10 Ways to Get More Energy Naturally {Mommy Tips}

Busy Mom

How much energy do you have? Since becoming a mom and struggling with sleep deprivation,  schedule switches and running after a toddler all day long my energy levels went down for a while and I felt tired all the time.

A few months ago I decided to find a way to get more energy naturally without the need of caffeine or energy drinks. I created a list of easy tips to help boost my energy levels and after mixing them up daily I must say I am feeling a lot more energy and I am not completely exhausted by the end of each day.

If you are struggling with keeping your energy levels up then I suggest you take a look at the following 10 ways to get more energy naturally. Some are extremely simple, common sense tips but I like having the daily reminder.

1) Drink lots of water:  If you forget to drink water throughout the day then use your phone to set up daily reminders, that’s what I do personally and it means I always remember to drink that extra glass of water.

2) Don’t miss your snacks:  Healthy snacks that are high in protein and low in sugar will keep your energy levels up.

3) Exercise every day: Yes! Get moving! A simple walk/jog around the block with your baby, a visit to the gym or a dance party with your toddler,  any physical activity will boost your energy throughout the day.

4) Dress up and wear bright colored clothes: Stop wearing your pajamas until noon, seriously! Wear nice clothes and pick bright vibrant colors to keep your mood elevated.

5) Take a power nap: If your little one is taking a nap then take a power nap. Keep it short, 5-10 minutes only,  then you are refreshed and can get things done while your little one continues his nap.  If you sleep longer than 10 minutes you will wake up feeling groggy and you will actually have less energy.

6) Eat more fiber and less carbs: In general a healthy diet means a healthy body and you will feel bright and alert. Eating too many carbs can also make you drowsy.

7) Play with your child:  You will be relaxed and you will have fun.  Less stress means more energy and a better mood.

8 ) Keep your house organized:  If it takes you half an hour to find your car keys or your baby’s sippy cup before leaving the house then it means you are waisting energy that you really need for other things.

9) Listen to music: It will improve your mood and will help keeping you energized. I love listening to music with my son because we both end up dancing and having fun.

10) Socialize: Get out of the house and meet friends and other moms. It is good for you and your child to be social. Being outside talking to people and having a good time will give you lots of energy.

What do YOU do to get more energy?

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Angela V

Founder and Writer at One Smiley Monkey blog
Hi, my name is Angela van Tijn and I live in Vancouver, Canada with my wonderful husband, our two boys and our puppy. I am the founder and primary contributor behind One Smiley Monkey. Welcome to my blog!

73 responses to “10 Ways to Get More Energy Naturally {Mommy Tips}”

  1. Such great ideas. I love the one for using your phone to remember to drink water. When I find my energy levels going down, I break out the Peppermint Oil and inhale deeply. It works every time to help wake me up and re-energize.

  2. Fantastic ideas. I always feel better and a rush of energy after a good workout.

  3. Great list, I feel constantly tired chasing after my 2 year old and 11 month old every day.

  4. Thanks for the tips. Exercise really works, even though it is easy to skip when you are tired.

    • I always force myself to go to the gym even if I am feeling tired because I know I will come back home with lots more energy after all.

  5. I try to go to sleep earlier rather than wait till midnight, because I read somewhere that the sleep at certain hours are better than others.

    • I’ve heard that too. It is so hard when there are so many things to do but my little one wakes up EARLY so I have to go to bed not too late.

  6. Great tips for me Sunshine and music gets me energized

  7. I love the organizing point! It’s so important to keep the home organized- I know my energy is sapped when I see a room that has been turned over with piles of paper and toys and I can’t walk anywhere in it!

  8. Thanks so much for the great tips! My children have a big gap in age & I certainly had a much easier time when I was in my early 20’s compared to now…I think I know why we are better off to have our children when we are young…I know many people are waiting until later on as in late 30’s and early 40’s but frankly my youngest has kicked my energy to the curb. Don’t get me wrong, I love him more than words and have a sense of maturity and knowledge I didn’t have way back with the first 2. I am also extremely aware of just how fast the years go by so I made a point of enjoying every single second with my last child. I have enjoyed him immensely but the energy level required to keep up is just not there like it used to be. Very helpful tips though, thanks for taking the time to post tips that also apply to an older mom like me 🙂

  9. Awesome list! I love power naps! 🙂

  10. May 7- Drinking water is fabulous for other body functions as well. I find it helps you lose weight and keeps you from getting dehydrated. I find the hardest part is to remember to drink it. I really didn’t know that it would give one energy as well. One more good reason to drink that cool water. –el03ro

  11. This is a super post, I love all your energy boosting ideas. I do drink enough water each day and I try to get in some exercise also…I still run out of steam by about 3 in the afternoon just when I need all my energy..I think I need to get in a few snacks during the day..

