Busy Mom

How much energy do you have? Since becoming a mom and struggling with sleep deprivation,  schedule switches and running after a toddler all day long my energy levels went down for a while and I felt tired all the time.

A few months ago I decided to find a way to get more energy naturally without the need of caffeine or energy drinks. I created a list of easy tips to help boost my energy levels and after mixing them up daily I must say I am feeling a lot more energy and I am not completely exhausted by the end of each day.

If you are struggling with keeping your energy levels up then I suggest you take a look at the following 10 ways to get more energy naturally. Some are extremely simple, common sense tips but I like having the daily reminder.

1) Drink lots of water:  If you forget to drink water throughout the day then use your phone to set up daily reminders, that’s what I do personally and it means I always remember to drink that extra glass of water.

2) Don’t miss your snacks:  Healthy snacks that are high in protein and low in sugar will keep your energy levels up.

3) Exercise every day: Yes! Get moving! A simple walk/jog around the block with your baby, a visit to the gym or a dance party with your toddler,  any physical activity will boost your energy throughout the day.

4) Dress up and wear bright colored clothes: Stop wearing your pajamas until noon, seriously! Wear nice clothes and pick bright vibrant colors to keep your mood elevated.

5) Take a power nap: If your little one is taking a nap then take a power nap. Keep it short, 5-10 minutes only,  then you are refreshed and can get things done while your little one continues his nap.  If you sleep longer than 10 minutes you will wake up feeling groggy and you will actually have less energy.

6) Eat more fiber and less carbs: In general a healthy diet means a healthy body and you will feel bright and alert. Eating too many carbs can also make you drowsy.

7) Play with your child:  You will be relaxed and you will have fun.  Less stress means more energy and a better mood.

8 ) Keep your house organized:  If it takes you half an hour to find your car keys or your baby’s sippy cup before leaving the house then it means you are waisting energy that you really need for other things.

9) Listen to music: It will improve your mood and will help keeping you energized. I love listening to music with my son because we both end up dancing and having fun.

10) Socialize: Get out of the house and meet friends and other moms. It is good for you and your child to be social. Being outside talking to people and having a good time will give you lots of energy.

What do YOU do to get more energy?