamin Water to help ward off the flu.

  197. wash your hands

  198. Wash your hands multiple times a day, and avoid touching your eyes and mouth with your hands

  199. Try to get enough sleep.

  200. Sleep, sleep and more sleep!

  201. Also eat a lot of fruits like oranges!

  202. Vitamins and handwashing are my tip.

  203. wash your hands

  204. always wash your hands

  205. My tip is to get plenty of rest. Colds and flu seem to sneak up on you when you are worn out.

  206. I try my hardest to ensure I am properly hydrated and also to eat healthy.

  207. wow

  208. My tip is to always stay hydrated, take vitamins and eat a well rounded diet!

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