  12. May 8- I am returning to my usual routine of having snacks during the day and I will make sure they are healthy. I also make a point of walking in the morning as I think it boosts you for the day. I love your natural ways to get energy. I am doing better with drinking cold water.-el03ro

  13. Good article. Feeling a lack of energy happens at different times in our lives and these little tricks will work for Mom or Grandma! One thing I like to do as well is make some “me” time. Taking an evening or part of a day to do something that makes me tick..for me it is to spend time creating, painting or scrapbooking. It really helps to keep me focused.

  14. May 10- I like your idea of listening to music. A few years ago, I painted our garage with three, yes, three coats of paint and I listened to a CD of tranquil music, like waves breaking on the shore. I loved the music and even finished painting the interior of our garage.- Music must have given me energy because it was a very large garage!-el03ro

  15. May 11-I think your comment on socializing after childbirth is very, very important–especially if you are home all day alone with your baby. You love the little tyke to death but a newborn does not really come with a set of instructions and would not care if he/she did. They would totally ignore them. So, instead of doubting your mothering skills, get out with other mothers. They will help you and you will help them and you will soon realize that you have things in common, but your baby is an INDIVIDUAL and you cannot put him in a box and label him/her. Socializing is especially necessary to avoid postpartum depression, which can really spoil this precious time for you and your baby and husband.-el03ro

  16. Hmm, I need to work on 4,5,6,8 & 10 – no wonder I’m so exhausted, lol

  17. May 14-I wanted to comment today on keeping one’s house organixed. This can be difficult at times. I think I did much better when I was yunger. I so admit thst looking for something for over an hour , like a receipt, can be exhausting. I wonder if anyone can tell me why you find in your filing system all the receipts you have except the one you neeed?!-el03ro

  18. Very good tips! Even for a none mother!

  19. I am not a mom, but I needed some tips to stay awake! I am always so sleepy in class, but I wish I wasn’t.
    Thanks for the tips, I’m going to try them ^^

  20. Wearing bright colours, for sure helps thanks

  21. I love these tips. I do wear bright colors, you have to in the rainy northwest. I also listen to up beat music. What I really need to do is drink more water. Thanks for the tips!

  22. i love these tips i am a mom fighting lymes sorry i have no energy i tried some of your tips and now have some energy thanks

  23. Love this post! Especially the phone reminders to drink water. I need to try that because I always forget!

  24. Thanks for the great tips! I am almost 37 weeks pregnant and lose most of my energy early in the day. I’m going to put some of these to use and find out if they will help me.

  25. I love eating apples to wake up. And every morning I take the dog and the baby out for a walk to get my blood flowing. It works well for the day, but by 6pm, I’m ready for bed!

  26. Great ideas and reminders of ways to stay energized. I’ve loved reading your various mommy tips – thanks for such a great website!

  27. How often is your alarm set to drink more water?

    • S geat question. I have it set for every 2 hours 🙂 Starting at 8:00 am till 10:00pm

  28. I love these tips. Lack of Energy is a huge problem for me. The first thing that I am going to try is the power nap. My 2.5 yr old son has not slept through the night since he was born :S so I feel like I have literally been going ‘non-stop’ the whole time. To top it off, I am a single mom with very little support. So I really truly never get a break. I love it, I love my son, but it would be much easier if I had more energy. I am going to try this tomorrow for sure! thanks

  29. wear bright clothes. Will help me this month. Good idea

  30. great tips

  31. Just to add to your tip on snacking – make sure they are “live” foods that are nice and fresh! Processed foods normally add to fatigue, I find.

    • Great tip Natalie!

  32. Great tips! For me, the biggest energy booster is exercise! Thanks!

  33. These are excellent tips! I have a hard time with energy myself ~ I find one of the best ways to help is not to stress too much!

  34. Lots of great ideas!! i’ve been trying to avoid caffine but its soo hard! i will certainly try some of your tips! thanks for the great post!

  35. I really love all of your tips, especially the one about keeping your home organized. When my house is a mess I feel so overwhelmed and frustrated that I know my energy is down. I exercise to not only help my energy level but it helps to get rid of stress.

