Drowning Doesn’t Look Like What You See in the Movies

Water Safety Video

Not long ago a friend shared a link to a very useful story/video on Facebook.  After watching it and realizing that I didn’t know what a real drowning looked like I decided to spread the word and I am sharing it with all of you today

Please be sure to watch the video below and share it with your friends and families! I am confident that lives can be saved this summer by passing this information along and learning to recognize when somebody needs our help in the water, including our children.

Drowning Doesn’t Look Like What You See in the Movies

Stay safe this Summer, friends!

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38 responses to “Drowning Doesn’t Look Like What You See in the Movies”

  1. Thank you for sharing, important stuff!

  2. Really good to know! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. It is such a good thing to learn or freshen up on as summer has begun.

  4. Very helpful, thank you for posting!

  5. when i was younger (about 12) a friend and i saw someone drown, and no one believed us until they pulled the body out of the water. It was the exact same thing shown in the video.

  6. I almost drowned once and that is exactly how it was 🙁 luckily someone saw something wasn’t right and came to help me. I literally felt too tired to let out any sounds, all my energy was going towards “trying” to stay afloat 🙁 Scary.

  7. June 29-Never assume that when your older child is going swimming without you with others including his teacher, that they know or will follow all the safety rules for swimming. When my younger son was in eighth grade, his class went to a camp where they were allowed to swim.. I asked him how many adults were going and the answer satisfied me. However , I had a very bad feeling which was justified when he returned home late at night and told me one of his classmates had drowned.
    I had been negligent in not going to see his teacher to find out exactly what plans were in place for the children’s safety when swimming; whether or not they were using the ‘Budd y System’ (they did not) and other safety factors that I knew and had been reinforced as a leader in Cubs for several years. I would strongly advocate every parent in this position to do so. My child could have drowned and I would be partly responsible because I had not checked out the safety features they had or had not in place.-el03ro

    • Oh wow, thank you for sharing your story Elva. My deepest sympathies to the family of the little boy who drowned 🙁

  8. That was a very informative video. It really highlights how important it is to learn how to swim and to have at least a basic level of water awareness and safety training.

  9. thats terrifying. Thank you for posting this, now I know what to look for when we go to the beach JIC.

  10. good info thanks!

  11. Thank you Angela for sharing this video, it is nothing like you see in the movies. I now know what to look out for when I am around water with a bunch of people. I had no idea that one could drown that quickly!

  12. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Very important video for every one to watch. Thank you for sharing.

  14. You have no idea how timely this video is…a little 16 month old toddler in the next neighborhood to me drowned this week in the family pool. We are all in shock and mourning, what a tragic accident. Having seen a person drown when I was in my teens you are so right it is nothing like in the movies. Thank you Angela for posting this vidieo.

  15. Thanks for this! This is a video every parent/grandparent/caregiver needs to see!

  16. I would love to try the peppermint beadlets and their dep blue rub.Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway.

  17. Wow, so eye opening. I know a woman who lost her son to drowning in their own backyard pool. Such a tragic thing to happen so this video is a good watch. Thanks for sharing.

  18. A very important topic especially when there are children in the water

  19. We’ve had an astounding amount of drownings here in BC this year! Thanks very much for this post!

  20. This is great information to have! I share it too!

  21. Great info! I’m so glad you did a blog post of this topic.

  22. thanks for posting this! ihad no idea.. great info

  23. This is an important video. I nearly drowned at camp once (and just barely made it to shore) and of course, I had no way of waving my arms or calling for help. When you’re nearly drowning, it’s because your arms are exhausted and can barely move and because you’re out of breath. Thank you for posting this.

  24. That’s really helpful.

  25. You can never be to safe, that’s for sure

  26. So important to pass on.

  27. Thanks for sharing,so very important

  28. If your kids have not been using the indoor pool all winter and keeping up on the rules of the water,it soon be time to start reviewing them with the kids before they start the outside water season

  29. This is a very good write-up we can never be too careful with water!

  30. this is great iinformation

  31. that is very informative video

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