  36. Since my daughter was about 3 months old, I started doing an exercise routine, every morning. Now that she is over a year, I try to get us out for a bike ride every morning, and if its raining I do my indoor workout. I drink lots of water, I only drink 2 coffees a day, and I always wear bright colors. I eat every 3 hours and eat snacks in between. I do like to snack, and I like my sweets an that’s another reason why I exercise a lot. Great tips, loved reading this article!

  37. I’m drinking water through out the day and go for a daily walk. The power nap had always made me feel worse than before I lay down, don’t know why

  38. I have Lupus so it seems I am exhausted every moment of every day! Mommy or a little one or not. These are all great tips! I also try to save my steps! I make a little pile on the island in the kitchen, which is in the middle of the house, and don’t walk to the other end to take everything until the pile is good and ready! Heck I am STILL in my pajamas now!

  39. Those are great tips! I think power naps makes all the big difference to me. Even just 10 mins feels like I got an hour of sleep!

  40. These are great tups! Power naps are great but still, it’s rare that I get time for those! For me, listening to energizing music that I like really does the trick! That’s why I always have my favourite CDs and my ipod with me!

  41. October 18-I am an older ggmother and I find my energy low at times. I never thought about water having much to do with energy, but I will certainly drink more water if it will help raise my energy leve.

  42. Great tips! I also think it is important to get your Vitamin B 12 and Vitamin D levels checked, if they are deficient take some!

  43. October 22- I like your tip about not missing snacks-especially ones that contain protein. I know if I miss a snack, I am sometimes so hungry I will eat something I shouldn’t or overeat at the next meal.

  44. Exercise every day–This one is very true. I found out for myself that if I exercise, I will generally feel better. Sometimes it is hard to get motivated but it does work.

  45. October 26- I think it’s safe to say that many new mothers dress in drab-something that wont show baby spit, etc. It is depressing and they should look good to feel good. They are not the only ones. Sometimes I think we women have a unifrom of blue jeans and dark tops and no makeup-not even lipstick!
    It is true that looking good helps to lift one spirits -yours and other peoples. Just try it.

  46. October 28-I agree with you on the Power nap. I have always told my daughters to take a nap when baby sleeps and you will have more energy. It really works.!

  47. November 7-I didn’t realize that eating more carbs makes one more drowsy. That would certainly be an energy downer. Thanks for this tip.

  48. November 8-‘Play with your child’-This really helps relationships too! My little ggdaughter toddler was visiting from Alberta and was, understandably, a little leery of these friendly strangers. I started blowing bubbles and, immediately, she was on my knee, wanting to blow bubbles, too. A short time later, she took the ‘bubble stuff’, climbed on Poppy’s knee and proceeded to show him how to blow bubbles. The magic and wonder of play!

  49. Keep your house organized- I think this is a wonderful tip for all women. If you are constantly having to look for things because you are not organized, you do lose precious energy that could be used in more useful pursuits.

  50. November 11-Listen to Music.-I did not realize that I really do not listen much to muaic. I really love music and I agree with you that it does energizes you. I have put it on (Loudly) when I houseclean or paint, and that is for its energy boost. I will have to reexamine my listening habits!

  51. NOvember 13-Socialize–I do weight -training with free weights and I try to follow a stretching program. I find the stretching session, especially, gives me much more energy and keeps me supple.

  52. Oh what great tips!!! I love the short power nap tip! I think I need one of those today!

  53. Don’t Miss your Snacks–This is so true. – a low calorie protein snack can make the difference in how you feel and give you the energy to finish the task that you started and think you are too tired to finish. (like ironing!)

  54. No matter if your running after your toddler or a grandchild, you can become exhausted very easily. Some really good tips. Its so true, if you look good you feel good.

  55. I’ve lately taken to wearing my pajamas later into the day. After reading your tip about gaining more energy and improving mood by dressing in bright clothes I’m going to pay more attention to this. My daily wardrobe tends to be black and dark blue…

  56. I agree completely with the exercising when you are tired, it does really make me have more energy. I like to take my greens drink every morning with a green tea or coffee. I find I get lots of energy from that.

  57. Thank you for all of these great tips.Sometimes my body tells me when I should go take a power nap because I have been over exercising or working too hard.I like the tip about not missing snacks especially if they contain protein.

  58. I so enjoyed this read

  59. I really like the Keep your house organized tip,I seen my friend search for an hour for her purse……..duh

  60. I started my workout this week so, I was sore for the past few days. I also got my allergy shot, which somehow diminished my strength to do anything. I’m going to speak with my doctor about it next week before getting another shot, as I don’t want to be incapacitated from being productive.

  61. Those are all fantastic tips,thanks !


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